Fairy-tale children's rooms are dreams in reality!

And you, too, in your childhood dreamed of having your children's room look like a fairy tale? Built for this "locks" of pillows, chairs and bedspreads? Invented secret passages? Have you imagined yourself as heroes in your fantastic realm? Then you probably will be interested to see what stunning thematic rooms designers create for children today.

Space station or pirate ship, prince's castle or fairy forest - here we have collected 40 art projects inspired by a variety of images and motifs. So, among other things, here are presented:

  • ideas for creating a second floor in the nursery;
  • exclusive children's furniture sets;
  • various uses of motifs and elements from known fairy tales;
  • Examples of fantastic design of walls in a nursery etc.

A characteristic feature for many interiors of children's rooms are drawings on the walls. Their subjects are very diverse, there can be depicted fairy-tale and cartoon characters, as well as nature. Draw a picture on the wall in the children's room today is not at all difficult, and if the child also takes part in this process, the result will be worthy.

Are you ready to send your fantasy to flight? Then enjoy it!

Photos of fairy children's rooms:

Big fairy children's for girls Idea for a child in a two-story house Forest Fairy's House in the Children's Room Baby bed in the form of a coach Entrance to the nursery through the wardrobe both in Narnia Stylish wooden furniture for children Fairy-tale children's in the spirit Thematic decor for a nursery Design of a large children's room with a tree Children's room with a ship at the ceiling Furniture for children's room Stylish layout of children's room for boys The layout of a nursery with a toy house Fantastic children's design for a teenager Children in a fabulous sea style A sweet idea for a baby girl Fantastic space children's room Two-story bed in the style of a spaceship Beautiful castle for children's room girls Homemade children's furniture made of wood Bright wigwam for Indian children's room Crib in the form of a red car Tree and forest motifs in the design of the nursery The bed in the form of a ship and the sea motifs on the walls in the nursery The idea for creating a magic children's room A fabulous bed and stretch ceiling in the design of a child Two-story palace with woven walls for a children's room Fairy-tale drawings on the walls of the children's room Children's basketball ring Fabulous furniture for a children's room Fairy forest in the children's room Stylish original children's furnitureThe original design of the walls in the nurseryHow to fit the aquarium into the nurseryChildren's room with the shadow of Peter Foam Inspiring baby with high ceiling Platform 9 and 3/4 in the design of the house and children's room Design of a children's room in the spirit of Hogwarts Second floor in the children's room Idea for a nursery with high ceilings