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We offer you to see the photos of the desks in the interior. It is here that you can find the most interesting options for decorating your workplace at home or in the office. Also find out what materials are used to make such tables, and which ones should be selected.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • Kinds
  • Selecting a table based on location
  • How to choose the right desk - what material?
  • Selecting a table for an adult
  • For the schoolboy
  • Photos of the best writing tables in the interior


A good desk, unequivocally, is needed by the bosses, schoolchildren, and the office. Its presence is very necessary in order to comfortably engage / work, maintain posture, order. Beforehand it is necessary to understand its location, as well as the limits of the cost for which you are ready to purchase it.

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Selecting a table based on location

Determined with the model, you should rely on where the desk will be located in the interior of the room. For example, if you have a Khrushchev, a large and very bulky table here will be completely out of place! Also it makes no sense to put a corner model in a large study.


Tables are:

  • Hidden, disguised as any other furniture in the room. As a rule, they have folding countertops that hide the filling of the table. If it is closed, it looks like an ordinary wardrobe. But, in the open form is a convenient table with an organizer for stationery, papers, books and other things. If the table top does not adjoin directly to the rack, but to the wall, it can be veiled at all, like a picture. Hidden versions of the tables most successfully and creatively look, especially in small rooms. And if unexpected guests come to you, they will not take you by surprise if you close the table together with the mess in it.
  • Built-in window sill, perfect options for small apartments. Its great advantage is that it is beautifully illuminated, especially in the daytime. At its arrangement it is necessary to consider, that the table top of such table should be picked up according to your body height.
  • The corner option is also perfect for small rooms. It does not take up too much space, but is also quite space-efficient. It can be put a PC with a keyboard, and there will also be plenty of room for writing.
  • Rectangular - a large desk in the interior, which has a massive table top, plenty of space for writing, PC installation, and office supplies. Compared with the corner, in it there are no superstructured shelves, shelves. There may be drawers. This option looks quite solid, suitable for arranging a manager's office.


How to choose the right desk - what material?

Material means your status. If prestige is important, the model must necessarily be made from natural wood, but not from MDF / chipboard, suitable for the price category for tables for schoolchildren.

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From what will be the material, the final cost of the product depends, as well as its durability and other nuances.


Since the chip price is the lowest, the material is the most popular. But, it can not be attributed to durable, because it quickly worn out, after a while it is likely to begin to release formaldehyde formulations that adversely affect human health. That is why it is recommended that you choose these types of tables only if the most important thing for you is a budget option.


In fact, MDF is also pressed wood, slightly more expensive than chipboard, but safer and does not emit harmful compounds for our health. These products look much more accurate, and in terms of cost - a great analogue to wood.


The wood is very durable and safe material. It is perfectly processed in modern industries, and it looks very attractive. Prestigious products are made from solid oak, red trees, rosewood and others. Of course, such furniture options are also very expensive.


Very light and inexpensive plastic will serve less time. When choosing products from such a material, it is recommended to check the relevant quality certificates, since there is a risk to buy such a product, from which it will not only hurt your head, but get poisoning of the whole organism.

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Non-standard, original, stylish looks glass used for countertops. If it is properly and accurately handled, it will last long enough.


Metal surfaces are perfect for those who are sophisticated shoppers, and also if the interior of the house / office allows. For their production, wrought iron is used.


Selecting a table for an adult

It is not difficult to do this. The main task - to provide roominess, functionality, coincidence in the interior. As for the forms, colors and materials, this is already an amateur. Naturally from what will be more in the table of all shelves, drawers, etc., the more functional the chosen model will be. Thanks to a wide tabletop, there will be plenty of room for writing, stationery placement, and also for a safe viewing of the monitor.


Choosing the right height, your posture will be even. But, for this, it is also necessary to correctly distribute the load on the back so that it does not hurt from a long stay at the table.


For the schoolboy

Here it is necessary to take into account many nuances:

  • The height of the product. Ideally, if it can be adjusted. Well, if there is no such function, then it is necessary to sit down at the table, and to see that with the hand lowered, the elbow was lower than the countertop by five centimeters.
  • As for the width of the countertop, then it should have a lot of space to accommodate all the necessary items, and also that the child does not have elbows at the time of writing. At least sixty centimeters should be the width. If the table is also under the PC, then it's better to choose seventy cm. Also, there should be enough space under the table top (minimum 10-15 cm), so that the legs are comfortable.
  • It is very important to organize the lighting correctly. There should not be anything in the table that will block it. When choosing a corner model, it is worth considering about placing near the window. It is also important to think about the location of the lighting devices, so that even in the darkness outside, at the table it was light and comfortable.

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It is also important correctly, in accordance with the child's growth, to select a chair so that landing at the table was correct.

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The table should be high-quality, the material should not give off harmful to health pitches and other components. Choose a natural tree, MDF. For children it is not recommended to choose a chipboard.


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