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Properly organized living space, is the key to a comfortable stay in it. It is beneficial to emphasize the space, create a cosiness and, at the same time, stylish furniture will help modular living room furniture. In former times, these were the same type of headset that was installed, as a rule, along the longest wall of the room. To date, functional and ergonomic furniture is produced with a wide variety of modules that can be placed in the living room in any order, arranged and rearranged, creating a suitable combination for you. And the functionality, spaciousness and attractiveness are the main distinguishing features of modern modular walls in the living room. From outdated models they are distinguished by the possibility to purchase not only the whole set, but also individual modules, which are often in the set there are about two dozen - these are various cabinets, shelves, cabinets, modular sofas, etc. In this article we will consider various designs and their place in volume or other style of the interior.

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Modular furniture for living room: materials for manufacturing

The most applicable materials in the manufacture of modular structures are chipboard and MDF, used for the decoration of facades. The modular wall made of them into the living room will be of high quality and quite affordable. The facades of the headset are laminated or varnished. In addition, furniture can be made of natural wood. In this production, various types of wood are used, such as oak, beech, alder, cherry, pine, etc. It should be noted that wooden furniture always introduces original originality due to the unique texture and patterns created by nature itself.

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For the decoration of facades and decorative elements, one of the modern trends is the use of materials such as glass, metal and plastic, which are indispensable attributes of some of the newest trends in interior design.

What elements combine a modular system for the living room

As already noted earlier, the suite for the living room can accommodate quite a few components. If you try to sort them in some way, you can distinguish such major groups as:

  • curbstones and racks of different sizes;
  • lockers and chests of drawers;
  • pencil cases and shelves of various modifications;
  • modular sofas.

Collections of this furniture are produced in a certain style, but different elements can have individual dimensions, differing in height, width and depth, which allows the consumer to choose the best option for an individual room. When selecting sections, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room. For example, if the premise is small, it is better to choose furniture with sliding doors, and in the spacious living room there can be swinging and folding options. Create a unique interior of the room can be, preferring asymmetric design and use of modules from one set of different heights (for example, high cabinets and low chests of drawers).

Modular living room furniture in a modern style

Modular living room furniture in a modern style предполагает наличие удобных и комфортных диванов. Они представляют собой конструкции, состоящие из отдельных блоков, которые можно свободно перемещать, меняя тем самым размер. Проще говоря, можно самостоятельно моделировать диван, устанавливать линейно, разделить на кресла и пуфы или переоборудовать в угловой вариант. Такие модели диванов, как правило, имеют большие размеры, снабжены роликами позволяющими свободно передвигать необходимые модули в удобном направлении. Они могут быть снабжены дополнительно удобной полочкой или небольшой барной стойкой. В условиях гостиной — этот вариант является оптимальным, так как позволяет удобно разместиться не только всем членам семьи, но и создать комфортные места отдыха для гостей. Среди подобных конструкций, в последнее время получил распространение диван-кровать, который можно превратить в дополнительное спальное место.

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Modular furniture for living room is conditionally divided into universal and furniture of direct destination. With the help of a universal it is possible to decorate the situation of any room, whether it is a living room, a bedroom or a nursery, regardless of also the shapes and sizes. Direct-dial heads mean their use in a certain room. In most cases, they are ordered immediately taking into account the interior design project.

Modular living rooms: photo and description of various configurations

Furniture in the living room can assume its special arrangement, which depends on the specifics of the room, its shape and dimensions. In this connection, three main types are distinguished: linear, angular and U-shaped. Linear construction means that all elements of the system should be placed along one wall. This is the most common option, preserved from Soviet times, and quite handy. It allows you to leave more free space. The linear configuration looks great in the minimalist style for modern interiors.

Corner modular furniture for living room

Corner modular furniture for living room позволяет разумно использовать так называемые «мертвые зоны» помещения, а в данном случае, углы, которые не получается использовать для других целей. Приобретение угловых модулей поможет красиво и стильно занять мебелью любой угол. Как правило, в роли таких элементов выступают угловые шкафы и пеналы, сопрягающие две части гостиной. Их основное достоинство заключается в большой вместительности. Поскольку модульная мебель для гостиной с угловым шкафом довольно глубокая, здесь можно хранить и крупногабаритные вещи, такие, например, как коляска, палатка и пр. При этом, шкаф может быть одежным, сервантом или, будучи оборудован стеклянными дверцами, выступать в роли шкафа-витрины. Угловая конструкция может также предполагать размещение в углу тумбы под телевизор в обрамлении навесных полок или модульный угловой диван. В условиях больших просторных гостиных угловые модульные системы (фото демонстрируют различные варианты расположения) могут служить для разделения пространства на зоны, создавая при этом красивый интерьер.

U-shaped modular living rooms

The U-shaped layout of the modular headset will be a good find for those who have a lot of things. It holds quite a few different sections. Such furniture is intended, mainly for large premises, in small it can "steal" free space. In a spacious living room, this design will look pretty respectable.

Relative innovation in the variety of furniture is the pendant modular furniture for the living room, which includes not only the upper shelves and lockers, but also the lower ones (chests, walls etc.). At the same time, a rather original design is obtained, where furniture seems to float above the floor surface. There are special features of the installation: it is necessary to mount the structures to the largest wall, with the central element first installed, and then all the rest. Such models look great in any interior.

Modern modular walls in the living room: we make a choice, given the style of the room

Selecting the suite for the living room is necessary, so that it corresponds, first of all, to the style chosen for decorating the room. Let's consider, in what way modern modular walls should look in the living room, and the photos presented in the article will best help in visual perception.

Modular living rooms in the Art Nouveau style

One of the popular modern trends is the Art Nouveau style. Furniture made in this style should be multifunctional and, at the same time, simple, have smooth lines with whimsical curves. Often modernity carries in itself certain natural elements that can be displayed on the walls of buildings in the form of floral ornaments and various details of natural patterns. As for upholstered furniture, and, in our case, a modular sofa - a model with smooth lines, curved or even rounded shape will be appropriate here.

Modular wall in the living room in high-tech style

The absolute opposite of it is the modern trends of high-tech and minimalism, which, in our day, enjoy the greatest popularity. These styles presuppose restraint of the interior, almost complete absence of decorative elements - everything should be laconic, without any excesses. Such furniture has, as a rule, a limited number of colors and clear lines of geometric elements. For the most part, modular structures are made of wood (chipboard, MDF) and are lined with plastic and glass. In this case there are mirror inserts and chrome hardware. Since high-tech assumes a one-tone design of the space, with the availability, as an accent, of any bright piece of furniture - they can become a red or blue sofa, which should have simplicity of form.

Modular systems for the living room in the style of Provence

If you prefer to decorate the space, you can decorate the interior in the style of Provence, where modular furniture for the living room will play not only a functional, but also a decorative role, decorated with ornaments with the use of forging. In such a living room, furniture from wood will look best. It is worth noting that the design in the style of Provence suggests pastel colors of the interior (beige, white, pale blue, milky, etc.) and furniture should be selected in the appropriate color scheme. It should be elegant and light.

Modular furniture for the living room in oriental style

Not lagging behind in popularity is the eastern direction, which is quite often to be found in the design of apartments. Here, in one style, diverse cultures are intertwined such as the Japanese, Indian, Arab etc. Furniture usually involves rigid lines and has a minimum of accessories.

The set for the living room in the eco-style has its own requirements, such as the simplicity of design with streamlined lines, the correct geometric shape and the presence of scuffs and "faded" elements. This is a fairly simple and concise style. The modular sofa should have a natural cloth upholstery of natural shades of green, beige and blue colors.

Modular living rooms in the style of a classic

And, of course, not fading with the years, the classic style of interior design, which never loses its relevance. Its interior is always associated with luxury and grace, which emphasizes the high status of the owner. Classical style involves the use of only natural materials, so the modular living rooms, as shown in the photo, must be made of solid wood. If we are talking about a modular sofa, then its upholstery can only be made of leather or natural fabrics. Quite often, pieces of furniture made in this style are decorated with exquisite handmade carvings.

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Modern modular walls in the living room, the photos of which are presented in our catalog, can originally decorate the room. At the same time, they have the ability to save space in small rooms and emphasize the dignity of large ones. The ability to easily change the situation, always remains one of the important advantages of these designs, allowing to achieve a harmonious interior.

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