10 smart ways to use the kitchen corner

Designing a corner space in the interior is quite a challenge, because it requires maintaining a balance between form and functionality. At the same time, a convenient kitchen corner benefits every owner of a small kitchen who wants to have as much free space as possible in it. Using the corner of the kitchen with the mind, you can not only free the central square, but also make the whole kitchen much more attractive.

Of course, what will be the ideal corner complement for your kitchen depends on its size, as well as existing needs and overall layout. We offer you 10 smart ideas that will prompt you, in the direction of a better move.

1. Classic corner wash

If you have a small kitchen, where every centimeter of space is valued, and you want to release additional work surfaces, then the corner sink will be just the perfect choice for you. Of course, the corner sink has its pros and cons, but there is no doubt that it gives a completely new aesthetics to any kitchen!

Corner sink in the kitchen Sink in the corner of the kitchen

2. Cooker and hood

The use of the oven in the corner of the kitchen is becoming more and more popular every day, as it allows to save a lot of precious space and gives the interior an unusual look. Of course, first it is necessary to correctly supply the gas and the ventilation system to make this idea work, but the result is definitely worth the effort! Surround this corner with beautiful lockers or shelves on both sides for a full range of benefits.

Stove in the corner of the kitchen Stove with cooker hood in the corner of the kitchen

3. Floating shelves in the kitchen

Floating corner shelves with a wide base today are at the peak of popularity. First, they give the small room a visual airiness and make it look more fresh. Secondly, open shelves allow you to present your porcelain and other decorative details in the best possible way, making the kitchen cozy and welcoming. Finally, the suspension of floating shelves takes relatively little effort and time.

Thick floating shelves in the kitchen Open shelves in a modern kitchen

4. Exclusive storage

When installing a deep corner storage room, you will no longer need a large part of the upper and lower kitchen cabinets. In addition, the pantries are very comfortable and give the kitchen a warm, cozy look. The only nuance: it is important to make sure that in the room or even in the pantry itself there was good lighting, for example, such as in the photo below.

Corner storage for kitchen

5. Beautiful banquet

Another classic option that just never goes out of style! A banquet in the kitchen is always appropriate and useful, not only for rest, but for storing things, since it can have very capacious bottom drawers.

Corner banquet in the kitchen

6. Dining room

The modern market opens a wide range of small, but very comfortable kitchen corners to organize a compact dining area in the kitchen. Note that the round table works in a corner much better than square or rectangular variants.

Kitchen corner with a round table

7. Smart boxes for storing kitchen utensils

Modern corner drawers and wall shelves are some of the most popular options when it comes to decorating the corner of the kitchen. With a wide variety of options, the corner drawers differ in their capacity and lift the mood with a cunning design. Perfect choice for the kitchen, which needs extra storage space!

Corner kitchen drawers Corner kitchen

8. Recreation Area

The kitchen can be used not only for cooking, but also for recreation with family or friends. A stylish and comfortable kitchen corner will help you relax and enjoy the view from the window, or even enjoy a heart-to-heart conversation with a glass of wine from a small bar that is nearby.

Kitchen corner with sitting area Furniture for kitchen

9. Fireplace

This option, of course, not for everyone. However, the fireplace has such a special appeal, so it transforms the kitchen, which sometimes can not be kept! Moreover, today there are electronic and bio-fireplaces that can be used not only in a private house, but also in an apartment. The large traditional cuisine looks simply charming with a charismatic sitting area near the fireplace in the corner!

Kitchen with fireplace

10. Corner windows for enjoying the view

Large angular windows will bring in the small kitchen an abundance of light and a sense of street freshness. This is a relatively simple and fashionable way to give the kitchen an open and cheerful look.

Kitchen with breakfast bar