Decorating a new year's table with your own hands in

Holidays are a time when we gather with family and close people. If your dining table adorns the same items all year round, you can feel the need to apply creativity to decorating the table for the holidays. Simply replacing small details - for example, flowers or accessories - you can create wonderful decorative compositions that will look great on the New Year's table, and then at Christmas. Each composition includes the same set of dishes, cutlery, the same tablecloth-track - and at the same time, these compositions are quite different from each other.

  • Compositions for a festive table in a modern rustic style
  • How to make an ornament for the center of a table from a branch of a tree and flowers
  • Simple decorative composition in pastel colors

Beautiful decoration of a dining table for prapers

Whether you give preference to the village style or the modern one - draw inspiration for your creativity in the examples of decorating the festive table offered by us.

Dining table in Scandinavian style for upcoming holidays

Compositions for a festive table in a modern rustic style

This updated version of the decorative composition in the rustic style is created with a combination of shades of gray and white-white, as well as the use of wood and natural materials to give the composition a special rustic charm.

Festive table decoration by own hands

The key element of this composition is a stunning decorative detail in the center of the table. It is made of real flowers, attached by twine to a tree branch, and it is very simple to make by hand, guided by the instructions below.

Elements of table decoration

Simple-looking white dishes and cutlery are transformed in combination with creative decoration: you can make the same napkin ring by folding a tissue napkin three times, wrapping it with cutlery and attaching a paper label to it with a name with a piece of twine.

Everything we need for the decor of the table

Live flowers anemones in a pot look great in a large glass jar. The flower pot covered with wood bark seems to be a simple, but very effective decoration of the table.

How to make an ornament for the center of a table from a branch of a tree and flowers


  • Dry branch of a tree
  • Leaves
  • Flowers with stems
  • Twine
  • Scissors

Here a branch of the vine, flowers of eucharis, bird-bird, euphorbia and eucalyptus leaves were used.

We tie the flowers to the tree

1. Gently tie the stems with the leaves to the branch with twine. Take care that you have a little extra rope left so that she can tie additional green stems and hide the edges under the branch.

That's how it should turn out

2. Tie the flowers to the branch in the same way, trying to make the stems of the leaves fit snugly to the branch, repeating its relief.

Do not forget to decorate the branch not only with flowers, but with leaves

3. As you continue to decorate the branch with leaves and flowers, you can also stitch or put flowers in the cracks and grooves in the branch wood.

Approximately this is how the branch should look on the table

4. As soon as the work on decorating the branch with flowers and leaves is finished, carefully place your man-made masterpiece on the table so that everyone can admire them. After the end of dinner, you can decorate this decorative detail with a console or coffee table.

Tip: The life of such an ornament should be at least two days, depending on how fragile the flowers you have chosen. When the flowers begin to fade, replace them with fresh ones.

The atmosphere of Scandinavia will also be supported by white chairs

White chairs around the oak table bring in the interior Scandinavian style motifs, and paper snowflakes remind of the winter holidays.

And here is another example of design

Simple decorative composition in pastel colors

Forget the traditional festive combination of green and red, and go to the calm, relaxing palette of pastel shades of pink, gray and white. There are beautiful pastel colors, flickering candles and lovely little details that give a completely new atmosphere to the festive family gatherings at the table.

We also used white chairs

To give the festive interior a special freshness in the Scandinavian style, place different white chairs around the table.

Sprig of freesia - a small detail for a big deal

A simple sprig of freesia on a white napkin will serve as a refined decoration of the festive table.

The sprig of freesia will complement our entire festive entourage

Miniature ceramic figures in the form of owls under a glass cap give this modern composition a bizarre note.

Here is such a beautiful bouquet of roses will stand on your table

Make two simple bouquets of roses in white, pink and peach hues, white buttercups and small pink callas. Collect the flowers in a tight bundle, tie their stems together with twine and put the bouquets in small vases with water to give the festive table a fresh, romantic look.

Top view of the final version

Do you have any other interesting ideas on decorating a festive table? Hurry to share with us!