Furniture fabrics for sofas and armchairs

Get 10 really useful tips on how to choose the right furniture fabrics for the sofa and armchairs!

1. Fabrics of neutral colors, having a texture, is much preferable to simple monophonic fabrics.

Solid furniture fabrics

First, this upholstery of furniture looks much more interesting.

Secondly, it is more practical to use, because the texture quite well disguises small spots. As for smooth monophonic fabrics, especially neutral colors, even the slightest speck on them can catch your eye.

If you choose neutral-colored upholstery for your furniture, then think about ordering several pillows made in a variety of bright and patterned colors. Together they will create an animating contrast and yet you can always remove the pillows when you want peace.

Solid furniture fabrics

2. Fabrics with large multicolored patterns perfectly serve families with pets and children, as well mask the wear and tear. Beware of the combination of several such fabrics, as the original and bright appearance of furniture bothers much faster than the universal and simple.

Furniture fabrics with patterns Furniture fabrics with large patterns

If the patterns in the furniture upholstery you wish to combine with anything else, then it is better to choose for this purpose a suitable fabric in strip or monophonic material.

Bright furniture fabrics with patterns

The same applies to the selection of pillows for such furniture.

Furniture fabrics with beautiful patterns

3. Fabrics with weaving and mixed fabrics (blends, blends) are a durable and durable material for furniture upholstery. In addition, they are often made of natural materials that are softer, more flexible and comfortable to sit on than artificial textiles.

Lorient furniture fabrics with weaving

4. Leather - Excellent upholstery in terms of care and aesthetics. Easily cleansed of dust and dirt, becomes prettier and more beautiful with age ... BUT! Quite often, the owners of leather furniture complain that in the summer in the heat it is impossible to sit on it! This is due to the fact that in fact the leather upholstery should be at least partially perforated for ventilation. However, most furniture manufacturers disdain this rule, because the skin looks more attractive when it is intact.

Furniture fabrics - leather

Whatever it was, if you are thinking about leather upholstery, then think also about the perforation of the skin. After all, beauty is beauty, but soft furniture, first of all, should give comfort. Note that when the skin is used in a car, it is always perforated on the seats.

Perforated leather in the car's interior

Avoid also applying very light skin to furniture. At least, if you chose it, then promise yourself never to sit on it in jeans.

5. Polyester and blends, as a rule, very easily cleaned from stains. Among the shortcomings of these fabrics as a furniture upholstery is that they do not meet modern requirements for fire protection and may require special coating from the wrong side for stiffening.

6. If you have pets, then avoid using in the interior velvet and chenille. Animals very fond of these fluffy materials, especially sharpen their claws and leave their wool.

Furniture fabrics - chenille Furniture fabrics - chenille

7. Please note (ask the seller or read on the label) which abrasion test has the fabric that you are going to buy. If this value is more than 30 000, then do not doubt that you have made a good choice and in the future the strength of the material will definitely not disappoint you.

8. If you do not like when folds and wrinkles form on the upholstery, beware of buying linen. Но если же вам безмерно нравится чистая красота этой ткани, то лучше приобретите linen с некоторым добавlinenием вискозы, которая значительно снижает склонность материала мяться.

Мебельные ткани - linen

Pay attention also to that linen fabrics of light tones are extremely quickly smeared!

9. Choose furniture fabrics of the best quality that you can afford, and you will enjoy it for many years!

10. When ordering a new upholstery for the sofa and armchairs, do not forget to also think about the internal filling of the pillows - a feather, down and feathers or foam wrapped in a down "shawl". In addition, note that the seat cushions are often filled differently than the back cushions, because they should be softer. Remember that the fabric is just a cover, and what is under it is much more important!

How to choose furniture fabrics