Toilet bowl - types and design features of the model

Many of us would like to have a variety of high-quality and comfortable bathroom fixtures for the bathroom, although in small-sized apartments it is not always possible and it is necessary to choose the most necessary. The modern toilet-bidet is a multifunctional sanitary equipment that allows you to have two necessary elements at once, without occupying additional space. In this case, according to users, it is quite convenient to use. In this article you can get acquainted with what the toilet with bidet function, as well as its varieties and features, is. For clarity, we, as always, provided material with high-quality photos.

Toilet bowl: design features

Looking at the photos posted in our article, we can say that, at first glance, the toilet bowl does not differ much from the usual one. But, if you look closely, it becomes noticeable that, in its dimensions, it is somewhat longer and the tank is much larger, because it must contain a much larger volume of water. Some types of such equipment have electronic equipment that directs the work, and it is also housed in a tank (such a toilet with a bidet function will be discussed in detail in a later article).

The function of the hygienic shower is performed by a nozzle with a sprayer, which is pulled out automatically or with the push of a lever, so this equipment is divided into mechanical and electronic. In budgetary versions, the role of the watering can be performed by a shower tube installed near the toilet.

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Toilet bowl with bidet function: a variety of modern models with different functions

Developers of modern sanitary equipment in every way try to improve their offspring: new models appear, various functions and equipment are added. The toilet-bidet also goes through certain stages of evolution, although the first developments - mechanical equipment, does not lose its relevance and today due to its low cost. Their design is improved, which makes it possible to use such a two-in-one bidet in modern interiors. Here, the head and temperature of the water are regulated separately by an installed mixer supplying water to the tube.

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Electronic toilet bowl in full equipment

To date, this device is equipped with a variety of functions that allow not only to perform hygiene procedures, but also positively affect human health. Let's look at what the modern developers of the toilet bowl with the hygienic shower function have endowed:

  • The water temperature and the pressure of the water jet are automatically adjusted, thanks to the built-in electronic equipment;
  • The presence of the option of a hair dryer, which blows and dries up intimate places, allows you to completely refuse the purchase of toilet paper;
  • Many models are equipped with an infrared sensor that reacts to human presence;
  • in order for the lid to close smoothly, the toilet bowl can be equipped with a microlift system;
  • Before draining, disinfection of the bowl takes place, which contributes to the observance of additional hygiene, as well as the ventilation function;
  • Thermostatic mixer independently maintains the required water temperature, which usually does not exceed 40 degrees;
  • a variety of water pressure that can have up to seven modes, while the choke can have a moving system, which increases the quality of hygiene procedures;
  • a modern toilet bowl bidet "two in one" can be equipped with hydro- and aeromassage functions that effectively stimulate the flow of blood into the pelvis, which in turn is the prevention of many diseases, such as, for example, hemorrhoids.

Such equipment has its own peculiarities of installation, which must be carried out, certainly, by qualified specialists, since improper connection to the power grid can lead to electric shock during procedures or failure of the toilet itself.

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Toilet bowl with bidet function: different types of installation

In modern interiors you can find a floor toilet-bidet, hanging and angular. The choice of this or that model depends both on the dimensions of the toilet room and on the financial possibilities.

Toilet bowl

Plumbing equipment installed permanently, with a visible drain tank and having a foot-stop in the floor, is most familiar to our eye. The toilet with the bidet function can be made in a budget variant, where the hygienic shower is connected to the pipes with hot water and in electronic, more expensive.

toilet bowl with bidet function, photo 8toilet bowl with bidet function, photo 9

Suspended toilet with bidet function

The suspended system makes the toilet bowl more compact and weightless. This effect is achieved by concealing the drain tank behind the false wall, which can be made of plasterboard. In this case, an installation is installed, to which the toilet bowl is attached, and the support leg is completely absent. Contrary to some fears, this design is able to withstand quite a lot of weight.

Suspended toilet with bidet function, практически, бесшумный, имеет достойный эстетический вид, а также упрощает условия уборки в санузле. Недостатком данного оборудования можно назвать труднодоступность к системе слива и канализации. В случае поломки, необходимо будет частично разбирать стену. Что касается экономии пространства, сложно сказать, что она присутствует, хотя бачок и оказывается спрятанным, для сооружения фальшстены тоже потребуется некоторое место.

hanging toilet with bidet function, photo 10hanging toilet with bidet function, photo 11hanging toilet bowl with bidet function, photo 12

Toilet bowl with bidet function, installed in the corner

Angles are often the least involved part of the room. If you have a small bathroom, install a corner toilet bowl will be the most profitable option. Such equipment is produced both in the floor version and in the suspended one. The original tank, made in the form of a triangle, in addition to saving an additional square meter, will also be a wonderful unusual design solution.

unitaz bidet, photo 13

Bidet-attachment for the toilet: application features

To equip the bowl of an ordinary toilet bowl with a special hygienic shower will help bidet-attachment for the toilet. This is a simpler version of adding a bidet function to the bathroom. Consists of a prefix of a strong metal bar, shower head and mixer, in which a thermostat can be built. More innovative models of consoles, instead of leks, are equipped with special built-in nozzles, which rise when the water pressure is applied and disappear when it is not available, as well as massage and auto-cleaning functions.

Mounted bidet-attachment for the toilet in the place of attachment of the cover: the seat is removed, the attachment is installed, then the seat cover is fixed back. In order to make the prefix more universal, suitable for different types of toilet bowl, some manufacturers equip it with adjustable holes.

bidet attachment for toilet, photo 14bidet attachment for toilet, photo 15bidet attachment for toilet, photo 16

Electronic lid-bidet for toilet

In order to turn a standard toilet into a multi-functional comfort sanitary equipment, various electronic lids-bidets for the toilet are produced. This compact system will do without the installation of an additional bidet in small bathrooms, while significantly saving costs. They are fastened based on the sizes and designs and, thanks to the built-in electronic equipment, are able to perform such operations as:

  • function of the hygienic shower with the adjustment of water heating and the supply of liquid soap;
  • the pendulum motion of the nozzle has a hydro-massage effect on the pelvic organs;
  • electronic bidet-attachment for the toilet is self-cleaning nozzles and bowls of the toilet bowl;
  • Hairdryer with use of warm air;
  • antibacterial protection.

Modern electronic lid-bidets for the toilet are equipped with microcomputers, which regulate a variety of functions. Control can be carried out by means of a remote control, and all heating elements are located in the cover.

electronic closets bidet for toilet, photo 17electronic closet bidet for toilet, photo 18electronic covers bidet for toilet, photo 19electronic covers bidet for toilet, photo 20

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Toilet bowl - two in one: we will weigh all the pros and cons

In conclusion, I would like to sum up and highlight the main advantages of this type of sanitary ware, as well as to consider some shortcomings. Although there are very few of them, they can also influence the decision, buy a toilet with a bidet function or not. So, let's start with the merits, which include the following:

  • significant savings in the area of ​​a small bathroom;
  • a convenient way of taking hygienic procedures with the prevention of pelvic organs diseases;
  • savings - the acquisition and installation of two plumbing devices will cost twice as much;
  • simplification of cleaning: built-in toilet bowl function of cleaning the bowl with detergents does not require a daily manual cleaning of the sink;
  • ease of use for a healthy person, as well as an ideal option for people with disabilities;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • in everyday life it is possible to use it for other purposes: washing feet, pawing dogs after walking, washing children, etc.

Toilet bowl, so to speak, "two in one format" has its drawbacks. "Spoon of tar" in the issue of their acquisition can be a rather laborious installation process (especially with regard to suspended structures) with the involvement of qualified specialists, as well as labor-intensive repair of breakage. In some cases, when it comes to electronics, devices repair do not respond and require replacement.

toilet bowl bidet two in one, photo 21toilet bowl bidet two in one, photo 22toilet bowl bidet two in one, photo 23toilet bowl bidet two in one, photo 24

The toilet with bidet function is a bright representative of the world of modern multi-functional plumbing, and the list of its undeniable advantages is the best it emphasizes.

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