Design of a small kitchen from 6 to 10 sq. m (photo

Most of the apartments in the post-Soviet space are small kitchens. If in the Khrushchevs their size is 5-6 sq m, then in stalks and new modern buildings - 6-10 sq. M. Beauty and comfort is difficult to combine with limited dimensions, therefore the design of a small kitchen requires careful study and even some victims.

In particular, to the interior of the kitchen from 6 to 10 sq m was quite free, the owners sometimes have to give up one of the following design elements:

  1. Dining area. This choice is facing every owner of a small kitchen: a large number of lockers for kitchen appliances and utensils or a comfortable dining area? When preference is given to the first option, the dining table with chairs is placed in the living room.
  2. Fridge. Almost every one of us at least once, but was in a small apartment, where the refrigerator is located in the hallway or corridor. Our hostesses even learned to see this as a plus: they say, this makes you move more during cooking and burn extra calories.
  3. Kitchen cabinets and work surfaces. By reducing the number of kitchen cabinets (for example, by occupying only one wall of the kitchen), you can free up space for both the dining area and the refrigerator. This option is more suitable for those who have a pantry or cooks in a hurry.
  4. "Island". The most compact kitchen island ideas for a small kitchen, which are only possible, we have assembled for you here.

Modern kitchen interior 10 sq. M - photo

It would seem that owners of small kitchens can only envy those in whose disposal the kitchen area is 15-20 square meters. But in fact, you have your advantages over them. Large kitchens require much higher costs for materials, furniture, lighting, countertops, as well as for repair and finishing works. Imagine how much they manage to just lay the tiles on the walls and floor!

The best modern small kitchen design ideas

A small kitchen is a small expense. And as for style and comfort ... Look further! This article presents the best modern ideas for the design of a small kitchen, including a dining area, bar counters, multifunctional furniture etc.

Enjoy a variety of options and save the best photos to your note.

Small kitchens - the best photo design 2016

Design of a small kitchen 6 - 10 sq m with a compact dining area

Bar counters, functional folding and sliding tables, and even window sills can play the role of a dining area in the interior of a small kitchen. But if the size of your kitchen is 6 sq. M, even for such small items may not be enough space. Therefore, in order to save space, you can use:

  1. Window-sill;
  2. Corner kitchens P- and L-shaped;
  3. Folding and sliding surfaces;
  4. Smart and roomy furniture (cabinets under the ceiling, corner compartments, organizers etc.).

Let's take a look at the stylish design of a small kitchen with a dining area in the photo.

Modern design of a small kitchen in black and white A small kitchen in Khrushchev's - minimalist design on the photo Beautiful design of a small kitchen of 9 sq m in the photo Kitchen design 10 sq. M in a small apartment in a photo Ideas for designing a small kitchen with a bar counter instead of a table Modern design of a small kitchen of 6 sq. M with a bar counter instead of a window sill Scandinavian kitchen design in Khrushchev - in the photo with open shelves Beautiful interior of a small kitchen - photo with a refrigerator Provence style in the design of a small kitchen 6 square meters photo Fashionable small kitchens 2016 - photos in retro vintage style Small modern kitchens - a photo in the style of Provence Comfortable and beautiful small kitchen 6 sq m - 40 photos The most stylish kitchens from 6 sq m to 10 sq m in 40 photos Small Corner Kitchens - Photo Design 2016

As you can see, light colors, minimalist furniture, glossy surfaces and open shelves are the main secret of the modern design of small kitchens. We advise you to also get acquainted with one of the most popular materials of our site: Fashion trends in kitchen design in 2016.

Now it was time to consider the options for decorating the kitchen without a dining area.

Kitchen interior 6 - 10 sq. M without dining area (15 photos)

When the apartment does not have a storage room, the roominess of kitchen furniture becomes a priority number 1. In the design of small kitchens from 6 to 10 sq. M, the most common is the L-shaped form of furniture and work area. At the same time, the interior of the kitchen will have at least one free angle, where you can put a refrigerator or kitchenette.

Small corner kitchens - photo design in the interior of 2016

But if you decide to move the dining table with chairs to the hall, then you can completely increase the number of lockers due to the U-shaped kitchen. Accordingly, the area of ​​the working area will increase and the landlady will receive more freedom in preparing food.

Beautiful interiors of kitchens in the size of 6 - 10 sq. M without a dining zone on a photo:

Stylish kitchen interior 9 sq. M - photo of U-shaped kitchen Kitchen photo 6 sq. M in a modern minimalist style Kitchen design in a small apartment - photo with an island The best ideas for the design of a small kitchen in the apartment Khrushchev Design of a small kitchen 6 sq. M - photo without dining area Stylish kitchen of 5 sq m with white furniture and stretch ceilingDesign of a small kitchen in Khrushchev - 7 sq. Meters Luxury kitchens of 10 sq m - photo with wooden furniture made to order Rural design of small kitchens for small apartments Modern design of a small kitchen in white color Stylish design of a small kitchen of 10 sq. M with built-in furniture Beautiful and cozy little kitchens - photo of interiorsInterior of a small kitchen 5 sq. M - a photo of design 2016 Small modern kitchens 5 sq m in the photo Small corner kitchens - photo selection of beautiful design

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Small kitchens combined with the living room - 7 design ideas

Finally, why not make the design of a small apartment much more free by combining a small kitchen with a living room? This does not mean that there will now be a dining table in the hall. As you will see on the last photo in this article, the bar counter will make the interior of your kitchen-living room not only more convenient, but also very original.

Photo of kitchen of 6 sq. M combined with a drawing room a bar rack Open kitchens 6 sq m - photo from the living room Two-color kitchen design in a small apartment - photo Interior of a small kitchen combined with a living room apartment Open design of small kitchen in Khrushchev with a bar in the hall

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