Purple curtains in the interior: ideas and combinations

Violet curtains on the window

Unusual window textile allows you to give any style an original and eye-catching look. Therefore, many owners of apartments and houses want to use purple curtains in the interior of different rooms. By its characteristic, currant color helps maintain a calm atmosphere, conduct correct reflection. Window textiles in this color scheme are ideal for non-residential premises, and for rooms intended for recreation, leisure. With the right selection of texture, dimensions and the very color of the products, you can achieve their harmony in a general setting. Before purchasing suitable curtains, it is recommended that you carefully review the tips and best practices. They will help you find the best in style and coloring models that fit well into the created stylistics design.

Selection of curtains in texture and texture

To select the most practical and stylish window textiles, you need to be guided by data on the quality, texture and texture of fabrics. The best options include:

  • Silk. The iridescent material will give dynamism to the interior. Both natural and artificial canvas is easily erased, practically does not burn out.
  • Velvet. Attractive soft "fluffy" texture, suitable for creating royal stylistics. True, it requires frequent cleansing.
  • Jacquard. Embossed cloth with a protruding pattern (it may have a different color from the background). It is distinguished by a significant density, but quickly accumulates dust.
  • Blackout. Interesting two-sided canvas. For example, it can have a currant-faced and burgundy on the wrong side. It features high density, easy cleaning.
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Purple sofa with pillows

Separately it is necessary to allocate curtains with patterns. Vertical ornaments will help visually increase the height of the ceiling, even if they are applied to dark window textiles. Horizontal patterns, respectively, expand the free space.

The combination of purple and green curtains A room with a white sofa and purple curtains Purple curtain in the kitchen Purple in design Kitchen in violet tones Purple upholstered furniture

Popular shades

Choose the perfect shade of purple color for tailoring or buying curtains is easy. The most popular colors are:

  • Amethyst. It has an easy admixture of blue and belongs to the lightest shades of the gamma in question. Ideal for clarifying and visually increasing rooms.
  • Lavender. Warmer than the previous color. Refers to pastel shades, which are recommended for emphasizing comfort and comfort.
  • Lilac. A rich color scheme that combines both blue and pink shades.
  • Purple. It is a mixture with a light pink color. Ideal for spacious rooms, where you should create a special comfort and warmth.
  • Purple. A saturated color scheme, which is suitable for emphasizing the dynamics of the situation.
  • Violet. The dark color scheme of this range will be optimal for classrooms or halls. Clarified color (slightly diluted with pink) is good for living areas.
  • Plum. The darkest shade of the colors in question. Contributes to the creation of a calm, low-key environment.

Variant draping of purple curtains Lilac color in the design of modern kitchen White and purple curtains in the interior of the living room Double bed with plum bedspread White armchair with a violet pillow Shades of lilac in the interior of the bedroom

Combination of violet with other colors

For the correct selection of currant window textiles, homeowners need to consider the possibility of combining it with other colors. The following auxiliary tones are considered acceptable:

  1. White. Ottenit, brightly emphasizes the saturated currant curtains and will complement the light textile.
  2. Gray. Promotes a calm and measured atmosphere. Ideal pair for any shades of currant scale.
  3. Yellow and orange. Oriental notes will be given to the direction being created. They are considered one of the best combinations.
  4. Gold and silver. Shade and correctly complement darkened currant curtains. But with light textiles (lilac, amethyst) only gold will look good: silver will emphasize its fading.
  5. Beige. The combination of cold or warm currant colors with this color is welcomed in any premises. This duo looks great in a general setting.

Curtains and curtains in purple tones Butterflies in the interior Bouquet in a vase on a table Teenager's room in purple tones Living room with large window White and purple in the interior of the kitchen

Purple curtains in the interior

Properly complement the design of a fit room with blackberry window textile will help a careful selection of style and shade of products. For example, it is not recommended to choose curtains that have a color similar to wallpaper. This combination will be unsuccessful and will lubricate all the stylistics. As for the style of models, it plays a very important role. Smooth textiles for windows to the floor refers to universal options. Austrian models emphasize the luxury of stylistics. Rolls will create a simple and discreet design.

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Mauve bedspread on the bed Interior of the violet children's room A teenager's room with a working area by the window Purple and white pillows on a white sofa Turquoise and lilac in the bedroom design Striped purple wallpaper on the living room wall

Multilayer models can be used for both refined and simplified directions. It is only necessary to choose the optimal length of materials. For example, long curtains with lambrequins will be appropriate in a spacious room. But a short window textile with arches in the upper part is suitable for a simplified or restrained situation.

Original purple curtains

In the living room

Currant window textile in a spacious living room will emphasize the luxury of decoration and create a calm atmosphere. For such rooms should be selected as long as possible curtains in dark colors. To complement the design will help the use of sofa cushions or the installation of a pair of puffs with upholstery in a similar coloring next to the window.

White corner sofa Living room with a purple sofa Living room in purple Roman curtains of violet color Light purple curtains in the living room Spacious living room in violet colors

It looks interesting and the installation near the window of a chair with a high back in a similar color scheme. This recreation area will emphasize the royal decoration. There may be impregnations of currant and wall decor. As for the peculiarities of combining selected curtains with furniture sets, one should remember: in spacious rooms, blackberry textiles do not look good with unpainted wooden tables, chairs and chairs. It is better to choose furniture furnishings with white, black or light gray painted frames to create the right furniture.

Room with fireplace Baby for two children White curtains and purple curtains on the window  Purple sofa Wicker-lilac curtains Lilac Sofa

In the bedroom

Closing the window opening in the bedroom with currant curtains is a wise decision. Dense materials will help protect the room from sunlight, create comfortable living and rest conditions. The optimal option will be the purchase of window textiles, falling to the floor. It will be appropriate in any stylistic direction. But to create a harmonious environment, owners will need to choose the same (or most similar) for the color of the bedspread and sofa cushions. It is recommended to complete the curtains with a light tulle. But at the request of the owners, thick curtains can be used at all without semitransparent fabrics. It looks very nice such window textiles against the background of snow-white, sand walls.

Violet blanket on the bed Violet curtains in the bedroom Purple cushions on the windowsill White and purple curtains  Room with purple curtains on the window Purple Blinds

In spacious rooms, a bedside bench, a pair of pouffes in a similar color can become an addition to window textiles in currant coats.

A room with a large bed Purple corner sofa Drapery of purple curtains and white curtains  Noise-absorbing curtains Window decoration with purple curtains and curtains Corner dark-violet sofa near the windows

In the kitchen

Original design of the kitchen, using curtains in currant-colored, is not difficult. But to choose for such a room follows the model with an insignificant length. Ideal option will be products that close the window and window sill. They can be supplemented by different patterns or be monophonic. Beautifully will look multilayered curtains.

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Violet curtains in the kitchen Kitchen with white chairs and purple curtains Purple kitchen with large window Kitchen in slivivyh tonah Dark purple in kitchen design Violet Roman curtains in the kitchen

For example, the owners can hang two types of tulle. The first one will be light with embroidery in a blackberry color. The second is a currant. By fastening the upper tulle with brushes or picks, you can create a very stylish and unusual duet. You can also choose currant tulle for sewing the main textiles for the window and small arches above it. This combination will be appropriate in any style. As for materials, for rooms where food will be prepared, you should choose curtains with a high content of synthetic fibers. They will be easy to look after.

Mirror decoration in kitchen design

In the nursery

Original complement the decoration of the children's room, using currant curtains, quite easily. True, this color scheme is more suitable for girls. It will be in harmony with the light yellow or light pink finish. It is recommended for beautiful design of the window opening to choose models in clarified colors. They will underline the tenderness of the situation created. But in the room of a teenage girl is allowed the use of textiles in a more saturated tones. For example, blackberry roller shutters will be comfortable to use and at the same time create a special comfortable atmosphere. In this case, they are well complemented by soft furniture in a similar color scheme. For example, a chair with a high back or a small sofa.

Purple and pink in the design of the nursery Room for a girl in purple tones Childrens with lilac curtains Room for the Princess Lilac furniture for children Room for a young lady in lilac tones

Monotonous currant or lighter curtains like a teenager, but not a small lady. For rooms where the baby will rest and play, it is better to choose patterns with patterns in the form of butterflies, flowers or cute owls.

Window textiles in a blackberry or a lighter coloring will complement the large bay window and a small window. But to avoid creating a gloomy environment or to visually reduce the space of the room can only be with the right selection of the best colors. Therefore, the owners need to carefully study the recommendations for the selection of the optimal type of textiles before buying curtains.

Flower print on purple curtains Light-lilac curtains Brown and purple in the interior of the living room Bedroom in soft purple hues Orange flower arrangement on the table  Sofa with black and orange pillows

Useful tips will tell you which fabric should be preferred. Even the most luxurious materials can require careful care. Busy owners should choose less stylish, but more practical materials. Then there will be no problems with maintaining the cleanliness of the selected textiles for windows. Special attention should be paid to the possibility of its decoration. Beautiful pick-ups and hooks will help stylishly complement the look of short or long curtains, unusually fit them into the overall design or make the main element of the room.