Apartment 63 sq. m. meter in the style of minimalism

Studio interior in black and white

Design of the apartment 63 square meters. meter in accordance with several requirements. In the renovated premises it was necessary to design all the zones, which by their functionality should be present in modern apartments. In addition, the accommodation should be light, spacious, without extra furniture and decorative ornaments.

It is these requirements that have become decisive in choosing the style of the interior, because only minimalism is able to provide owners with individual housing, which at the same time will be spacious and not cluttered with anything superfluous.

Living room in black and white

In the center of the living space there is a living room, the interior of which is for holding friendly conversations and simply rest. Promotes this and a large size comfortable sofa at the very window. White shades of design are combined with gray, while not irritating, and visually expanding the room.

Workplace in the living room Dining area in the living room

The living room is combined with the kitchen, which is not at all conspicuous. Interior design of the apartment 63 square meters. meter is provided so that the white kitchen seems to dissolve against the same white wall.

Glossy surface facades in every way this contributes, and it turns out that the kitchen as if relieves the central part of the room, moving away from the sofa in the background.

Kitchen and dining area in the studio apartment Dining area in the living room

All cereals, dishes are stored in a variety of lockers and large cabinets, the traditional plate replaced with a hob. And the effect of the unobtrusiveness of the white kitchen is further enhanced by the illumination of the apron.

Black accents on the white kitchen

Making an apartment in the minimalist style does not at all mean that there will not be any necessary items or the owner of the apartment will be deprived of something - everything in the room is arranged very conveniently and at the maximum functional. The same functional dining group shares a kitchen unit and a sofa corner.

Kitchen and dining area in white color Black accents on the white kitchen

Round the rectangular white table there are rounded chairs of black color with openwork light legs, a lamp hangs over the table in the same black circle lampshade. The table has straight legs, which are very narrow and do not take up much space.

Dining area in the kitchen

There was no exception to the dormitory, in which the furniture is only a bed of spouses, which is large enough, and a small baby cot.

Violet accents in the black and white bedroom Baby cot in the bedroom

At first sight it is difficult to see more, but the first impression is often deceptive. One wall is a sliding panel, behind which is hidden the dressing room and the door to the bathroom.

Closet in the bedroom Closet in the bedroom Closet in the bedroom

The entrance area has a mirrored wardrobe, which not only visually doubles the room, but also contains places in which various things are stored. The mirror facade also shows the reflection of a man in full growth, which is very convenient before going out.

Mirror cabinet in the corridor

The interior of the bathroom is kept, like the apartment, in white and black tones. Mirrors allow you to visually make more space, and to save space in the apartment, designers decided to hang the plumbing on the wall.

Black accents in the white bathroom Black accents in the white bathroom

In the guest toilet there is not only a sink and toilet, but also a shower cubicle.

Mirror Wall in the Bathroom Bathroom in white color The layout of a small studio apartment