Commodes in the modern interior +75 photo examples

Chest of drawers in the interior

The great-grandfather of the modern chest was a usual chest. This piece of furniture was considered universal: it can be put at home or transported along with the belongings. But in the trunk things had to be stacked in layers, and the more and more he was, the more difficult it became to get to the bottom. To get something "at the bottom" had to install a special step, which climbed to bend through the wall was more convenient. First, the legs began to be fitted to the trunk.

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  • The role of a chest of drawers in a modern interior
  • Functionality and design
  • Materials of manufacture
  • Colors and shades
  • How to use a chest of drawers
    • In the living room
    • In the bedroom
    • In the nursery
    • Chest of drawers for kitchen
    • In the hall
    • In the bathroom
  • How to choose a chest of drawers
  • Options for decorating the chest of drawers with their own hands
  • Conclusion

The role of a chest of drawers in a modern interior

A few decades ago, the chest of drawers was considered an outdated model, which is a thing of the past and can only appear in the classical interior. But fashion is a whimsical lady, and as it usually happens, the forgotten old was accepted with a stormy ovation as a new one. Chests in the interior use everywhere. Here, their universality comes to the fore. The object will be appropriate in any room: it can be placed in the bedroom, bathroom, hallway, children's room, hall and even kitchen.

Interior of a tree with a green chest of drawers

If the unity of style is observed, the chest of drawers will only decorate the interior. A "friendly" this piece of furnishings with a variety of design trends from high-tech modern style to antique classics. It does not matter whether the dresser is a stylish decoration from an expensive furniture boutique or an old "grandmother's" furniture, which is decorated with their own hands. The main thing that he echoed with the overall picture of the interior and did not look in the room is alien. In small-sized apartments, high-end cabinets are still preferred, but in spacious premises long ago abandoned obsolete "walls", placing a bet on small and original furniture.

Panels on the walls  Mirror with lamps in the interior  Curtains of organza on the window  The combination of a white fireplace and gray walls  Lamp with a ceramic ball-shaped foot

Functionality and design

The chest of drawers combines two functional areas: a table top (top cover) and shelves for storage of things. On the top put TVs, other household appliances, mirrors, lamps, plants in pots or objects of decor. There are four main types of chests:

ViewStorage options
ClassicalOnly with drawers.
With nichesThey have shelves, both open and closed.
CombinedWith the drawers side by side swinging facades.
With superstructuresAdditional shelves are installed on the top cover.

Chest between cupboards

Designers offer interesting ideas for decorating furniture: the abundance of shelves and their varieties, allow you to experiment in any way.

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Table and carpet in the middle of the room  The combination of smoky curtains and gray walls  Mirror and photos on the wall  Roses in glasses on the chest of drawers  Suitcase on the floor

Materials of manufacture

At the moment, the most popular is the chipboard. From it the furniture case is made, and the facade is created from the more expensive MDF. The latter can be matte, glossy, smooth or embossed. The tree is used in more expensive models, quite often on request under ready-made design. Plastic chests are the most economical option, which is worth a penny, but in service, strength is no different.

Chest of chipboard in the interior

Such models are popular for a bathroom or a pantry, where they will not be very noticeable. If the whole construction is made of wood or chipboard, the doors are often experimented using non-standard materials. This can be attributed all the same plastic and glass. There are variants with combined materials: one group of doors is made of chipboard or MDF, and the other (for example, swinging facades) made of frosted glass with a pattern or pattern.

The combination of dark furniture and a yellow wall  Chest of drawers made of wood  Fern in the interior  Chest of drawers with a table in the nursery  Roses in a Vase

Colors and shades

Preference is still given to natural "woody" tones:

  • Brown;
  • The black;
  • Gray;
  • Beige;
  • Red.

Black chest of drawers in white interior

After all, in the classical version, the chest of drawers is a product made of natural wood. However, this does not prevent designers from retreating from the old canons and experimenting not only with dimensions, texture and functional "stuffing", but also with color. Bright lacquered blue, green and yellow chest of drawers will fit well into eclectic, fusion or retro 80's. They can become not only an original part of the interior, but also a decorative center of the room.

Purple carpet on the light floor  White chest of drawers against the black wall  Floor candlesticks in the interior  Mirror chest of drawers in the room  Mirror in a wooden frame on a white wall

How to use a chest of drawers

Комод используют в качестве хранилища нужных вещей: одежды, кухонной утвари, моющих средств или даже продуктов. Использование напрямую зависит от места размещения. К примеру, на кухне в него можно складывать посуду и кастрюли, если предварительно установить специальные держатели для этих предметов. In the bathroom в комоде хорошо расположатся полотенца или набор стиральных порошков, кондиционеры для белья, запасы мыла, шампуней, мочалок, губок и прочая мелочевка. Давайте попробуем разобраться, что можно упаковывать в это хранилище, и какую функциональную нагрузку оно несет в каждом из помещений.

Chest of drawers in the bedroom Turquoise mat on the wooden floor  Kolba sa orhideja na komode  The combination of white floor and olive walls  Pendant lamps in the corridor  Коль на комоде

In the living room

The dresser in the living room is installed not only back to the wall, but also behind the back of the sofa or under a high rack. It can act as a space delimiter, a dividing strip in spacious halls or in combined rooms. It is important not only to choose a chest of drawers under the general style and correctly place it, but also to correctly form the top cover. If it becomes behind the sofa, the free worktop can be used as a working or dining area.

When there are special areas for these purposes, it is not a bad idea to put a lamp on the surface, a bulky flower vase or "different" figurines. Under the wall, the chest of drawers is necessarily complemented by some element of the decor from above, so that the space above it does not look lonely and empty. This can be a picture, a collage of photos, a set of non-standard lighting devices or a simple mirror.

Chest of drawers in the interior гостиной

Long chests in small living rooms should be avoided. Such a piece of furniture will fit well only in large-sized rooms, where it will be appropriate to look. If you want to put the chest of drawers very much, but space does not allow, then choose a narrow model. There will be less storage space, but nobody will cling to the corners or constantly make their way under the "wall" between the furniture.

Frames of the Moon  Room with white walls and dark laminate  Panel in the interior  Living room in classic style  Castings on chests

In the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of solitude and rest, which does not recognize unnecessary details. Comfort here is achieved with the help of neat furniture, which uses a minimum, and a few decorative strokes. Chests in the sleeping room are usually used to store cosmetic trifles and bedding. Above them, a mirror is traditionally installed. Depending on the style, it can be oval with a carved frame or a strict rectangular shape with a metal frame. Colors are often chosen from the pastel scale:

  • Beige;
  • Gentle pink;
  • Light blue;
  • Soft gray.
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Chest of drawers in the interior спальни

Often, a special hollow niche is installed under the chest of drawers, which allows you to sit comfortably on a chair and "turn" in front of a mirror, performing nightly cosmetic procedures. On the top cover often put a lamp, photos or flowers to "domesticate" the situation.

In our country, chests of drawers in the bedrooms are installed near the wall, the bedside variant was previously rare. For these purposes, special miniature tables with lamps on the lids are used, but in the west this method of accommodation is still popular. And the dressers are installed in pairs: two twins on either side of the bed.

Concrete wall in the interior  Wooden panels on the walls  Bedroom with window on the wall  Floor lamp at the armchair  LED ceiling

In the nursery

In the nursery комнате комоды совмещают с пеленальным столиком или кроваткой. Такой вариант удобен и практичен. Сочетание позволяет сэкономить место, что подходит для маленьких и тесных помещений. Если дети постарше, то его используют для хранения многочисленных игрушек и вещей. В цветах делают упор на яркие оттенки синего, зеленого, желтого. От красного и черного лучше отказаться, так как лишняя «нагрузка» на глаза в этой комнате ни к чему.

Chest of drawers in the interior детской Light wood furniture in the interior  Manege by the window  White shelf on the orange wall  Stickers in the interior  Locker with toys in the nursery

Chest of drawers for kitchen

Quite often the chest of drawers is already included in the kitchen set, but we will consider the independent furniture, which will decorate the room in addition. High construction can serve as a bar counter, so the table top is usually not loaded with foreign objects, but leaves room for comfortable pastime of guests. Especially popular are the kitchen cabinets with superstructures in the form of open shelves.

If you can hide all utensils for cooking in the bottom boxes, then jars of spices and other containers with food for cooking are placed on the top. The "grandfathers" of these chests of drawers stood in almost every village house of the mid-fifties. Such old models can be found now. Given the fashion for such antiques, it is enough just to refresh their appearance and in the kitchen retro they will perfectly fit.

Chest of drawers in the interior кухни

Surprisingly, the chests of drawers are used even for storing foods that do not need cold. Onions, carrots or potatoes are placed in special shelves, which are equipped with dividing partitions. Interesting models with wicker boxes that mimic baskets. Beautiful look such options in the rustic style or Provence.

Shelf with a holder for towels  Laminate floor and walls  Combination of gray and bard colors on the wall  Decorative plaster on the wall  Black clock on a gray wall

In the hall

In the hall комод не роскошь, а необходимость. Если хозяева решили отказаться от стандартных гарнитуров с вешалкой и шкафом в комплекте, то им на помощь придут специальные модели для хранения обуви. Часть их полок имеют обычный вид, а другая половина снабжена специальным наклонным механизмом, который поворачивается при открытии и позволяет с комфортом размещать туфли и кроссовки.

Chest of drawers in the interior прихожей

Mirrors, paintings, miniature "hangers" for keys hang over the chest of drawers. The original pendant model "without legs" will look beautiful in the modern hallway with a clear geometry and a strict color scheme. Unusual options with a seat in the middle or side, which combine two functions: the storage of gloves, bags, shoes and support for the student.

Park on the floor  Red chest of drawers in white interior  Letters on the wall  Interior with ceramic tiles on the floor  Modular picture in the hallway

In the bathroom

The size of the bathroom usually leaves much to be desired, so "tamper" in them the necessary minimum is quite difficult. Chests set aside from the sink near the free wall, and above them hang open or closed shelves. In the storehouse they store all household small things, for which special shelves with metal holders are created inside. In modern combined versions, the sink is built into the lid of the chest or "put" on it, if it has the shape of a deep dish. Over-the-top models are put even in cramped toilet rooms. They contain paper stocks and air fresheners.

Chest of drawers in the interior ванной

How to choose a chest of drawers

When choosing a chest, focus on three aspects:

  • The size;
  • Style;
  • Material.
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Value for money remains an indisputable truth, but modern, practical materials allow you to save without significant damage to the lifetime. Naturally in the bedroom with expensive antique furniture in classical style, the chest of drawers will look ridiculously and cheaply, but for less refined options it is quite suitable.

Decorative plate on the chest of drawers

By the way, between the DSP and MDF, make a choice in the direction of the second. The glue that is used in the first version can be toxic and harmful to health. As for the sizes, make appropriate measurements before purchasing. With the location of the object of furniture are determined in advance at the design stage. Style determines the dimensions, the complete set of shelves, color, texture and decorative elements. A simple brown chest of drawers with wooden handles on the drawers "drown" in the cold atmosphere of modernism or minimalism. Combining styles in detail is suitable only for eccentric eclecticism or fancy fusion. In other directions, the rules are more demanding, so you need to choose a chest of drawers for the rest of the furniture.

Picture on the wall  Volumetric panels in the interior  Bottle in a decorative stand on the chest of drawers  Gray in the interior  Lamps under antique lights in the bedroom

Options for decorating the chest of drawers with their own hands

A new life to an old chest of drawers can be quite realistic. Ideas for decorating boring furniture mass. One of the simplest is painting, lacquering or applying self-adhesive paper with a pattern. With the first two, everything is very clear: just take the lacquer, paint, brush and start to update.

If you have a talent for the art of painting, then applying several layers of paint can not be limited and reproduce the original pattern or pattern. Ornament is duplicated with a stencil. For high models, you can create a gradient effect: a smooth transition from white on the top drawer to dark blue on the bottom one with the blue in the middle. In undervalued models, it makes sense to decorate the countertop, which you pay attention to because of the height. It is pasted with gift paper or resorted to the technique of decoupage. The method of gluing furniture causes a lot of questions. There are two ways:

  • Buy special wallpapers for the size of the chest.
  • Find a picture of high quality yourself and contact a special company that deals with printing pictures on sticky "media".

Handmade chest decor

When gluing, watch for air bubbles, they need to be disposed of. In the building stores are sold outlets made of polyurethane foam or polystyrene (the first is preferable), which imitate the ancient stucco molding. They are dyed in the right color and attached to the chest of drawers. The doors can be pasted with a bright cloth with a beautiful pattern. It is attached to a double-sided scotch. It looks like a chest of drawers, like a real designer product.

A bright picture on a purple wall  Roses on chests  Mirror in a twisted frame on the wall  Chest of drawers  Boxes with multi-colored wallpaper


Chests can be large, small and narrow, rough, neat, elegant, bright, elegant or pretentious. This furniture, like any other, can adapt to the atmosphere of the interior. In some rooms, it is vital, and in others it becomes more an unusual design move. It is impossible to imagine a dressing room, a large storehouse of things without one, or even a few chests of drawers that will help systematize the whole mess.

Shelves with books on the wall

Similarly, in the bathroom it is difficult to find another place for storing towels and cumbersome bags with powders and detergents. But the kitchen has long experienced this piece of interior, replacing it with a complete suite, in which the dresser seems to be, but only as a component of a multifunctional furniture "array."

Wooden chest of drawers against the backdrop of black walls

In the living room в нем тоже нет острой необходимости. Это удобная ТВ-полка, но и ей нашли замену в виде специальной ниши в стенке. Как бы то ни было, комоды не потерялись в современном мебельном многообразии. Они не повторили судьбу своего «предка» — сундука, от которого остались только «декоративные воспоминания». Дизайнеры цепко ухватились за эту мебельную единицу и разрабатывают модели, которые вписываются не только в классику, но и идут в ногу со временем, отражая новые веяния моды.