To owners of small-sized interiors on a note: the refined

Studio apartment in minimalist style

Fresh, refined aesthetics of this one-room studio apartment completely neutralizes the sense of tightness and crowded space. Exceptional whiteness of the walls serve as an excellent backdrop for demonstrating the virtues of modern furniture from solid pine and playful decor elements.

Apartments located in the sleeping areas of Stockholm, as a rule, do not differ in large dimensions. And this tiny studio of the square form and at all can seem unsuitable for habitation. And one of its corners is a small bathroom, but a separate room for the kitchen is not provided for in the layout.

Living room with kitchen Bar counter in the kitchen Two-plate electric cooker in the kitchen Living room in white

All these restrictions did not prevent the proprietress of the studio from creating a unique, incredibly airy interior, once and for all conquering the guests with its ease and charming simplicity.

Living room in Scandinavian style Kitchen in Scandinavian style Entrance hall in white color Bathroom in white color

Surprisingly, but also a full kitchen, and a breakfast rack, and a comfortable sofa, which, by the way, is not used for sleeping, and besides a capacious wardrobe-wardrobe, perfectly located only 19 square meters!

A separate sleeping place is secluded in an attic level in front of the apartment. The owner prefers to work there, sitting with the laptop right in bed, so she simply does not need a desk.

Kitchen and hallway in Scandinavian style Bar counter in the living room Ladder to the second level Sleeper under the ceiling

The need to use a light palette, due to the small size of the studio, deprived the owner of the opportunity to include in the decor her favorite purple color in large volumes.

However, she still managed to pamper herself: poster over the couch, live heath in pots and curtains make a compliment to the delicate taste of the inhabitant of the space.

Bouquet of flowers on the bar Lavender in pots on the windowsill Living room in minimalist style The layout of the studio apartment Facade of an apartment building

Probably, many will find it surprising that such a modest interior can be attractive and comfortable. Most likely, his owner no longer ponders this mystery, and simply enjoys every day lived in such an environment.