Lilac color and its combination in the interior - 25 photos

Lilac color in the interior

A couple of years ago, the use of lilac color was considered a bold design decision. But now this color, in all its variations, is appreciated by designers and customers. The lilac itself has many shades from lilac-whitened to bright violet. Warm pastel shades are combined, practically, with all the colors of the rainbow, soothingly act on a subconscious level. Increasingly, the use of lilac in the interior of steel as a background color.

Lilac bedroom

For a working office style or dining room, they are not advised, too relaxing atmosphere will only interfere. In this variant, it is better to emphasize the rich lilac shades. Heavy colors, such as purple or scarlet, will press on the master, usually the accent is made on a single piece of the interior or a fragment of the room. But this is also a controversial issue, if the owner of the office or a teen bedroom is not pressured by the surrounding color saturation, then you can use your favorite color palette.

Children bedroomTerry carpet Rich lilac colorModern hall design

Combinations with other colors

According to the designers, such combinations can be used:

white, all its shades from dark milk to snow-whitea gentle combination of classical style
bright purple, purple and redwill create a contrast and focus on bright elements
all shades of orangeThe room will look spectacular and unusual
gray, ashy, steelcombining minimalism and luxury
yellow, beige-golden color palettethe room will look exquisitely, richly
blue, turquoise, blue hueswill give peace, tranquility, relaxation. Recommended for Provence style
palette gently pink for the girl, gently green shades for the boyvisually warm the room, make it more spacious and light
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Do not need to oversaturate space in one tone, the interior will cause boredom and despondency.

Cozy bedroom in lilac color

Interior of living room

Any room can be decorated in lilac color, if you choose the right warmth or coldness of shades and a palette of other colors. This is a very beautiful color, but it's not easy to use it in interior design. In this issue, it is better to trust a professional designer. Whatever the style of the living room, the color of the lilac will give the room a subtlety, lightness, tenderness. If the lighting is bright enough, the room visually increases, but it will be less cozy.

Living room with walls of lilac color

Decorating the walls and ceiling in a light lilac color scheme, you can make one of the walls lilac, purple, brightly violet. Adding cream, coffee, white tones results in a more cozy and harmonious atmosphere. Upholstered furniture, small items of the interior can be maintained in the same color scheme. Sconces, a small ottoman, decorative cushions can then be made brighter, and curtains are worth hanging on a few tones lighter. When adding black, brown flowers, the living room will look much stricter, and snow-white will add minimalism.

Lilac Sofa Perhaps, the furniture will be made in lilac color, then if the interior uses warm brown tones, the atmosphere will become much more cozy. Parquet in brown wood, frames for mirrors and paintings, rocking chair, fireplace - you get a cozy home atmosphere. Light walls will give the room a more severe, cool look. Coloring need not be the same type or monophonic, wallpaper can be patterned, matte, embossed, they can be varied by inserting other lighter or darker tones, zoning the room. Even not necessarily it should be a lilac color, a contrasting shade will look great. Inserts made of wood on the walls around the perimeter of the room, a classic but topical solution. The living room in lilac tones looks unusual, original, stands out for its uncommonness.

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Soft lilac color in the living room

If the interior of the living room is dominated by a purple or dark purple color, there should be plenty of natural light. Sunlight will not let the room look gloomy or gloomy. This design is suitable for rooms with large windows.

Lilac and yellow in combination

Kitchen Design Ideas

One of the main advantages of lilac color is its blandness. Combining the main lilac shade with a ceiling, a kitchen set, wallpaper or dishes, the skilled designer will necessarily receive an original, cheerful color solution. There is a common opinion of psychologists that the lilac color affects the appetite in the negative direction, so do not overfill the kitchen space with this shade. Although this is a great solution, for those who want to lose weight. Abundance in a small kitchen of dark purple or plum tones visually further reduce the room, while white and matte will make it more spacious. Harmony looks design, combining lilac and green colors. Black will look luxurious, but you need good lighting and a sufficient squaring so that the kitchen does not cause feelings of depression. Wooden elements with warm brown tones will add contrast. The use of gray metallic tones will suit the kitchens in the style of "high-tech".

Lilac and white facades of the kitchen Curtains are needed from light light fabrics, that would not weight the interior. It is better to take monochrome or to vary with inserts that match the color palette. A small ornament is suitable only if the kitchen is made in a rustic style. Blinds of the desired shade are better for hanging vertical, they look more aesthetically.

Kitchens selected by catalogs and ordered on the Internet, can disappoint the brightness or pallor of the tones, perhaps, they will not fit in the interior according to the color scheme. To look it is necessary personally, at good illumination.

Lilac accessories in the kitchen-dining room Kitchen accessories (potholders, apron, napkins) and dishes are elegantly emphasized and complement the interior. For example, if the kitchen is in lilac color, matched with matte, kitchen utensils, lamp shades and chairs can be made violet, and potholders, napkins and apron - purple. When choosing a combination of lilac color, you can use a special palette, which shows the correct color options. Tea room in lilac flowers

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Bathroom interior

When choosing the design of the bathroom, you need to take into account some of the nuances of this room:

  1. Standard bathroom is small - soft lilac visually expand the bathroom space.
  2. The lack of natural light or its complete absence - the lilac design of the bathroom does not require bright light, on the contrary, the muted lighting will saturate, reveal the entire color range.
  3. The place of a strengthened comfort zone - psychologists say that the lilac acts soothingly - wet tile or bathroom will not be promoted to significant color changes.

Lilac Bathroom In all respects, the lilac bathroom interior is ideal. Combine will be appropriate with white or any other warm shades, except olive and gray, that would not turn the bathroom into a swamp, after the room is humidified. All plumbing must be maintained in one tone, and the interior itself can already be represented in one or two color palettes. In such a small room it is not advisable to use more than three colors.

Bathroom in lilac color The original design of the room, where the floor and ceiling of one tone, and the walls are lighter. Interior items (shelves, towels, lamps) can be more dark saturated color, but then there should not be such a lot, it will create a feeling of depression, lead to a violation of harmony. Bright colors on the contrary, will give freshness. Lilac is perfectly combined with wood, looks expensive, but cumbersome, so this is an option for bathrooms with a large area.

Luxurious design of the bathroom in lilac flowers

If space allows, you can decorate with paintings, outdoor vases, mirrors, coffee tables. Depending on the size of the bathroom and the design, lighting is done, it can be hidden and muffled or vice versa. Whichever option is chosen, the design of the bathroom in lilac tones will be relaxing and harmonious.

The combination of lilac and gold Pale lilac Cozy bedroom with an arch in lilac-white color