Kitchens of wood with their own hands: material selection,

Making a kitchen from a tree by own hands has a number of advantages. This solution will give the opportunity to choose a kitchen of any configuration, layout and size. In our age of artificial materials, the use of natural wood in the manufacture of furniture has decreased significantly due to its high cost, but, nevertheless, those who care about their health and create a cozy, elegant environment in the house prefer a natural tree. This raw material has ecological purity, strength, durability and, importantly, the external beauty of natural texture. The wood is easy to process, and therefore it is quite possible to make the kitchen yourself with your own hands made of wood, which will significantly reduce costs. In addition, some craftsmen produce from the natural massif only facades, and internal structures are assembled from chipboard or MDF, which also have many positive characteristics. In this article you will get acquainted with the main stages of self-assembly of wooden kitchen in an apartment or private house.

Kitchen of natural wood with your own hands: choice of material

Choosing the right material is not an easy matter. In the modern market you can find more than 30 hard and soft breeds, from them you will get a beautiful kitchen made of wood, made by yourself. Often use a combination of these breeds due to the fact that hard varieties are more durable, but harder to treat, and soft have a lower margin of safety, but they are more convenient to cut out small parts. From this it follows that such hard rocks as oak, beech, walnut are better used for making arrays and slabs, and soft ones - pine, poplar, cherry are good for decorating various shelves, lockers, facades and individual decor elements.

Important is the choice of color. Each type of wood has its own shade and the overall color palette is quite large, starting from white-gray color, which has white ash and ending, in practice, with black wenge. The material for the facades must correspond to the general color interior of the kitchen space. If the house where the furniture will be located is wood itself - it can house a kitchen of wood with its own hands (photo successfully confirm this) with the facades of the same wood.

Separate attention will require the manufacture of countertops. If it is supposed to be made from wood as well, it will be necessary to thoroughly treat it with water-repellent agents. Experts nevertheless recommend making a countertop under the order, for example, from an artificial stone or other materials.

Having decided upon the desired type of material from which the kitchen of wood will be constructed by oneself, it is worth paying attention to the lack of cracks, knots and various interlayers in it. The material must be of high quality.

kitchen made of wood by own hands, photo 1kitchen from the tree by own hands, photo 2kitchen made of wood with own hands in a modern style, photo 3

Kitchen made of wood in light colors

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How to make a kitchen with your own hands made of wood: the tools you need to work

In order to successfully design the kitchen set yourself, some skills in the processing of wood and the use of various tools are needed. Beginners in this case should first try to make more simple designs, for example, a stool or a shelf. If there is confidence in their abilities, we proceed to a selection of working accessories. Here you will need tools such as:

  • measuring - roulette and square;
  • for material processing - electric jigsaw, hacksaw, grinder or sandpaper, vise and clamps;
  • for leveling - the building level;
  • for the treatment of holes - drill with drills, screwdriver, screwdrivers;
  • stationery - a pencil and an eraser.

This is a list of the main tools used, which will be needed in order to make a kitchen with their own hands made of wood. Additional measures may be required, but this is already determined individually.

Kitchens from wood by own hands: project development

The main stage in the design of the kitchen is, undoubtedly, the drafting of the project. Initially, you need to measure the entire kitchen space, including various communications, exposed parts, windows, niches, if any. It is necessary to take into account the possible curvature of the walls, therefore, the length of the walls is usually measured at three levels: the first - at the ceiling surface, the second - at the center, and the third - over the plinth. All the obtained measurements are transferred to a sheet of paper in the form of a drawing, it will serve to draw up a subsequent sketch.

When sketching a sketch, it is important to think through all the details. Since the kitchen is made of natural wood with its own hands, and not bought in the standard version, it should be as comfortable as possible for the owners themselves, containing all the necessary furniture, given the location of household appliances. The shape of the headset can be varied - decorated along one wall or be angled. In spacious rooms, mostly private houses, where there is a large space, often equip in the center of the kitchen a multifunctional table or an island, where a plate with a cutting table and an extractor will be placed.

After the sketch is ready, it is necessary to separately draw up a detailed drawing of each piece of furniture with the marking of all parts - horizontal surfaces, plinths, boxes, accessories etc. A very important nuance is the mandatory consideration of the thickness of the material itself, from which the kitchen from the tree .

Drawing on the final drawings, the amount of material is calculated, which can also include various inserts of glass (matte or transparent), stained glass or mirrors. Also it's time to purchase accessories - handles for lockers, hinges, brackets, etc.

wood kitchen with own hands in a modern style, photo 4

children's kitchen made of wood by own hands, photo 5kitchen made of wood by own hands, photo 6kitchen under the tree with their own hands, photo 7kitchen for a dacha with their own hands made of wood, photo 8kitchen from a natural tree by own hands, photo 9kitchen from a tree under the antiquity with their own hands, photo 10furniture for kitchen with own hands from wood, photo 11kitchen made of wood by own hands, photo 12

Kitchen from the tree by own hands: assembly features

Having obtained the drawings, they must be transferred to the material web, thus making original patterns. Having received all the components with the help of sawing, experienced furniture makers advise to sort them out and sign them in order not to get confused and understand what to fix with what.

One important step is the processing of blanks to improve their performance properties. Especially it concerns facades, that will appear on a kind. They need to be polished, polished, treated with stain and opened with lacquer or oil-wax impregnation. This will also greatly improve the aesthetic performance, and the kitchen made of wood, made by hand, will look very beautiful with accentuated woody patterns.

make a kitchen with your own hands made of wood, photo 13

If you are ready for all sketches, drawings, tools, fittings and sawn construction elements - you can proceed with the assembly process. It begins, as a rule, from the assembly of the main frame-box with legs, in which the shelves are mounted, the guides, where the drawers, doors and then the handles are inserted.

When the cabinets of the lower row are ready - proceed to the upper tier. All suspended structures are mounted using a building level so that the curvature of the walls does not lead to incorrect installation. At the same time, they are placed at a level convenient for the hosts. On the boxes of the upper cabinets or shelves, fasteners for suspending are installed. After installing the upper frame, it is fastened to doors and handles.

The final stage will be installation of a sink, a plate, an extract and various electrodevices.

make a kitchen with your own hands made of wood, photo 14

kitchen under the tree with their own hands, photo 15

Kitchen from a tree in a modern style photo

Kitchen made of wood in gray tones

Summer kitchen made of wood with own hands

Owners of private houses and country cottages often prefer to arrange a separate summer kitchen apart from the house, and this is quite effective. Here it is convenient to conduct the most labor-intensive processes that require good ventilation, for example, to engage in various preparations for the winter.

Any cooking of a hot dish will entail the accumulation of steam, various flavors, and, sometimes, and soot. In a separate house, where there is good ventilation, all these excesses of cooking are quickly eliminated. As a rule, the premises are built quite spacious and one of the best options for its equipment will be a summer kitchen made of wood made with own hands.

Summer kitchens are open and closed. The open version assumes the existence of a foundation, supports and, possibly, one or two walls for protection from the wind like a gazebo, and a closed one is a full-fledged small house. Wood is an advantageous material for construction, as it is plastic, environmentally friendly and well-treatable. Another advantage of using wood is its lightness, so a foundation for a wooden structure can be made lightweight, for example, blocks of sand concrete.

Summer kitchen made of wood with own hands бывает каркасной, построенной из обработанного специальными водоотталкивающими маслами бруса, который плотно укладывается и соединяется при помощи гвоздей. При этом, внутренние стыки должны быть обязательно скреплены большими уголками с длинными саморезами — тогда конструкция будет прочной и устойчивой.

Having built the frame, it is necessary to equip the floor surface, for which the boards are running, which must also be exposed to oil or wax treatment to protect them from the harmful effects of moisture and dirt. For economy, it is advisable to equip the kitchen floor under the tree with your own hands, using WPC (wood-polymer composite), which is a board made from a mixture of crushed wood with polymers.

The roof of the summer kitchen can be straight, single or double-sided, while the crate is made of processed boards. As a covering any material, for example, a metal tile approaches. Between the crate and the coating is to lay a layer of roofing material, it will be a good insurance in case of heavy rains.

The walls are also planked. An important point is the process of perfect fitting them to one size, which is performed on a specially equipped machine. This is necessary in order to avoid crevices in the structure. The walls can be sewed from two sides or only from the outside (the inside will have a beautiful view due to the texture of a natural wood, treated with wax). Materials for finishing can serve as a wooden or plastic lining, fiberboard, blockhouses, etc. At the request of the owners, it is not a problem to pre-lay a layer of insulation between the frame and trim.

summer kitchen photo 16

summer kitchen made of wood by own hands, photo 17children's kitchen made of wood by own hands, photo 18

On this, the main work should be considered finished. Next, the process of arranging the internal "filling" will follow - this can be furniture for the kitchen, made with his own hands made of wood. It is very harmonious fit in the interior of the room.

In this house, in addition to the main cooking zone, you can install a folding dining table and assemble a friendly company until late autumn.

kitchen made of wood by own hands, photo 19kitchen under the tree with their own hands, photo 20

Summer kitchen in wood interior trim

In conclusion, I would like to say that such material as wood has a very beneficial effect on human health. Its hygroscopicity creates a comfortable microclimate in the room with the necessary humidity level, and the beautiful appearance is always individual, thanks to the non-repeating pattern and texture created by nature itself. It is a durable material that allows using it not only for the manufacture of suites, but also for construction. Furniture made of natural wood, wherever it is located - is always fashionable, prestigious and respectable.