Tv stands in the interior - how to choose? 115 photo ideas

Despite the fact that modern TVs are often mounted on the wall, the TV stands do not lose their popularity. These pedestals are not only functionally significant, but also an active decorative element.


Manufacturers offer thousands of different types of thumbs. In order to harmoniously fit it into the interior of the room, you should approach this choice with all responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to study which pedestals exist and which ones are in the trend. To do this, you can go shopping for furniture, and you can find a photo of the TV stands, already inscribed in the interior. In any case, this choice is limited only by your desires.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Types of thumbs for TV
  • Materials
  • TV stands in different styles
  • Choosing a curbstone

Types of thumbs for TV

  • The most common option is a cabinet of rectangular shape, which in size is slightly larger than the TV. They have built-in closed or open shelves for various purposes. As one of the solutions, on such shelves you can put a mini-bar;
  • thumbs that allow you to easily change the viewing angle and move both the TV and the entire cabinet. For this they are equipped with special brackets. This option is suitable for those who do not want to drill the walls;
  • corner cabinet for TV, suitable for small rooms and perfectly save space. At the same time, by functionality, it is not inferior to others. For greater convenience, the corner TV can be equipped with a bracket and the TV will be comfortable to watch from anywhere;
  • pendant pedestals will add space and airiness to the room. They are rather a roomy shelf, which serves not only as a stand for a TV set, but also as a decoration for the whole wall.



Modern TV stands are made of a variety of materials: glass, wood, veneer, metal, chipboard and others. In accordance with this and the price of them is as diverse. The most budgetary are products made of MDF and glass. But the arboreal array is much more expensive, and therefore it is used quite rarely. Of this material produce, mostly piece products, decorating them with carving. Corners - 115 photos of the beautiful corner design in the interior of the kitchen

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In the choice of material, in addition to price, health is also important. The most environmentally friendly material is wood. It is hypoallergenic and does not release harmful substances.


Safe furniture, considered products from MDF, covered with melamine and veneer. The latter is a strip of valuable wood (walnut, oak, cherry, wenge) with a thickness of not more than 1 mm. It has a beautiful texture, and also prevents the evaporation of harmful impurities from particleboard and MDF.

on-photo-long-modern-cabinet-under-TV-in-living room

TV stands in different styles

Before buying a curbstone, you should determine the basic requirements to which it should respond. An important parameter is the size of the TV. It is necessary to measure its width and height correctly.


The next factor is the style of the room in which the TV will stand. For classical interior wooden furniture is characteristic. Usually, these are cabinets with closed shelves, lacquered and decorated with carvings. The acrylic coating of the product will allow the modern TV cabinet to blend harmoniously with the classical style. Also, for this purpose, a dark glass can be used as a supporting surface.


However, wood can be used not only in classical interiors. So in a room in the Scandinavian style a white TV cabinet of wood will look good. And if we are talking about "ethno", then it is preferable to use wood of dark shades, for example chocolate ones.


In the "techno" interior often used furniture from metal and glass. Cabinet of such materials will give the room a chic and lightness. Most often they are made in the style of minimalism, without any excesses. When manufacturing glass TV stands, shockproof glass is used, the thickness of which is not less than 15 mm. And for greater security, the edges are polished in a semicircle. The glass surface is also convenient because it can be glued on vinyl tape without any extra efforts. This will dramatically change the style, both thumbs and the entire room, without great expense.

curbstone-under-TV-in-your-living-room-would suit-excellent

For spacious rooms an interesting solution will be the cabinets simulating a fireplace. And for small ones, you can use inserts made of mirrors or shiny metal.


On the photo of a TV for children's rooms it is evident that the models of bright colors are preferred. A large number of shelves will help to effectively organize the learning and playing space. It is very important that the edges of the curbstone are rounded, and the materials from which it is made are safe.


Choosing a curbstone

Summarizing, we can identify the main qualities that should be endowed with a cabinet for TV:

  • the size must match the parameters of the TV;
  • the material should be environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful fumes;
  • all fasteners must be securely fixed in the structure;
  • The curbstone should be maximally functional, in order to fit all the necessary things into it;
  • rounded edges and strong polished glass will protect you from accidental injuries;
  • The design of the curbstone should be in harmony with the design of the room.


Choosing a cabinet for a TV, you should not forget about it as an object of interior, and not just as a stand. Because scientific and technological progress does not stand still and TVs change every year. But the comfort and beauty in the house must always remain.

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