Modern interior of the apartment - 30 examples of design

Bright modern interior

A truly modern interior should not only be contrasted with traditional design approaches, but be beautiful and relevant, focused primarily on the specific wishes of the owner. The variety and multifunctionality of such solutions make it possible to make a modern design of an apartment of any area the most individual and exclusive.

  • Budget. Economical solutions that simultaneously produce strong impressions are popular, priority trends of the last time.
  • Incarnation of exactingness. The ability to step in step with the times, using European innovations: "smart house", advanced storage systems.
  • Variety in the absence of deliberateness. Accurate, literal imitation of a certain pattern is no longer fashionable: the manifestation of one's own individuality, the value of an open space tailored for personal needs.
  • Absence of confusion. Lightness and modesty, together with functionality, is a result that allows you to focus on the present.
  • Expression of the multipotential. People who have several hobbies at once, in their apartment can safely design for them.

Modern living room

All the components of the pledge of a successful interior of an apartment in a modern style:

  • Simple lines and forms that do not limit the freedom of fantasy;
  • Presence of free open space;
  • Minimal number of decorative elements;
  • Monochrome color scheme with bright accents;
  • Glossy materials of execution: chrome, varnish, glass, plastic.

At the initial stage of planning the design of the apartment, storage systems and built-in racks are designed and designed so that nothing further distracts from the main one.

Bedroom design in Art Nouveau style

Doors and other zoning

Functionality of modern interior finds an outlet in zoning. If such a decision suits all family members - the ability to demolish excess partitions is only beneficial. The most famous, successful reception is the combined kitchen-living room. The delineation of the space allows, if necessary, to create the privacy effect: create a private dressing room in the bedroom instead of the closet.

Corridor in a modern apartment

Actual: The impression of the design project begins with the corridor. It makes sense to try to increase this site, while ensuring the main place of storage of things.

Closet in the corridor will save space in the rooms

A single design for the entire apartment implies a similar for all interior doorways. The latest novelties of door leaves reflect the current trends of fashion:

  • Large amount of glazing;
  • Simplified fittings with original details;
  • Color comes first, even glass.
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Glass sliding door

Modern style implies non-standard solutions - it's time to try the hidden door. Expressive door frames, even expensive, beautiful often spoil the overall aesthetic impression, break the harmony of the space of a particular room.

Bathroom interior

Color and light

In modern, relevant interiors recently there are no inappropriate colors and annoying stereotypes, except perhaps that of the children's room. All the rest depends only on the area and your own preferences. The bright palette expands the space, the dark look good in the spacious rooms, but it is not forbidden to combine them.

Kitchen combined with living room

Photos of the latest design solutions confirm this, but you will still need to organize your thoughts:

  • No more than three matching colors as the main ones.
  • White is a perfect background for the rest of the colors.
  • The main color is more calm, natural: beige-brown, gray.
  • Pastel shades create unity.
  • A bright palette for accents: fuchsia, turquoise.

Bedroom Finishing

In all modern interiors there is a clear tendency - many windows, preferably large ones. Windows naturally emphasize straight lines, while not straining with natural light. But for many apartments this is not feasible: just one window for each room.

Entrance hall with fashionable decor elements

The problem is solved progressively:

  • Colored frame. Order a ready-made version in production (large companies have the basic colors) or make their own - a huge selection of colors, types of suitable paint.
  • Window to the floor. A room with a balcony should realize all the possibilities to the maximum.
  • Window-sill-table with appropriate design - very small rooms will be saved by additional space for the required functionality.
  • No curtains. Joint actions with the first item will turn the window into a living picture.

Living room with paintings on the walls

If you can not do anything without curtains, the most concise design is offered. But there is also something to choose from: a grid, blinds, Japanese, Roman curtains.

The bedroom has an unusual shape with two windows

Decoration Materials

Even for modern style, there is comfort, which gives natural materials, but no one has canceled synthetic (linoleum, vinyl). They are able to help out a limited budget, possessing at the same time the widest range, the abilities of an ideal imitation.

Panoramic glazing in modern apartments

The main rule is the simultaneous combination of textures, which gives an expressive effect:

  • Steel;
  • Glass;
  • A rock;
  • Concrete;
  • Modern plastic.
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Interior of a bedroom in high-tech style

Actuality: Luxeries - special glass blocks. Allow to create an individual design, light and weightless, while skipping the light, which is often lacking in the apartment.

Entrance hall in the apartment

Brilliant combinations of glossy, steel, glass materials are complemented by matte moments: matte metal, ribbed glass, and this applies to interior decoration, furnishings, accessories, accessories.

A place to read at the window

The design of the ceiling can be any, but the preference is given to more advanced execution, allowing to realize different levels, ways of lighting the premises. On this site the traditionality is most strongly manifested: classical light color, more often white, pearl.

Kitchen equipped with the latest technology

But the walls open up space for creativity. The last trend of different styles is the accent wall: brick, color contrast. This method is relevant for the premises of any cubic capacity. The floor in a modern interior should fulfill several conditions, it is desirable at the same time to be:

  • wooden;
  • stone;
  • without carpets.

Shelf from plasterboard above the head of the bed

The last rule can be broken - save small dimensions, geometric pattern. You can try something alternative to the nap with the original texture - bamboo.

Glass partitions in a modern apartment

Not in the whole apartment on the floor you can use wooden coverings, especially in strategic places - the kitchen area, especially relevant for apartments with free planning. Modern style suggests implementing one of its main ideas - the gloss of surfaces. Floor coatings more often in the form of tiles, porcelain tiles are more than appropriate, combined with natural stone or toned concrete. Sufficient range of colors of most types of coatings allows you to come up with your own, exclusive design. It looks like a "tiled" styling.

Bedroom with wood trim

Modern kitchen

Designers and manufacturers with confidence declare: modern style of design of kitchen space is one of the most popular, overtaking even classics, country. It stops the choice, even if the rest of the interior is made in other solutions. The secret of such success is the maximum correspondence to the needs, after all, what is more convenient and more modern is what is convenient.

Spacious kitchenSome traditional approaches are being revised and the following are being tried, more appropriate for the moment of forming an ideal kitchen:

  • Smooth facades with built-in appliances;
  • Bold color solutions;
  • Maximum ergonomics - no handles;
  • Ease of care - one-piece table tops;
  • Simplicity of cleaning - no legs, models with a strip along the floor, preferably metal;
  • A free apron without rails with any small kitchen appliances;
  • Storage systems for everything that was previously hanged and arranged in plain view;
  • Kitchen island - it can be small, round, but this is the most actual trend.
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Loft style kitchen

The dining area is also not without attention - a glass top, supplemented not necessarily with classical chairs.

Accessories in a modern style

They can be made of metal, even glossy plastic. Separate the kingdom of cooking from the rest of the premises with success will take the bar, and the most extravagant form. The kitchen has long been transformed from an isolated room into a bright, creative component of the overall design.

Panoramic glazing

Furniture - hidden beauty and simplicity

Modern stylistics make a special emphasis on furnishing. Even simple performance can be spectacular, become a real decoration, without curls, carvings, gilding.

Living room furniture

The secret lies precisely in clear constructions, distinct form:

  • Big size. Especially important for sofa groups. Additional ability to decompose is important if you often need an alternative sleeper.
  • Absence of covers is the presence of a pronounced profile.
  • Low seating of furniture groups provides the missing space of the room.
  • Lack of legs. Items simply stand on the ground or suspended. The last option for chests of drawers, pedestals do not strain with cleaning.
  • Bright design works - chair-egg. In the first place comes convenience for the human body.

Decor elements for decorating the hall

Decor: with the times

At this final stage of any repair, it's worth spending more time to accurately sustain the concept of style. Strict, impartial selection of each subject should maintain harmony. The absence of clutter of every square meter, some laconic rigor will only benefit.

Accessories will complement the design of the apartment and give exclusivity

Individuality, good taste of the owners will be emphasized by carefully selected accessories:

  • Works of contemporary art;
  • Photos, better black and white;
  • Graphics and glass,
  • Modern technology;
  • Stylish lighting devices.

So, a good solution for the bedroom will be several paintings, equipped with lighting: in the evening and at night it will create a chamber atmosphere.

The combination of furniture and textiles

Actually: do not neglect the mirrors - sometimes you just need to allow a little more standard - the height from floor to ceiling for some sections of the walls.

Living room in a modern style

The most basic, unshakable rules are not only decor, but the design of the whole apartment as a whole - functionality and comfort. It is necessary to break certain, established rules - this is only a plus. The real modernity of the interior solution is shown - to live here and now, giving preference to their taste requirements. Some minimalism, understatement leaves room for experiments, changes, introduction of interesting ideas, with which the modern, real life is so rich.