Autumn decor for the house with your own hands (30+ ideas)

The beginning of October is the time when we are no longer sad for the summer and start enjoying the bright colors and generous gifts of autumn. There is something at the beginning of each new season that makes us want changes in our lives, turn over an old page and get rid of all that is sore. Autumn decor for the house, made by yourself, can be a good start to this new stage and create around you an inspiring atmosphere for further achievements.

Here we have gathered for you 30+ ideas for creating a home decor in the autumn style. Let the bright autumn leaves, juicy fruits and rich color palettes give your house the necessary coziness and warmth this season!

Autumn decoration by own hands (photo)

There is nothing more useful for creating a home decor than natural materials. And in autumn, there are plenty to choose from: colorful leaves, berries, acorns and cones, branches and spikelets, apples and pumpkins - all this will help bring the unique charm of autumn to your home. You can start creating an autumn decor with a wreath of a beautiful wreath with your own hands:

Autumn decor for the house with their own hands Suspended autumn wreath of leaves

Or with the decoration of the table a beautiful bouquet of different autumn materials:

Autumn decor in the style of countryAutumn decor of natural materials Stylish autumn decor of the room with your own hands Bright autumn decor of the table

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If your house has a fireplace, then the autumn decor is sure to decorate the mantelpiece:

Autumn decorations for the house with a fireplace Autumn decoration mantelpiece in a private house

If the fireplace is not there, then a beautiful autumn decor composition can be created on the console table in the hallway or any other room.

Autumn decor for the hallway Decoration of the hallway - autumn decor on the table Autumn leaf decoration by own hands - applique

Even more warmth and comfort to your house can bring an autumn decor in glassware and with candles, which can also be made and decorated with your own hands:

Autumn decor - lamps themselves Decor of autumn materials with their own handsThe idea of ​​an autumn decor with candles autumn festive decoration for HalloweenWarm and romantic autumn decor

So for example, decorating your own hands with an empty glass bottle will help you add a pretty pretty attribute to the interior. Such a seemingly uncommon trifle, will undoubtedly emphasize the delicate designer taste of the interior decorator, bringing a touch of refinement into the overall picture of space. Here you can find many ideas.

Do you have a lot of free time, or maybe your children want to join the decoration of the house? Then try to make a more original autumn decor with your own hands made of paper, leaves and other natural materials.

A beautiful garland of newspapers and autumn materials Beautiful autumn decor of the rooms Autumn decor of paper on HalloweenAutumn decor of cardboard and twigsHere are some more examples of how autumn nature gifts can be used for beautiful interior decoration:

Lovely decor of autumn materialsUnusual autumn decor of the interiorSimple Autumn Decor by Your Own Hands

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We knit and sew autumn decor for the house

Home decor of autumn materials is created quite quickly and also quickly spoils. But you can make your own decorations for the house with your own hands, which will please you constantly, from year to year. Pillows, rugs and padded stools are the perfect autumn decor that will easily transform your living room or bedroom in the beginning of autumn, and can also easily be put into the closet with the onset of winter, where it will wait for next year.

We knit and sew autumn decor - padded stools, blankets and pillows Autumn decor with own hands: padded stools and pillows Autumn decor - multi-colored cushions Colorful autumn decor - we sew ourselves Interior cushion for autumn 2015 Autumn colors in interior design Create an autumn decor for your house with your own hands