Dressing tables of the past

Dressing table is a unique piece of furniture. If most men do not understand why to have this in their home, then all ladies value the dressing tables to the core. After all, it is through them that the process of applying make-up turns into a delightfully inspirational action! After all, just sitting in front of a large mirror you can make sure that today you will look the best! In addition, the dressing table allows you to conveniently store accessories and hide items of hygiene. No, you can not do without it!

In this article, we will introduce you toilet tables of the past - not with modern minimalist models, devoid of all manner of refinement, but with those classically luxurious options that remind of ancient boudoir and allow their mistress to feel like a real lady.

Dressing tables at different times, in different places

In the history of the world, there were many names and varieties of dressing tables. From time to time, in different parts of the world, they appeared as "chest of drawers", Tricks, «Low fight», "Dressbox" или т.п.

Dressing tables of the past

For example, in France in the time of Louis XV they were called "Powdery" (from the word "powder" = powder) - something like a coffee table with several compartments and a large mirror.

Ancient French dressing table

In England, the name «Beau Brummel» - in honor of the famous dandy George Brian Brammell, who had a habit of dressing for a very long time, according to his servants - up to 5 hours. Here in the 18th century appeared «kneehole» - a table with a surface that rests not on the legs, but on two small lockers, separated by a space for the feet.

Dressing tables type Knee Hole

The first mention of dressing tables appeared in the early 17th century. By the end of the same century, they were already widespread. At the same time, manufacturers initially paid more attention to their functionality than to the design. Typically, the dressing table was a simple wooden product (most often made of walnut) with boxes for cosmetics and one mirror.

A little later, there were samples with deep side drawers, as well as tables with a small drawer in the middle. Handles and other accessories were made of copper, less often from other metals. Some of the dressing tables had difficultly inlaid bands along the perimeter of the table and on the front side of the boxes.

Dressing table in classic style

The greatest ingenuity manifested itself in the manufacture of legs - manufacturers experimented not only with their height and shape, but also with their quantity. For example, some time in the fashion were dressing tables with 6 legs - 4 front and 2 rear.

Dressing table with 6 legs

The problems of the first dressing tables

The most difficult task for the then masters was the need to insert in the dressing table mirror.

Most often, the mirrors were installed in a carved or gilded frame and fastened directly to the table surface with the help of two side supports. Also to this day, there are references to mirrors that were simply placed on a dressing table like an easel.

Mirrors with a swinging frame deserve special mention, which could be supplemented by various boxes and candlesticks.

Ancient dressing table

Позже появились туалетные столики с mirrorм, расположенном на крышке в центре стола. Когда наступало время прихорашиваться, дама поднимала эту крышку, и перед ней удобно появлялось mirror и открывались отсеки с туалетными принадлежностями.

Dressing table with hinged cover

Another problem of making dressing tables was moral norms those years. Perhaps you will be surprised, but in reality there were many people who condemned the appearance of this piece of furniture in the 17-18 centuries.

The fact is that the main reason for the appearance of the dressing table was the desire of many wealthy men and women to look better. Some conservative groups deeply believed that it was wrong and sinful to change the Lord God given to us.

We decorate the dressing table in the style of the past

As you know, in ancient times men and women belonging to a higher society wore wigs. Therefore, all the dressing tables at that time had comfortable deep compartments for false hair. In addition, in separate boxes kept jewelry, scarves, lace, lotions, perfumes and shaving accessories.

White antique dressing table

Before the appearance of household plumbing on the dressing tables were always porcelain jugs or bowls for washing. Also on the dressing table was taken cans with powder. Then they were made of sterling silver, crystal or glass, so they were a worthy decoration of the table along with silver frames for photographs and boxes with jewelry.

Dressing table in antique style One of the first-aid items was considered a comb. Often they were also made of silver and with a beautiful finish, so it was not necessary to hide them. But I had to hide something else. So, most women had on their desk "Receiver for hair". Everything that remained in the comb after combing was added to this receiver and later used to create hairpieces.

Today, such a receiver, resembling a small, partially closed bowl, is sometimes used to store cotton balls, bath capsules and other small things.

Ancient hair receiver

Another subject that has remained in use is the kerosene lamp. Of course, the owners of the modern dressing table will give preference to the electric light. However, if you buy a dressing table in a classic style, especially from an antique store, then its coverage should be appropriate.

Today, like many years ago, kerosene lamps with manual painting are very popular. They help to create the necessary intimate atmosphere and give the process of priobrahivaniya a special solemn atmosphere.

Kerosene lamp for dressing table

Also to maintain the antique style on the dressing table you can put sugar, decorative jars, handmade soaps, candlesticks, glasses, bottles with lavender or rose water etc. The perfect completion of the composition can be the appropriate flavor, for which heather, rose or lilac is useful.

English dressing table

In general, the idea of ​​decorating a dressing table in the traditional style is to create a calm and beautiful environment. For each woman, such a personal corner will have an incredibly calming significance. It is even said that the creation of an elegant dressing table is a form of therapy. After all, when you are dealing with stressful work or a tense way of life, it's so nice sometimes to just sit back and enjoy the beauty with a slight touch of nostalgia ... Ancient dressing table в интерьере