Shelves on the wall for books and not only: ideas with a

Wall regiments help out when you need to organize somehow accumulated books, indoor flowers, souvenirs and decor, while decorating the empty and boring surface of the wall. Fortunately, today there are many original shelves for different purposes. Some of them are compact, others are practical, others in general are immediately "struck" in the eye and amaze with their unusual design. Below you will find ideas for creating shelves with your own hands and see how different shelves on the wall look in the interior for 20 photos.

Unusual shelves on the wall - photo in the interior Decorative shelves on the wall - a selection of the best ideasOriginal shelves on the wall - photo in the interior of the living roomBook shelves on the wall in the interior

Corner shelves on the wall: the original solution for any room

Often, the space in the corners of the room does not play a special role in the design, or simply do not pay attention to it. A more rational solution would be to put a shelf in an empty corner. It will not only serve as a place for books and accessories, but will also noticeably decorate the interior, giving it an unusual architecture.

Beautiful corner shelves on the wall in the interior of the nursery

A wooden corner shelf in the living room is a classic. Even if it is made in the style of minimalism, it will still look attractive enough.

Corner wall shelf in the design of the living room

For the bathroom is better suited for a durable glass, attached to a stainless design. In the kitchen, corner wall shelves are used not so much for decor, as for storing jars of spices, utensils or items of utensils. Rate all the convenience of these shelves in the photo below!

Glass and wooden corner shelves on the wall - photo in the interior

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Equally functional and graceful is the corner shelf on the wall in the hallway. On it you can place bags, keys and the like.

Original shelves on the wall - corner shelf in the hallway

More photos and ideas for creating shelves you will receive in our article. How corner shelves can decorate your interior.

Glass shelves on the wall - your choice for an elegant interior

Glass shelves on the wall look rather unobtrusively and neatly, because of what easily fit into any interior. Particularly well they are suitable for the design of small rooms, because due to their transparency they do not reduce the space visually.

Glass shelves on the wall - photo in the interior of the living room

Wall shelves made of glass are great for storing your favorite books, crystal and luxury items, because a transparent shelf allows you to view all these items from either side. And if to them still to add illumination!

Decorative shelves on a wall of glass and wood

Among other advantages of glass shelves:

  • A good overview from any angle;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Unlike wood, glass is not afraid of high humidity, fungus and other microorganisms.

To make the interior unique, designers today use various solutions: an unusual form of shelves, a curved glass at the temperature, a combination of materials etc.

Glass Wall Shelves - photo Glass shelves on the wall in the bathroom

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Unusual wooden shelves on the wall

As already mentioned above, wooden shelves on the wall - it's a classic. They are a universal decoration for any interior and easily fit into all styles of design. Many modern wooden wall shelves are used not only for storing books, but for decorating space. The design models presented in the photo below bring to the space the individuality and spirit of the creative.

Book shelves on a wall made of wood Book shelf in the form of wood Wooden shelves on the wall for books and decor Bookshelf on the wall - photo of an unusual model

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Shelf for TV on the wall (4 photos in the interior)

Huge TVs are a thing of the past. Nevertheless, no matter how flat your TV is, it still needs to be properly placed. A hanging shelf for a TV is one of the simplest and most stylish modern solutions. The main thing is to install it so that it is comfortable and safe to watch your favorite programs. The recommended distance from the screen to the person should be approximately equal to 3-4 diagonals of the TV. The height of placing the shelf under the TV is also extremely important. On average, it is 1 m from the floor, but it is also necessary to take into account the height of the sofas and armchairs. As a result, you should not have to raise or lower your chin, straining your neck.

We suggest you evaluate these original wall shelves for TV, which can adequately decorate any interior.

Beautiful hanging shelf for TV on the wall Shelves wall - photo for TV in the living room Wall Shelves for TV - photo Shelf for TV on the wall - photo with a decor

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