Ideas for interior decoration: 15 ways to decorate things

1 Decorative plates on the wall

A stylish apartment is a dream that many people find unattainable. It is considered that only efforts of professional designers and huge financial investments will turn an apartment into an ideal. But the fact is that to create a harmonious and refined interior, you do not need to hire specialists and spend astronomical sums. It is enough to show a little imagination.

The coffee table will look spectacular if you put a piece of elegant wallpaper under the glass on it. No need to mess with glue. If the pattern is boring, it can be changed at any time.

Decorate the lampshade with wallpaper is an excellent idea: the thing becomes bright and refined. In addition, the included lamp highlights the pattern, casting fanciful shadows around the room. Is not it beautiful?

Furniture in the kitchen

An unusual headboard can be made by simply gluing a piece of wallpaper of contrasting color over the bed. This solution is especially convenient for beds without backs.

Wallpaper black and white tones, a strip or cage - a stylish version of decoupage.

Wall-papers, pasted on doors of a case, allow to create unique furniture in exotic styles.

IMPORTANT: in order to facilitate cleaning in the future, choose easily washable wallpaper, for example, vinyl.

Bright nightstand Interesting little table  Dress code for jeans  Flowers on the chest of drawers  Original table  Table and chairs with the same design

Decoupage cabinet with wallpaper

Sealed wallpaper trimming boring table or shabby closet will turn into a work of design art, enlivening the situation. This kind of decoupage is very simple in execution and is accessible to all. Take advantage of such great ideas as:

  • Pasting with wallpaper pieces with the same ornament. Boring white cabinet will become much more expressive! Make sure that the pattern matches, and the color is in harmony with the color of the walls and the general appearance of the room.
  • Patchwork technique. Creatively looks pasting furniture pieces of wallpaper with different patterns, like when sewing a quilt. The main thing is that the "scraps" are combined with each other and create a harmonious composition.
  • Pasting wallpaper from the inside. A laborious, but effective idea for open shelves. Allows you to create a bright composition by making the back of the shelf and the shelves themselves an element of design.

IMPORTANT: Before embedding, use sandpaper and acrylic paint to clean the work surface of stains, cracks and scratches.

White armchair and locker A table with a lamp by the window  Bright locker  Calendar on the wall  Flowers on the cupboard  Same wallpaper on the wall and cabinet

Other types of decoupage

Exquisite compositions for decorating furniture are created by other means.

Napkins for decoupage. They are not difficult to find in specialized shops for needlework. Various in style, they allow you to decorate furniture in accordance with the general style of the room.

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Patterns on stools

The cloth. Decoration with matter is an effective way to breathe life into old furniture. It is convenient to use old curtains for this. The cabinet, covered with pieces of cloth, looks elegant and unusual. Re-tightening the old chair, you get a stylish piece of decor.

Chest with Patterns

Lacquer. A simple and exquisite way - pasting napkins for decoupage, cover them with varnish. The idea of ​​using a special varnish for craquelure is effective: this varnish creates beautiful cracks on the surface.

Flowers on furniture

Tinting with paint. The furniture, tinted with colored paints, looks bright and exquisite. Extravagant option - to paint the table through the tulle, having received a smart design. Skillful toning can artificially "grow old" furniture, giving its appearance nobility. The effect of antiquity creates a decoration with gold or silver paint. Luxurious gold or silver will make stylish even the most ordinary-looking furniture.

Bright table


The head is the main decorative element of the bed. It is easy to make a bright accent in the design of the bedroom, if you show your imagination:

  • a soft headboard: a piece of polyurethane foam is adhered to a solid base and covered with velvet, velor or other material. For decoration use buttons;
  • natural wood. A colossal choice of ideas: noble wooden panels, exquisite wooden grille, cute shelves and much more. Effectively looks head of natural branches;
  • a rock. An insert from a natural stone will ennoble a head. Fans of spectacular designs can make a headboard from a sea pebble;
  • bamboo. Exotic material that allows you to create unique headboards - from an elegant panel to an exotic headboard, assembled from bamboo sticks of different heights;
  • picture. A favorite picture or photo that evokes warm memories will become an exquisite headboard and will expand the bedroom's space;
  • installation. Here you can show your imagination by using the most unexpected objects for decoration. The result is staggeringly beautiful. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Cats with lights on the wall Ceiling fan  Patterns on the headboard  Lamps on bedside tables near the bed  Headboard of boards with birds  Paintings on the wall near the bed

Roman curtains

Roman curtains – удобное и стильное решение для интерьера любой из комнат вашего дома. Они представляют собой кусок полотна в размер окна с вшитыми планками. Благодаря последним римские шторы могут собираться, как жалюзи, образуя красивые складки.

Simplicity and elegance make Roman curtains a magnificent decorative element. They can decorate the living room or bedroom, hang in the nursery. This is a practical option for the kitchen. A rich choice of colors allows everyone to find an option to their liking.

Shelves by the window

Roman curtains легко изготовить самостоятельно. Для этого понадобится кусок выбранной вами ткани и старые жалюзи:

  • measure the width and length of the window, add 1 cm on each side for seams and cut a piece of cloth. Iron and iron at the seams;
  • Remove excess slats from the blinds, glue the rest to the curtains from the inside;
  • hang the curtains.

Instead of blinds, you can use wooden beams. In this case, the straps are glued or sewed, optionally. Do not forget to sew the rings to pass the cord.

Roman curtains шоколадного цвета в белом интерьере Spacious dining room  White curtains in the kitchen  Bucket under the window  Pistachio Roman curtains in a light interior  White sofa in front of the fireplace

Wall decor from photo

Elegant photos from a personal archive or from the Internet will be an exclusive detail of the interior. You just need to try a little!

Photo frames are not the only way to hang a photo on the wall. Consider such ideas as:

  • Photo on the substrate. Find a thick, hard and light base (ideal - foam or polystyrene foam). Print out the photo so that it is 5 cm more than the substrate: a gap is needed for the folds. Gently glue the photo to the substrate, bending the ends. Process the photo with glue to make the image shine. If you cut a photo into several parts, you get a spectacular modular picture.
  • Photo on canvas. You will need a canvas stretched on the frame and a printed image in size. Apply a thick layer of medium glue on the canvas, tightly press the image to it and leave it for several hours, remembering to wet it from the spray gun. Then gently separate the paper and apply to the canvas another layer of gel medium for protection. It turned out a smart image with spectacular scuffs!
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There are many creative ideas for using photos in the interior. Use it!

Photo above the sofa Watches and photos on the wall  A series of photos above the sofa  Red floor lamp by the armchair  Bright sofa with pillows  Baby photos on the wall

Original floor mats

It's hard to believe how magically the interior transforms thanks to a pretty rug. It is also easy to make with own hands from improvised materials, the choice of which is very great.

Leather belts. A dozen belts made of genuine leather (their number depends on the width of the future mat) is fastened together with metal braces or rope. It looks great!

Carpet from belts

The cloth. You can skip the trimming through the holes of the bath mat, creating a fluffy surface, or weave a pretty mat from the narrow strips of matter. Great material will be old T-shirts or fluffy bath towels.

Carpet at the door

Wine corks. Of about two hundred wine corks, cut in half and glued to the water-repellent base, you will get an incredibly stylish mat. Of the plugs, you can lay out a pattern.

Carpet of cork

Woolen threads. Having done pompons of woolen threads and attaching them together, you will get an incredibly cozy rug. The choice of shades is the richest!

Rug mat

Sea stones. You collected a beautiful pebble on the beach can turn into a spectacular bath mat. Incredibly stylish!

Carpet of stones

Comfortable pillows

Soft sofa cushions create a feeling of comfort and serve as a bright accent in the interior. If it's hard for you to find a cushion in the store that suits your tastes, do not be upset: it's easy to make by yourself.

Pillow with your own hands. Each skilled worker, who knows how to handle a sewing machine, can sew a pillow or a soft ottoman of any size and shape. Update the old cushions, sewing for them a pretty pillowcase. A wide choice of fabrics and stuffings in stores guarantees the embodiment of any idea.

Interesting pillows

Staining. If you can not sew, it does not matter: bored pillows can easily be painted in a new color with the help of special paints for the fabric. Effective option - a pattern or pattern, applied with a stencil. Especially suitable for coloring the pillow white.

Pillows with patterns

Ombre. To get a fashionable and surprisingly effective coloring, dip the pillowcase into the dye for 2/3 of the length and immediately remove the centimeter from the liquid by 5. Wait another 5 minutes and get the next 5 cm, and so on to the end. The result is a stylish gradient.

Multi-colored pillow

Decorative lampshades

The original lampshade will become a real decoration of the room. You can make it yourself by getting a truly exclusive thing. The choice of materials for manufacturing is very large:

  • paper. A smart carved hood will not just decorate the lamp, but it will also cast fanciful shadows. A creative lamp shade will come from a world map or favorite photos;
  • the cloth. The needlewomen can sew a shade to their liking or decorate the one that already has, tapes, appliqués, draperies;
  • thread. Tightly wrap the shades with a string and fasten: simply and elegantly! With the help of an inflatable ball, thick threads and glue, you can make a stylish lampshade in the form of a ball;
  • beads or buttons. Sew or glue them to a table lamp, and it will turn into a work of art. Another way is to string beads on threads and, attaching to a metal hoop, make an elegant lampshade;
  • twigs. Collect the smooth twigs and fasten them together. You will get an unusual shade made of natural material.

This and much more you can do yourself: just enough of skillful hands and imagination. Do not be afraid to create!

Knitted shoe Photo of the abrasives  Elegant lamp  Butterflies on a lamp  Elegant lamp  Lampshade with butterflies

Living decor of succulents

Living plants as an ornament are truly magical. The element of design from succulents will certainly cause admiring exclamations of your guests. It's hard to believe that you can make such a beauty at home with your own hands:

  • Wall of succulents. A shallow box is closed on top by a metal mesh with a wooden frame. Inside is poured soil (any mixture for cacti will do). Planted a composition of succulents. These unpretentious plants feel great under the most difficult conditions. The design is fixed vertically and pleases the eye.
  • "Plantation" on the table. It will take a thick tabletop with a depression in the middle. Put there a box with succulents and admire an unusual "plantation", green in the middle of your table in the living room.
  • "Green" coffee table with glass top. Its lower part turns into a flower pot, where a variety of succulents are planted. Decorate the composition with jewelery stones.

IMPORTANT: to create a composition, choose a variety in shape and color of the plant.

Plants in banks

Glass containers in decor

Glass bottles, jars, bubbles for years are piling up in our homes. Surprisingly, these useful items can turn into a refined element of decor. It is easy to make them even for beginners.

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Decoration. With the help of brushes, colors and inspiration, you can turn an ordinary jar or bottle into a work of art. For ornaments, threads, beads, fabric, paper, adhesive tape and all materials that fall under the arm are also suitable. Ready-made packaging can become an exclusive vase or a cute souvenir.

Banks with pictures

Lamp. The simplest way is to shove the LED tape into a bottle of colored glass and get a spectacular festive flashlight. If you cut a bottle or cut a hole in it, you will get an unusual candlestick or original chandelier plafonds.

Lamp from bottles

Exclusive dishes. It's enough to cut a bottle and polish it well. From the bottle, sawn across, you get a unique glass or vase. Saw the bottle along - and you will have exclusive food stands.

On the Internet, there are hundreds of ideas available to everyone on the use of glass containers in the decor. Take Action!

Crockery with patterns

Exquisite "marble" crafts

Amazingly beautiful "marble" decor can be made independently with the help of nail polish. Choose the shades (not less than two) that you like. Find the item that you are going to decorate (glass, vase, etc.). Stock up also with clear lacquer, toothpick, thin adhesive tape and a container with water. And act:

  • Limit the staining area with adhesive tape;
  • type the water in the container and in turn drip into it with all the varnishes, except for the clear one. Each next color is applied over the previous one;
  • Spread the stripes from the center to the edge with a toothpick. Quickly, until the varnish is frozen!
  • dipped a glass or a vase in a lacquer pattern on the water. Carefully remove and put to dry;
  • To fix a dried out pattern, use a clear varnish. After the thing has dried, remove the adhesive tape and peel off the random spots of varnish.

Decorating a mug or a vase in this way, you can be sure that you are creating a truly unique pattern!

Blue vases

As you can see, it is not so difficult to create a unique style of your apartment. Thousands of ideas for every taste just waiting to be implemented, almost without requiring costs. Original decor elements, perhaps, are now dusting around in a secluded corner of your apartment. It's time to look at the mezzanine, shake the boxes on the balcony, how to dig in the closet. And start creating!

Marine motifs: unusual clock on the wall

Watch from stones

Paints  Paper  Scissors  Stones  Ready watches

Paintings painted with flower buds


Paints  Plate  Flower on canvas  Finished painting

Natural composition of branches and flowers

Vase from branches

Branches and threads  Flowers and branches  Twisting branches

Magnificent lampshade "Glowing lace"


Lace  Glue  Scissors  Light Bulb