Why you will love the interior design in neutral tones

Do you think neutral colors in the interior are boring? Now we are going to debunk this myth! Of course, bright shades always attract more, but there are many good reasons for creating an interior design to adhere to a neutral color scheme.

Neutral interior in loft style

Cause 1: Neutral colors emphasize furniture and textures

Indeed, a calm, neutral background allows you to beautifully highlight some bold design elements that otherwise may look catchy or merge with the surrounding environment.

In addition, in the brightly decorated rooms are often lost sight of the texture, and in fact they give the interior charm and coziness. So, neutral colors perfectly emphasize the roughness of the tree, the shine of the tile, the refinement of jacquard textiles and the fluffiness of velvet.

Since textiles are the key to creating a warm, well-thought-out space, and neutral colors easily make it possible to realize this, this interior design has been popular in the Scandinavian countries for many centuries.

Look at the following photo of the bathroom: how beautifully the pattern of tiles, the wooden staircase and modern furniture of dark color look on a neutral background.

Bathroom in Art Nouveau style

Reason 2: Neutral interior will never get bored

Have you ever painted a room in a bright color? How long do you think it will take before you want to pick up the brush again and change the once favorite color to something more relaxed?

The best feature of neutral tones is that you will never get tired of them. This is a kind of classic. And if you have another mood spurt and you want to make brightness in the interior design, then it will be enough to put a few bright pillows on the sofa or buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The photo below shows 2 excellent examples, when a neutral color in the interior can create a cheerful and warm atmosphere. Notice which bright elements help to achieve this.

Interior design in neutral range Bedroom design in neutral colors

Reason 3: Neutral colors give an opportunity to prove themselves

Do you want to have a unique interior that will talk about your bright personality? Perfectly! On a simple background, your taste can easily come to the fore, which will make the interior design truly unique!

Look at the bold black and white pillows in the image below - they attract attention precisely because the background in this interior is neutral. Also, thanks to the calm colors, the architectural elements were revived - a wooden wall and a vaulted ceiling would have been lost on a more daring background.

Bright interior design

Reason 4: Neutral colors are suitable for any style

Simple shades work literally with any style! Whether modern, traditional, eclectic or country style, white and gray neutral walls will allow your room to appear larger, roomier, cleaner and warmer.

In the living room in the photo below it is clear that the light gray scale does not necessarily have to be cold. This room looks very thoughtful and warm!

Living room in bright colors