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Interior decoration with wood

The choice of any material on the construction market allows the use of modern developments in the field of interior design. Most people are extremely positive about the use in decorating the decor of natural wood. Despite the demand for concrete and plastic, this eco-friendly material is still in the upper list of preferences of home and apartment owners. It allows you to create a warm atmosphere of home comfort. In view of the variety of wood species of different shades, the variants of their use can be very different. Decoration of the interior with wood involves the design of wall surfaces, the installation of flooring, decoration of the room with a furniture set, the use of a variety of accessories. In order to understand the timeless fashion for a tree, we will consider in detail its most attractive features and advantages.

Among the many options is always one that is able to perfectly transform an apartment house. This is due to the advantages of the wood itself. Let's try to list them:

  • Versatility. The material can be combined with almost any other building elements;
  • Durability. The ability of wood for a long time to preserve its original appearance pleasantly pleases the owners;

Aged tree on the wall

Attention! To ensure that the service life is as long as possible, it is necessary to thoroughly process the material with protective agents (paint or varnish). After processing, wood is capable of several times better to resist the effects of unfavorable factors.

Wooden beams

  • Strength. The material is resistant to mechanical stress;
  • Ecological compatibility. Wood is not only harmless to the human body, it is also useful;
  • Natural flavor. The natural smells that exude the wood material, can sometimes turn your head from pleasure;
  • Microclimate. The tree perfectly maintains a comfortable climate in the house, since it has the ability to evenly absorb and return moisture back. It is also characterized by the fact that it provides natural air circulation. In the summer season, the wooden interior will bring coolness, in the winter - warmth and comfort;
  • Ease of care. The ease of cleaning for many is an important factor. The wood treated with protective varnish has excellent antistatic properties. Also on the wooden surface are not formed various divorces;
  • The widest possible decoration options. The material is easy to process, it can take the desired shape. Therefore, the style of the room depends solely on the creative imagination of the owner.
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Finishing lining

To be as honest as possible, it is necessary to mention the possible shortcomings of the material. They include the following:

  • Care of the material, though light, nevertheless involves the use of only dry elements. Wet rag is not suitable;
  • The difficulty of removing stains can also confuse the owner, however, it is almost always possible to remove the top layer and again cover the wooden product with varnish. Such a procedure is recommended every few years;
  • High cost is a fair price for natural properties.

Brutal living room in the house

Basic methods of processing

The prestige and richness of the decoration of the wooden interior is largely ensured by the qualitative processing of the surface of the natural material. To give a refined look to any element of decor, the following technologies are used:

  1. The most simple and practical option is to cover the protective varnish. This method of processing allows you to leave unchanged the texture of wood material, as well as its natural shade;
  2. The so-called "Lux" finish provides for a consistent grinding and varnishing of the wooden surface. Thanks to many repetitions, it becomes perfectly even. To achieve such a magical tactile effect, it is necessary to choose hardwoods;
  3. Artificial aging of the material. To age the wood, it must be brushed (removal of soft fibers from the surface), and then treated with protective varnish;
  4. Gilding. To give the decor a truly aristocratic appearance, the material is sometimes covered with an expensive gold component. It can be both artificial pantalum, and natural gold leaf. Also sometimes noble silver is used, which gives royal gray hair to the wooden interior;
  5. Toning. In addition to protective varnishes, this procedure involves the use of toning compositions for processing the array;
  6. Wooden interior decoration can take a different texture, if you use special effect-varnish (enamel);
  7. Often, the decorative decoration of walls with wood means the surface is covered with special oils. To ensure an environmentally friendly interior, it is necessary to follow the natural origin of the same wax.
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Bedroom completely in the tree

Interior decoration

The most popular design option with the use of wood is a classic style. Restrained, laconic interior is achieved through the use of wooden panels with decorative elements. The last should be quite a bit, only as an accent. Since the main emphasis should be on the texture of the tree itself. The naturalness of the decoration is in the first place. The carving and various moldings are more welcome in steampunk or pompous baroque style.

Merging tiles and wood flooring

However, not only the decoration of the walls helps to equip a cozy room. Comfort can also provide floor covering. If in the classical style - it is mostly natural parquet, then in many other styles it is enough to get by with a high-quality laminate. The first requires a significant investment of funds, and the second is characterized by more practical properties.

Wooden interior elements

Another feature of the tree is its insulating qualities. He is able to reliably protect residents from the cold and excessive noise. An interesting point for allergy sufferers or large families may seem to be the antistatic function of the wooden interior. It draws less dust towards itself than other finishes.

Bedroom with a window in the ceiling

Finishing the walls with wood in the interior involves choosing the owner of a particular material. It should be understood that it can be both natural and artificial. These are considered to be wooden panels of flat or relief type, different types of timber, as well as lining. All classes of laminate, PVC and MDF panels are considered to be artificial. Wall decoration means choosing the right kind of choice so that you can later give it the desired texture.

Walls, floors and ceilings are finished with wooden panels


The most important element of home improvement. If the Japanese style is characterized by restraint, simplicity and minimalism, then pretentious baroque will require an additional decoration of the headset in the form of carved details. A feature of the same modernist style will be smooth lines that mimic natural motifs. However, these styles assume only natural wood as a material for furniture.

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The old door above the bed like decor

The modern approach to design allows the use of so-called "recyclable materials" in order to save money. A budget work of art will certainly adorn the modest situation of a poor house. It can be various pallets, small logs as chairs or decorative tables.

Working surface and table in wood

Important for the design will also have a natural shade and degree of processing of wood. The classic style welcomes the dark tones of the valuable rocks of these mighty plants, which should be a contrast to the pastel decoration of the walls. Provence, on the contrary, tends to use light, whitewashed or artificially aged products, which are in harmony with the snow-white or cream-colored walls. Country style allows the use of red trees.

Country bedroom


The wood finish in the original interior can take various forms. Sometimes, to create the required atmosphere, you do not need a massive furniture set, but only decorative accessories. Small products are ways to create a cozy environment and highlight the unique taste of the owner. These can be the usual frames for photographs or paintings, unusual trophies, wooden vases, etc. It will be very interesting to look in the interior of wooden utensils.

Mirror in a frame from a barMirror in the frame of old boards

Attention! Tableware from wood will be appropriate only in certain styles (Provence, rustic).

Shelf in wood

Originality of the decor of the room is attached to natural branches, which can replace the usual cornices or the same clothes hangers. Also, wood elements can be used as shelves or even a means for zoning space. A wooden partition is capable of dividing the functional areas of the room without compromising the aesthetic design. The main thing in the matter of accents is not to overdo it with their application.

Wooden table


Natural wood itself is an element of decor. Its excellent functional properties determined the demand for environmentally friendly material in the modern design world. To achieve the best effect, the finishing of walls or other surfaces should be in harmony with the chosen style of the room.

Wall from an old tree Tree on the wall The combination of wooden elements Wooden ceiling and beams Wooden floors Table of wooden bars Wooden wall decor Tree in the interior Zoning with wooden pillars in the living room Unusual ceiling Coffee table from beams Spili on the wall