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The cot is an important element of the children's room, because it depends on the quality of sleep that the child's well-being and moods depend on. Cots differ in their functionality, so during the growing up period there is a need to update the bedroom furniture.

Children's beds

Table of contents of the article:

  • Tips for choosing a baby cot
  • Types of baby cots with one tier
  • Cot for babies under four years old
  • Children's classic models
  • The cot is equipped with a drawer
  • Cot with built-in swaddling table
  • Cot with rocking chair
  • Bed-house
  • Cot-transformer
  • Beds with two tiers
  • Cot with work space
  • Crib with cupboard
  • The cot is combined with a sofa
  • Cradle for baby
  • Cot for children up to 3 years
  • Beds for babies from three to five years old
  • Beds for school-age children
  • Beds for Boys
  • For two children of the same sex
  • For two children of different sexes
  • Crib in the parents' bedroom
  • Photo of cots in the interior

Tips for choosing a baby cot

How to choose a baby bed so it is comfortable and safe? Although the cribs for adult children and newborns have significant differences among themselves, they must meet certain requirements:

  • Choose a bed from natural materials. A child spends up to a third of the time in a dream, therefore, in order to avoid fumes from polymers, it is better to give preference to a tree;
  • Its choice is better to stop on polished wood, if it is varnished, you need to make sure that it is certified and not dangerous for the health of the baby;
  • The bed is selected without sharp angles. Such a move will protect a child of any age;
  • Pay attention to the stability of the legs. A cot-rocking chair or a pendulum is only needed for a child while he is inactive, and for an independent active kid, a well-fixed bed is needed.

Types of baby cots with one tier

Cot for babies under four years old

Such beds are used from birth and up to 3-4 years. Most models are presented as children's beds with boards that prevent a child from falling out of bed. For greater safety, it is important to pay attention to the distance between the rods were within 4 cm and, in addition, to use protection.

Such beds are equipped with a mechanism for fixing the canopy (it protects against insects).

Cot for babies under four years old

Children's classic models

Externally, classic baby cots almost do not differ from adults: the shape is rectangular, fixed on 4 legs. The only thing that the cot is much smaller than the adult. Some parents buy a single adult bed for a child. You can do so, but from the psychological point of view - the child must sleep in a crib appropriate to his growth. In addition, the bed can just bother the child. And current manufacturers put a lot of effort to design suitable for children of different sexes and ages, and a baby bed in the interior of the house fit harmoniously.

Cot for babies under four years old

The cot is equipped with a drawer

A cot with a drawer perfectly fits in a room with limited space and the box will serve as a niche for storing children's bed linen or some toys. Baby pull-out beds are very comfortable, but over time, the child can begin to check the filling of boxes;

The cot is equipped with a pull-out drawer

Cot with built-in swaddling table

The combination of a child's bed and a changing table will save space in the room and will be a very convenient solution for the mother. If the baby falls asleep during swaddling or massage, then it can be gently placed in the crib. And after growing up the table will serve as a small bedside table.

cot-for-newborn-with-a capacious-chest of drawers

Cot with rocking chair

For moms it's no secret that babies in a dream can wake up and cry. In order not to slow down the baby, you can lightly shake it in the crib.

This is a very convenient option for both parents and the baby.

But when choosing a cot-rocking chair, it is necessary to pay attention to some details:

  • The pumping mechanism should work smoothly and without sharp jerks;
  • The rocking chair should not reproduce any extraneous sounds;
  • Possibility to fix the rocking chair. This mechanism is very necessary after 6 months, when the child becomes more frisky.


Most of the beds are with a mechanical swing, but manufacturers are introducing the ability to automatically swing the baby during sleep.



This type of bed is designed for sleeping and playing games. The cot reminds us of an arena, where, unlike cribs with twigs, there are no partitions, but a solid fabric. The option is very convenient, but when buying it is worth paying attention to the stability of this design, so that the child does not turn it when it starts to stand on the legs.



The baby bed is more expensive than other types, but it will save your parents budget in the future.


Bortiki with cribs can be removed with time, the changing table can be converted to a bedside table or a writing table. And some models even provide for the possibility of an extra bed.


The cot transformer will provide the child with not only a quality bed, but also additional functional elements.


You can see a photo of the transformer baby bed below.


Beds with two tiers

At the word bunk bed immediately there is an association with two children. But this is not always the right impression, because the models assume both a double construction and a game zone.

children's bedroom 2 bedroom_2017

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Cot with work space

A two-story cot with a working area is a good option for a small apartment. In one small corner the baby will have a sleeping place and a working or play area. It is necessary to pay attention to the lighting of such a design, so as not to harm the child's vision.


Crib with cupboard

The cabinet in this case acts as a support for the structure. This solution saves space in the room. Instead of standard steps, you can use a chest of drawers with a built-in staircase (extra space for children's clothing).


The cot is combined with a sofa

In case the child is only one, then the sofa will be an ideal solution for accommodating guests or a place for playing the child. For each age you need your own features in the cribs.


Cradle for baby

The first sleeping place of the baby is a cradle. It is the smallest and most comfortable for crumbs. In order to be able to swing the baby cots are equipped with the following devices:

  • Колесики;
  • Rocking;
  • Suspended cots.


There are plastic cradles with transparent walls. This cradle can be used in the daytime, but it is better to protect the child from the transparent walls at night so that he does not get scared.


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The disadvantage of cradles is that a child quickly grows out of it.


Cot for children up to 3 years

For the safety of the baby, such cribs are equipped with bumps, but when the baby starts walking, you need to give him the opportunity to slice - remove a few racks.


Beds for babies from three to five years old

For older children, the place should be spacious and comfortable. But since even at this age babies can sleep restlessly, it is better to leave a low edge for the night.


Beds for school-age children

These are already independent people, to whom it is important that the bed has the following properties:

  • Quality orthopedic mattress;
  • The material must be natural and qualitative;
  • Stability of construction.


For children under 12 years old, cribs can be of different colors and interesting shapes.


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Cots for different sexes or several children


Beds for girls


For girls, beds are better to choose in light, gentle colors. It can be peach, gently pink, creamy.


Beds for Boys

Small men prefer more dark colors and shades: blue shades, beige, brown, green.


For two children of the same sex

Since the ideas and interests of two girls or boys often coincide, the bed can be decorated in the most interesting styles: the cabin of a ship or a ship, automotive subjects.


For two children of different sexes

It is better when the cots of a boy and a girl are separated from each other, but if it is impossible to fulfill this condition, you can arrange sleeping places in different color tones.

1591-design-children's room-for-two-children

Crib in the parents' bedroom

This option is suitable for the first months of the child's life, when his mother often feeds or cradles. You can put the bed close to the parent's sleeping place and lower one side. For a more adult child it would be wiser to equip a bed in another room.


Photo of cots in the interior

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The cot is combined with a sofa

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