Grunge style in the interior - photo design

Living room in grunge style with a leather sofa and unusual lamps

Today one of the fashion trends in contemporary art is becoming widespread: the grunge style in the interior. Today's world is developing rapidly, we often hurry somewhere, quickly get tired. In such conditions everybody wants to have a place where you can relax, relax, forgetting about problems for a while. Making a house or apartment in grunge design, we create a cozy nest where we will rest from everyday vanity. The style combines old and new, so admirers of a fashion trend meet among people of different ages.

The aristocratic style harmoniously co-existed with the countryside. Or the French bourgeois brought from the village to their city houses some nice things - figurines, lamps, beautiful vases. These items successfully complemented the classic interior, added to it a certain zest, contributed a bit of nostalgia for rural life.

A cozy bedroom with a wooden bed and a grunge wall

Such an interior was designed to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, so that the house was pleasant to gather by the whole family, to conduct conversations, to rest from the urban rhythm of life.

Kitchen in grunge style with an apron of silver color and retro lights above the working area

So there was a grunge, which combines elitism and provinciality, elegance and accessibility. Let us consider in more detail what is the style in the design of the room.

Style in the interior

For more than two hundred years the existence of grunge has become quite popular. Many people want to design an apartment in this spirit. Grunge in the interior of the house is primarily a classic, but not pretentious and expensive, but more reserved and accessible.

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Small office in grunge style with wooden retro furniture

There is no place for gold, stucco. Forged wrought elements. This style is convenient and concise. It aims to create a cozy, practical interior for many years. Dark rooms with low ceilings are not suitable for grunge. He needs spacious bright rooms with high ceilings.

White children's room in grunge style

Please note that there are no unnecessary items. Preference is given only to functional furniture and decor items.

Forged details are another distinguishing feature of grunge. The forging should not shine. It should be imprinted with time. Grange allows the use of carpets. Usually they are soft, natural colors, which gives even more comfort.

Interior cabinet on the balcony in the style of grunge

Style is good because you can change the interior around by adding or removing certain details. For example, to lay out on the couch small decorative pillows made of linen, cotton, satin of calm tones, and hang portraits of family members on the walls - this detail is also characteristic for grunge.

Luxurious bathroom with a glass wall in grunge style


Materials, которые применяются при создании интерьера — натуральные. При отделке помещений отдают предпочтение камню, дереву, кирпичу, причем часто их даже не обрабатывают, стремясь к еще большей естественности.

Living room with huge windows in grunge style

In the decoration, such fabrics as linen, cotton, silk, wool, leather predominate. Cotton produces excellent light curtains on the windows, and soft furniture is covered with woolen blankets. Natural materials are designed to emphasize oneness with nature. Often they are artificially aged. Metal parts are also characteristic for grunge. Wrought decorative elements are widespread: frames for portraits or mirrors, furniture legs, grilles.

Bright living room in grunge style

Wooden beams of different sizes, bamboo decorative panels, textiles are used for decoration of walls. Often in the interior you can see the walls, which are a brickwork that does not reach the ceiling, but breaks in the middle with uneven waves. In this case, untreated brick is used, or simply do not touch the already existing brickwork. Also, the walls are pebbled.

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A long room made under the cabinet with bright decor elements in the grunge style

The floor can be stone or wooden. When it is laid out, wooden beams are not always used. Parquet, laminate are no less harmoniously looked in a similar interior.

Furniture and decor

The chic situation is replaced by simpler analogs. Oak furniture replaces teak furniture. This tree is as durable as an oak, but less expensive. When choosing the preference given to light tones. The outlines of the furniture should be smooth.

Modern olden time in a large bright bedroom - grunge style

Popular wicker sofas. They look simple, but beautiful. It is noteworthy that large bulky cabinets are not typical. Instead they choose light wooden or metal racks, low tables, curbstones. But as framing for a mirror, on the contrary, massive wooden frames often covered with a soft bronze or gilding, which give the appearance of antiquity, often appear.

Modern living room in grunge style

The presence of decorative elements should be succinct and justified, since the style itself is already quite interesting, implying the presence of many features designed to decorate the space, such as uneven brickwork, rough wood in the lining of walls and ceiling, wicker furniture and so on. As a beautiful, and most importantly functional element of the decor can be a forged or wooden lamp.

Anteroom with an open grunge hanger

Lighting and colors

A distinctive feature of grunge are large spaces with an abundance of daylight, which must prevail over the artificial. Windows are usually large with simple single-layer curtains, so that nothing interferes with the penetration of daylight. Chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, lamps are not infrequently flanked by gilding or bronze, since aristocratism is still inherent in the style.

The combination of painted and brick walls in the living room in the style of grunge

It is important that the gilding and bronze are dull or artificially aged, but not brilliant and defiantly luxurious.

Color palette, designed to create a sense of calm, to have creativity. Sharp contrast is unacceptable, therefore colors usually not striking. The main color palette of the style includes all shades of white, beige, brown, black, gray. To arrange the accents are used gold, silver, copper colors, but they must be muffled.

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Living room with built-in wardrobes in the style of grunge

Features of style

Summarizing, let's designate the main distinctive features of grunge in the interior:

  • the use of natural materials such as stone, wood, brick;
  • non-bright colors - gray, white, brown, dark blue, beige, black;
  • refusal of luxury for the sake of practicality and functionality;
  • lack of deliberate negligence, the interior looks simple, but elegant;
  • artificially aged items or genuine antique but inexpensive items;
  • furniture, decoration items have smooth outlines;
  • a lot of free space and daylight.

Long kitchen in grunge styleUsing all the above techniques to design rooms in the style of grunge, you will be able to create a cozy living space, where it will be nice to return after a hard day. Natural materials will ensure the durability of the finish, and the original flexibility of the style allows you to complement the interior of the house with new details or remove the old ones while maintaining the overall concept.

White hallway in the style of cuckolds

Most often this style is preferred by creative natures or retro lovers, but this does not mean that the style is not suitable for practical urban residents. The style of grunge in the interior skillfully combines various elements, that's why people of different age, prosperity, and attitude feel it, and thanks to this, the grunge has existed for 200 years, without losing relevance.