Secrets of the design of a miniature apartment - borrow a

Interior of living room with light green accents

Bright space with juicy accents

The area of ​​the presented apartment is only 40 square meters. By Russian standards, such a territory is not considered to be the smallest. An interesting fact is that there is only one window in it.

And this feature is a problem that even pushes other difficulties to the background. Designers are faced with the problem of placing furniture and other elements in a single lighted area.

Salad accents on the white kitchen

Glossy white kitchen and bright green blotches

Bright cushions on gray upholstered furniture

Sofa and pouf in gray tones with bright pillows

Bright bar in the living room

The combination of a living room and a kitchen area with a spectacular bar counter

To solve these problems, they decided to pick up light shades for the decoration of the walls and the headset. Some areas have been identified with the help of a juicy green color. The bedroom is enclosed by a panel with a magnificent pattern in gray and white tones.

Original wall-picture in the kitchen

Panel on the wall with a graceful pattern

Bedroom interior in white color

Bed with an interesting round pillow and chandelier

View of the living room from the bedroom

Bedroom and living room view

Interior of a small bathroom

Small but cozy bathroom

Accents of gray color and fuchsia in the bathroom interior

Steel motifs in the bathroom and a towel of bright fuchsia color

The layout of a small studio apartment

Layout of the apartment