Comfortable and comfortable life in a small house of true

The appearance of a small wooden cottage on wheels

Today we will meet with a married couple - Chris and Malissa Tack, who decided to build a small house in the suburbs of Washington (USA). Its area is only 18 square meters. But this does not prevent the beloved from remaining happy. Let's take a close look at this dream building.

Installed solar panels to power a mini-building make it possible to spend on electricity, even in the winter, no more than $ 1 per day.

Spouses pay the land owner for the right to park their house, for using a washing machine and a dryer.

Entrance door of a small wooden cottage on wheels

As soon as you enter the room, a combined working area opens before you.

Malissa herself developed interior design, in which the main direction was saving electricity and saving space. Therefore, only LED lamps were used for lighting, the table is skilfully folded, and the TV can be connected to a computer as a monitor.

Interior of a small wooden cottage

A loft bedroom is located above the kitchen and bathroom. It is perfectly situated royal bed. Mansard windows delightfully fill with a small attic light.

Interior of a small wooden cottage

The house is full of smart storage solutions. For example, folded things can be found even inside the bench in the living room.

Storage area under the seat

Natural materials are responsible for safety and environmental friendliness.

Interior of a small wooden cottage

The couple had to sacrifice a lot of their property, when moving to a tiny place. But they do not regret it, because here they live much better, despite the minimum size of the structure. In addition, they sold some of the things.

Working area of ​​a small wooden cottage

According to the owners, the kitchen area was the most difficult to design. Instead of a bulky oven, they installed a simple panel with two burners to save precious space.

Kitchen of a small wooden cottage

The bathroom is close to the kitchen. Therefore, the sink is built into the work surface.

Kitchen of a small wooden cottage

In the mini-house even a special corner for their beloved cat was placed.

A bathroom of a small wooden cottage

The shower looks very original. After each wash, they thoroughly wash the old wooden barrel with a sponge to keep it for a long time in good condition. Water comes from the user's tank, and an electric water heater easily heats it.

Shower room of a small wooden cottage

In the closet are placed all the things of the couple. Even there was a place for a small safe.

Wardrobe of a small wooden cottage

The couple made a charming outdoor dining table and benches from pallets. Now they spend more time in the fresh air.

Dining area on the lawn

Chris and Malissa are proud of what they designed. They plan to live in this tiny house for another five years, and then build more apartments - about 30 square meters.

Dining area on the lawn