Rocking chair in the interior - 115 photos of novelties

No matter what lifestyle you lead, and what interior design you prefer, you can not do without a rocking chair.


Design features make this type of furniture necessary, because the rocking chair makes life more comfortable. A full rest is achieved thanks to a rounded shape, which is most preferable for human health, because it takes into account its anatomical features.

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The design of this chair provides a uniform swing, which helps to relax well and calm down. A modern rocking chair will make your life pleasant and peaceful.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • How to fit into your interior rocking chair
  • Wicker rocking chairs
  • Rocking chair from plastic
  • Modern rocking chairs
  • Where is the best place for a rocking chair
  • Street rocking chair
  • Rocking chair in the room
  • Photo of modern models of the rocking chair in the interior

How to fit into your interior rocking chair

At the thought of a rocking chair, there is the image of an old woman in a plaid with knitting needles in her hands, a basket with tufts of colored threads and a cat lounging by the fireplace. Of course, people in old age need rest and relaxation, which gives them this comfortable chair.


However, in our technological time, in which the young man feels fatigue and congestion, a natural need arises for a comfortable, swinging armchair. Especially recently in the furniture market a huge variety of different models of rocking chairs is presented. Thus, the increased demand provoked manufacturers and furniture designers to create modern rocking chairs that harmoniously fit into the design of any interior.


For indoor use, chairs are made from materials such as a tree, willow vine or rattan, in some cases, rocking chairs are made from a combination of different materials or supplemented with soft elements.

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The most durable and naturally the most expensive rocking chairs are wicker chairs that are made by hand. Wicker chairs will be perfectly organic in most interiors, except for interior design in the style of high-tech or loft.


Wicker rocking chairs

A wicker chair rocking chair made of materials such as vines or rattans can withstand heavy weight and is easy to use. In addition, due to the peculiarities of the weaving, they are not loosened, which means they have a long service life. The only drawback of the wicker-rocking chair is that they are not cheap, but the quality of the product and the long service life are worth it.


Rocking chair from plastic

To number of bright and attractive subjects of an interior it is possible to carry a plastic armchair-rocking chair. A large assortment of design and colors allows you to choose a rocking chair made of plastic for any interior. This is a fairly economical option, but it can not be classified as durable.

rocking chair_40

Modern rocking chairs

Recently, designers began to pay more attention to the design of comfortable and useful models of armchairs.


When creating chairs in order to improve them using the most modern technology. One of such innovative developments can be called in the construction of a chair with a pendulum mechanism, which makes the rocking in the chair as smooth and continuous as possible, without much effort.


Sometimes in furniture salons you can find original models of a rocking chair specially designed for book lovers, like a rocking chair with a shelf for books. Also there are models of armchairs with built-in lamps or floor lamps.


Young mothers will be delighted by such an invention as a rocking chair combined with a baby cot for a newborn.

rattan-rocking chair-sheffield-marrakech_big

Manufacturers are not limited only to the development of new designs, they also try to improve the classic models of seats, making them better. Therefore, they experiment with materials. Recently appeared and already won popularity metal rocking chairs with a soft leather seat. Such products are durable, do not require special care and are durable. In addition, these rocking chairs look quite presentable and can harmoniously fit into any modern style of the interior.

rocking chair

Where is the best place for a rocking chair

Before deciding where best to place a rocking chair, you need to find out if the chair is inside, or you need a street version.

rocking chair-v-gostinoy-ikea

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Street rocking chair

In private homes, they often place a rocking chair in a flower garden or a garden. And sometimes a rocking chair is installed on the veranda or on the balcony.

rocking chair_iz_dereva_1

In both cases, a reliable wicker rocking chair is suitable, because such a product is more practical in street conditions.


Rocking chair in the room

Such a piece of furniture as a rocking chair is suitable for any room.

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Those who have a fireplace in the house is the easiest because the rocking chair is traditionally inseparable interior items. It is enough to put an armchair by the fireplace in the living room, put a warm blanket on the rocking chair and the interior will be completed.


Looks good rocking chair in the office, the more it is very convenient after sitting at the computer for a long time to change seats and relax.


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Photo of modern models of the rocking chair in the interior






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