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Scandinavian style one-room apartment

We would like to introduce you to the work of the Singapore studio KNO Associates. They were able to create a modern interior design of only 55 square meters. A successful lady, the owner of this one-bedroom apartment, located in the heart of the city, currently resides here with her mother. She finally found time to make repairs in the apartment after many years. The designers faced the challenge of creating simultaneously a chic and at the same time maximally functional interior that would reflect the personal style of this active woman.

Architects remade the space and even could visually expand it with the help of mirrored walls, which are even more spreading the light around the apartment. For the same purpose, the white color of the kitchen was chosen, the elegant furniture itself is also very functional. Literally every corner is used here. An incomprehensible destination deepening in the far corner was turned into a mini warehouse, integrated with a storage cabinet, and disguised with seamless technology. The blue accent of the walls gives the room a bright, colorful atmosphere. A long and roomy storage unit hides cables, and is also a source of light. In the back of the kitchen there was an auxiliary utility room, transformed by designers into the cabinet for the hostess.

The bench at the entrance also performs several functions, it is a storage system for shoes and at the same time creates another place for guests. The bedroom, which the owner shares with his mother, divides the closet, creating for everyone personal space. The living room, designed for watching TV, combined with the dining area, also allows you to make an extra bed, there is also a shelving for storing books. A large flat TV is reflected in the mirror wall. Underneath is a roomy white chest of drawers, with black panels of drawers.

Since the project uses a single, mostly a range of colors, and built-in furniture in the same white color, luxurious textiles, funny details, some tricky accessories were taken for decoration. A certain role is played by lighting, at first glance unpretentious, but very well thought out. The architects have a very light, bright and inspiring space, in which you can really enjoy the rest.

Scandinavian style one-room apartment Scandinavian style one-room apartment Scandinavian style one-room apartment Scandinavian style one-room apartment Scandinavian style one-room apartment