Empty garage: 10 practical ways to redesign for recreation

Residential premises in the garage

A garage is more than a house for a car. People who need to increase their living space are very resourceful. For a billion reasons, many people do not want to invest in real estate today. The family grows, there are children, and the place for existence is getting smaller. Adolescents who lead an active lifestyle, grandparents who are close, need a separate room.

All this radically changes the face of the modern family. But, unfortunately, you can not move for personal or financial reasons, even if the need for an increase in living space is great. The solution to the problem is very close, it is literally to leave the front door, go down the steps and go to the garage.

1. A cozy space for a widowed old man

In this performance, the garage itself does not change, the car can still remain inside. But the loft above it from the place where the old trash was stored, turned into a room. As a result, it turned out to be warm and cozy, with a panoramic view from the windows on the facade of the building.

Built-in wardrobes for storing a large number of things are located under the roof cornice, which further frees the territory.

Vacation home

2. Office premises

Make an office from the garage - this was a completely natural solution for the homeowner in Eindhoven, Holland. The interior space is actually expanded by replacing the gate with sliding windows. As a result, it was filled with fantastic light and air.

The roof was raised at the corners, and this provided additional sunlight. To maintain confidentiality, they used a roller blind that serves as a screen.

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3. Living room

In this renewed space, the concrete floor was completely destroyed, as it was under a slope. In its place were laid boards of hardwood. Life and warmth returned to the room. For convenience and functionality, there is air conditioning and plumbing. The gate was replaced with large double doors, which look great.

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4. An Excellent Home

Earlier it was a dilapidated building in the city of Bordeaux, France, which has now magically transformed into a beautiful modern building. To make it comfortable for living, they brought electricity, running water and heating.

The space was divided into sections according to their purpose. In this room along one wall there is a kitchen with all necessary electrical appliances. It can easily accommodate 6 people for dinner.

In the center of the area 12x10x10 m a wooden cube rises, concealing a shower, a bathroom, a drainpipe, a washing machine, a cloak-room and a toilet. The table, wardrobes and sofa are located on the right outside of it. The wooden staircase leading to the bed in the upper tier of the cube is on the left.

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5. Add spaces

The former house of the car replenished rows of living rooms as a result of the reconstruction of the estate. The dwelling of the family needed perestroika, but inside it had spacious wooden floors and was beautiful. The goal of the project was to preserve the historical core of the house, and a new space was added to it.

It can not be assumed that this place has a skeleton of an old garage with a heap of metal and a concrete floor. Now, thanks to the creative ideas of the architect, there appeared wide wooden floors, elegant high ceilings with antique beams and even a fireplace.

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6. Two-level apartment

In northern Italy, in the city of Cuneo, there is an elegant two-story apartment, which used to be a parking lot. A beautiful sculptural staircase combines the total area of ​​the first level with the personal space of the second by means of decoration and color. At the bottom of the recreation area is separated from the dining room by a wide column, where a stunning transparent fireplace is located.

The ceiling is decorated with wooden beams, giving a sense of lightness and spaciousness. This is emphasized by natural light pouring through glass windows and doors.

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7. Unusual tiny house

Some will find it extreme, too simple and tiny. All the items in these "apartments", converted from the garage, found in the dump. Old things in the interior have found a new life.

The room has a functional kitchen complete with an industrial sink, ceiling lamps and wooden wine boxes. Only metal shelves and countertops are new. The owner of this house in Seattle was a practitioner of raw food, Mrs. de la Varga. She lacks only a blender and a plate for boiling water.

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8. Place for children's games

The project was designed by the architect Margaret Menter for a two-story garage. The multi-purpose pavilion from it was formed in order to involve the family in creative and physical interaction. It is allowed to do everything here - the room is easily transformed and changes its purpose. The space is used for reading in hammocks, practicing on uneven bars and climbing along climbing ropes. It's not forbidden to just run around freely. Family screenings of films are often arranged. The pavilion has a bathroom and toilet.

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9. Charming Kitchen

Once a tiny trash-filled utility room turned into a charming kitchen. Its windows overlook the well maintained backyard, allowing the natural light to fill the room. The project, executed by architect Thomas Ahmann, was rather complicated.

The original narrow structure was L-shaped. The designer solved the problem by dividing the kitchen into separate zones, kept in the same style. There is a working area, a place for rest, a bar counter, a hallway, and there remains an area for free movement. In the far corner is a large practical table made of recycled wood.

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10. Fashionable and popular restaurant

In the photo we see a very famous restaurant ASTERISK in the city of Newport, USA. It is located in an old service garage. Large windows and an open plan create a wonderful atmosphere, which in the city is called the most unique.

For those who like to eat outside, there is a summer playground. The design of the restaurant pleases the eye. Inside the room, you can see an open bar and kitchen, where it's nice to watch the professional work of the cooks. The local chefs are famous for creative combinations of fresh herbs and classic sauces.

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You can make everything from a car house: a studio for dancing and yoga, an art workshop, a cinema or a children's. And what would you, dear readers, do if you had the opportunity to change the design of the garage with your own hands?