Change for the better: turn a cluttered garage into a music

Building prior to reconstruction

Home before work starts

The owner of this house is a person who really knows how to live, "says the main contractor, Chris Myers of Pinneo Construction. In densely populated Princeton, New Jersey, he designed a comfortable and cozy cottage for his client, located on a forest-encircled territory of almost 7 hectares.

Owners did not require a very large living space. Rather, they were even interested not so much in the alteration of the structure, as in the refit of the garage, which turned into a real storeroom for a lot of unnecessary things. Work had to be done in a short time (which was explained by the imminent wedding of the owner's daughter). In addition, it was required to create an entrance zone, which also forced specialists to work hard.

The conversion of the garage turned the interior and exterior of the 1960 building into a charming log house. So, let's start talking about this project "outside" - from the hallway to the new room.

Facade of the building after reconstruction

Facade after conversion (Pinneo Construction)

After: Large glass French doors were installed in place of old garage doors; now it is through them you can get into a new room.

Now the entrance side has found a cozy hallway, which starts with a low wall of the living room and ends with a new blue door. The renovated roof is supported by original wooden columns that fit this wonderful log house.

Interior design of the music salon

Pinneo Construction Corridor

The entrance to the blue door leads to this corridor, which has also been redone. A warm ceiling tree adds to the room of coziness. Another room, on the left, opens access to the stairs; The music room is located behind the glass doors to the right. At the end of the corridor is a closed wardrobe.

Interior design of the music salon

Music Room (Pinneo Construction)

Large glass doors form a fairly wide entrance to the music room. Due to this, a certain part of the natural light enters the corridor. Bed-Stuffed Antique carpets in the interior Also will please owners and guests of the house.

Music Room Before Renovation

Music Room Before Renovation

Garage before the reconstruction: it is filled with everything that you can - no hint of order, just a bunch of useless things that are a pity to throw.

Interior design of the music salon

Sunny room after renovation (Pinneo Construction)

After: builders installed stylish French doors in place of the old garage doors. Now the old "pantry" serves as an office, library and living room. "It's just a quiet area," says the contractor. One of the owners of the house is engaged in publishing, so this stunning reworking is very pleased with his creation of space for reading and editing texts.

The ceiling was left open, decorated in a rustic style: this solution fits into the overall design of the house and adds charm.

Shelving for books in interior design

Shelving for books (Pinneo Construction)

Owners own a lot of antiquarian things - books, works of art, with vintage furniture and other items that are very useful when decorating the room.

Appearance of the house after reconstruction

New Exterior Design (Pinneo Construction)

Just behind the doors a new large courtyard was created. He has a lot of space to rest. These are sofas, armchairs and a dining area. "This couple lives as they want, nothing more. They just wanted to achieve maximum comfort and coziness from this house, "- concludes Mayer.