Design chairs eames in the interior - 32 photos of different

In many houses, bars, offices and other public buildings, you can find design chairs Eames in the interior. Despite the fact that a lot of years have passed since the creation of the first chair, its various models do not lose their relevance. In this article we have collected various photos, where the designer chairs Eames in the interior are represented by a variety of models. Canteen, bar, soft, children's, with and without wheels - all deserve special attention due to their qualitative and ergonomic characteristics.

Eames chair: a little bit from the history of creation and evolution

The first model was developed by the legendary American designers Charles and Ray Eames in the middle of the XX century, or rather, in 1948. Then, for the first time in the world, the Eames plastic chair was launched into mass production and quickly gained its admirers thanks to convenience and an affordable price. Another of his excellent quality was that he approached any interior, so it was purchased not only for residential apartments, but also for bars, cafes and other institutions.

Over the years, the Eames chair is constantly being updated, new designs are being developed, the color palette and ergonomic qualities are increasing. To date, there are children's models, you can see designer chairs Eames in the interior of offices, cafes and bars. The first model, called the Fiberglass Chair, is preserved in the contemporary art museum in the New York Design Museum.

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What distinguishes the Eames chair from similar plastic models

The main difference that the Eames chair has is its undeniable comfort. The thing is that the back of the chair, thanks to the flexibility of the material, is able to change the angle of inclination. It is also able to turn slightly from side to side, which is very comfortable. Regardless of the size and shape of the person sitting, the Eames chair completely follows the contours of the body, which allows you not to get up from it for a long time, for example, during a working day or during a friendly sit-round. At the same time there is absolutely no fatigue.

Design chairs Eames in the interior are significantly distinguished, since they have a distinctive support block on which the seat is mounted - these are four wooden legs with crossed metal rods and elastic tips protecting the floor from damage. The seat material is a high-quality, durable plastic that provides a long service life.

Interestingly, the fact that you can place designer chairs Eames in the interior, decorated in any of the styles, from classic to ultramodern high-tech, thanks to the modern variety of shapes, colors and materials models.

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Eames DSW chair: the most popular model in the world

This magnificent piece of furniture is very often used by professional designers to design different interiors. It has two main types. The first is equipped with metal legs - a chair Eames DSR, and the second - with wooden legs. Both of these models are very convenient and functional, but, structurally, are somewhat different.

Eames DSR chair

Данная модель имеет два вида опор — из черного металла и хромированного. Изящное переплетение тонких металлических прутьев основы образуют оригинальные ножки, которые, в свою очередь, гарантируют абсолютную устойчивость конструкции. Eames DSR chair прекрасно подойдет к интерьерам, оформленным в стилях, где присутствие дерева нежелательно или вовсе исключено, например, хай тек, модерн и пр. На фото мы можем увидеть, как выглядит стул Eames DSR в интерьере гостиной в стиле винтаж и других направлениях.

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Стул Eames DSW style DAW

The Eames DSW style DAW chair features a wooden support base and a variety of models. The legs are represented by three types: ebony, dark wood and light wood. The Eames DAW chair has gone through many stages of its evolution, as a result of which the lineup has been constantly updated. Today, you can find many beautiful and comfortable models: Eames chair "patchwork" (has bright textile upholstery), chair Eames PC 016 (representative of soft models). Very elegant and easy to look chair Eames style DSW white, which is presented in the photo of the living room in the Art Nouveau style. Equally elegant is the design and design, featuring functionality and practical minimalism - the Eames black chair, which can perfectly complement the interiors of not only houses, but also offices.

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Design chairs Eameas in the interior: convenience for every taste

The creation of new models is directly related to the desire of developers to make the most convenient designs. One of the new developments is the chair-chair Eameas Plastic Armchair. This original Eameas chair has armrests, and most importantly, its legs are equipped with skids made of wood, attached to the base of chrome-plated metal. This "childlike" cozy chair for adults, as we see in the photo, will be a wonderful addition to the stylish interior and a good help for outdoor recreation.

chair-chair eames, photo 16chair-chair eames, photo 17chair eames black, photo 18

Eameas bar stool has its own distinctive features. This, in the first place, the presence of a circular metal footboard for greater comfort, a comfortable seat and backrest, as well as stable high wooden legs. The chair is presented in a variety of colors.

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Children's chair Eames: from the smallest to the school children

For children, reduced versions of traditional stools have been developed. They are also quite comfortable, stable (which is very important for kids) and have a lot of colors that perfectly differentiate the interior of the nursery. Children's chair Eames is presented by various models. It can be chairs with armrests, "patchwork", with different seat heights for any age, and also a rocking chair. Design chairs Eames in the interior of the children's room, supplemented by a small table, will allow the kid to engage in any creativity in the company of friends. Very interesting model - a children's chair Eames Elephant (elephant). It will become a real decoration of the room and a toy for the baby. Made of plastic, the chair has a light weight, and the child is quite comfortable to play with it.

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Design chairs Eames in the interior of modern design

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in transparent furniture elements. They are elegant, airy and practically not perceptible in space. This representative is the chair Eames DSW glass on wooden legs. Such models look great in many modern interiors, especially those executed in the style of minimalism. This is a whole series of furniture, including transparent tables. In the photo we are presented with options, where the Eames DSW glass chair has armrests, decorated in a bar version.

stool eames dsw glass, photo 25stool eames dsw glass, photo 26bar stool eames dsw, photo 27

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Stool Eames: soft stylish cushions

More comfortable for a long sitting will help make the chair Eames soft pillow of textiles. But this is not its only purpose. Cushion can significantly warm the seat, especially if the furniture is used for giving and garden. In the cool season, it will comfortably spend time with a cup of coffee, sitting on the terrace, and in hot weather will protect the surface from overheating. Pillows for Eames chairs have many colors and original design, so they can serve as an unobtrusive decorative element of any interior.

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Chairs Eames: reviews

Before buying a piece of goods, we often try to find out what the people who have already become its owner say about it and could appreciate all the advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in this article, we tried to collect some reviews, which can to some extent characterize Eames chairs from the point of view of ordinary consumers, rather than advertising campaigns.

  1. "The Eames chair DSW has not been very active yet, but there are no complaints about the quality. We chose a model with dark legs. In the kit there were still felt attachments on the legs ... The back is sprung, that's what you liked ... ".
  2. "I bought design chairs Eames for the office, just on the interior. Brought four pieces, unpacked, everything is fine. On the interior came, in color, too. The cool thing is that sitting on them is convenient. Visitors also like it. I think I'll order another kit in the second office, maybe in the kitchen, just a different color. What more i can say. They seem to be strong. They do not squeak, they do not stagger ... shed juice on it, it was washed off without problems, there were not even spots left. "
  3. A lot of feedback is about the chair-chair Eames, which we come across on the forums on the Internet. For example: "I received a chair-chair Eames as a gift. I am delighted! Stylish and very comfortable. "; "I really liked the armchair! Quickly assembled, beautiful, stylish. The plastic is nice. Sitting in it is sooo comfortable! ".
  4. Children's models also did not go unheeded: "The children's chair Eames DSW has become an excellent accent in the children's photo zone of my INSPIRE photo studio! I will definitely order more ».
  5. Probably the best way to characterize the chairs Eames reviews one of its owners: "I'll start with the fact that we are new settlers and moved into a new house with absolutely bare walls, so the whole interior did for themselves and for themselves. We noticed these chairs for a long time and decided that they will definitely be in our apartment! Our chairs are white. The Eames chair is rough and not smooth to the touch. Because of this, it does not show scratches and traces ... The plastic itself is slightly bent, it's not scary, so conceived and so the person takes a more comfortable position. I love my chairs and I will not change any of them! For me they are very comfortable and comfortable. Beautiful and stylish look in the interior. It's easy to wash them. "

In our review, we have attempted to characterize only a part of the designs, since the design chairs Eames have a huge range of models. We hope that the photos of our article will help you evaluate the attractiveness and dignity of using this wonderful furniture in the interior.

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