Work and decorative lighting in the kitchen (ideas with

The kitchen is at the same time a working place and a place for family rest after a meal. Therefore, it is very important to make lighting in the kitchen so that it meets all the needs of your family. Illumination of working surfaces, kitchen island and internal cavities of cabinets will add to this room functionality and convenience, and a beautiful chandelier above the dining table and LED lighting of furniture from below will bring an unforgettable style and atmosphere. If you are interested in modern lighting options in the kitchen, then consider these 8 simple ideas that can transform any interior design. + Selected 35 photos!

1. Lamps for lighting the work area in the kitchen

Built-in spotlights or narrow long lamps are installed under the hanging cabinets of the kitchen, in order to illuminate the work surfaces qualitatively and simply the countertops under them. All the wires are hidden behind the bottom wall of the kitchen façade. As a rule, this solution is more suitable for lockers that are made to order. For those who are not going to change kitchen furniture, it's easier to use LED tape or overhead lights, which we will discuss later in this article.

Kitchen illumination of a working zone on a photoWorkplace lighting in the kitchen photo LED lighting fixtures for the kitchen as cabinet lighting

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2. LED lighting for kitchen cabinets

The main advantage of the LED strip over the LED lights is its flexibility and ease of installation. Therefore, LED-tape is used not only for illumination of work surfaces, but also for decorative lighting of kitchen cabinets. The following photos show how much the kitchen design can benefit from using such a simple device.

LED kitchen lighting LED ribbon - design idea 2016 Additional lighting in the kitchen - lighting the work area in the kitchen with an LED strip LED lighting for the kitchen in a modern style Backlight and kitchen fixtures above the work surface Beautiful LED lighting for kitchen under cabinets LED - photo LED lighting - lighting design in the kitchen photo

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3. Zonal or spot lighting in the kitchen (8 photos)

Did you know that kitchen fixtures are a great way to divide this space into zones? Modern designers recommend to emphasize the dining area with an elegant hanging lamp and apply chisel lamps over worktops.

How to make lighting in the kitchen correctly - the best ideasSuspended and spot lights for the kitchen in the interior

Note that recently, there is also a tendency to use hanging spotlighting when small lamps on a long cord are hung over a kitchen island or other surface or spotlights are built into hanging constructions like the one on the next photo.

Kitchen illumination of a working zone by dot fixtures

It is most convenient to install spot lighting in the kitchen with a stretch ceiling, because it will easily hide all the wires and communications. See the examples in the photo.

Point lighting in the kitchen with a stretch ceiling - photo Ceiling and spot lights for the kitchen with a stretch ceiling LED kitchen lighting with a two-level ceiling Pendant lighting for kitchen - photo What kind of lighting should be in the kitchen with a stretch ceiling

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4. Beautiful pendant lamps for the kitchen (5 photos)

Suspended lights are no surprise, but in the kitchen today they use a special way: they emphasize the kitchen island, bar counter or a soft corner, while in other parts of the interior use working lights. In general, pendant lamps add a kitchen style, help to allocate a rest area and provide comfort during meals.

Ideas - beautiful lighting in a small kitchen - 2 photos Matt black light fixtures for the kitchen in the interior photo Pendant lamps above the bar in the kitchen - photo What kind of lighting in the kitchen is better - we look at all the options and photos

5. Overhead lighting for kitchens under cabinets etc.

Perhaps, for convenience of installation, the overhead lights are somewhere between the LED ribbon and the recessed lights. They are superimposed under the hanging cabinets (directly on their walls) and most often serve to illuminate the working surfaces of the kitchen, although in general they can similarly be attached to any shelves and illuminate the cavities of the lockers from the inside.

Today, overhead lighting fixtures for kitchens, as a rule, have the universal shape of a small washer, a wire for connecting or a battery, and also a magnet, a velcro or the like. means for fastening. We attach 3 photos of such lighting in the kitchen:

LED lighting fixtures for kitchen under cabinets overhead on photo Illumination of the working area in the kitchen with overhead lights Point lighting in the kitchen with overhead lights

6. Interior lighting cabinets in the kitchen (5 photos)

Interior lighting can be extremely useful for deep and dark cabinets in the kitchen, but it's even better to use it in cabinets with glass transparent or semi-transparent doors. This will add to the design of the kitchen some romanticism and allow you to present your porcelain and decorative plates in the most favorable light.

The best ideas and lighting options in the kitchen with photos Kitchen design with combined lighting - photo 2016 LED lighting in the kitchen - coverage of all areas and surfacesLighting a small kitchen with LED lights on the photo

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7. Functional ceiling light for kitchen

Lightweight and elegant ceiling spot systems allow you to conveniently manage lighting in the kitchen, at the right time directing the light exactly where you want it. To date, these are the only modern lighting fixtures for the kitchen, which harmoniously combine aesthetics and functionality.

Modern ceiling light for the kitchen - spot system photo Functional ceiling lights for modern kitchens Point, suspended and overhead lighting in the kitchen - photo Modern ceiling light for a large kitchen

8. Luxury chandeliers for the kitchen (+ 4 more photos)

One of the easiest ways to give the kitchen an interesting style is to hang in it a chic chandelier or another bold lamp. Classic and modern chandeliers for the kitchen are made in all sorts of colors and materials, so you can easily find the right option. We hope that the photos of the fixtures in this article will help you make excellent lighting in the kitchen. Keep it to yourself!

Luxurious chandelier for the kitchen and LED lighting for cabinets Beautiful chandeliers over a bar of a classical kitchen Design of the kitchen in classical style with a chandelier over the dining table Creative modern chandeliers for the kitchen - interior photo