A durable modern house made of containers

Contemporary house from containers: general view

Beautiful modern house from the containers on the open terrace

Buying a modern house from containers, you get a full design. The architecture of the containers of fans is growing. The idea of ​​re-using strong steel boxes appeals to the adherents of the "green" movement. Some may argue that such housing is too narrow, uncomfortable and even toxic, but this negative does not prevent others from extracting from the four iron walls a favor.

Meet the house, assembled from two containers from the design company Montainer, which specializes in creating smart projects.

Contemporary house from the containers: the interior of the house

Interior housing from containers

Designer Joel Egan of Cargotecture, the most experienced in the US for working with iron walls. Standard 20-foot boxes are far from spacious and become even lower and shorter after the insulation work.

Contemporary house from containers. Photo 1

Interior housing from containers

Inside there is a space for a small kitchen, washing machine and shower.

Contemporary house from containers. Picture 2

Design group Montainer sells container housing on a turn-key basis. They design, provide permissive documentation, mount, deliver to the site and install.

Contemporary house from containers. House plan

House plan from sea containers

The cost of the module is about 65 thousand dollars, it seems expensive. But if you take into account all the efforts that architects take on themselves, then this cost becomes quite reasonable.

Contemporary house from containers. House variant of 2 modules

Project of 2 containers

Additional modules make the basic version more and more convenient, they are much cheaper, from 20 to 30 thousand dollars.

From the security point of view, the containers are very reliable. A strong bullet-proof metal reliably protects housing when the hosts are away.

Turn containers into houses began recently, perhaps, the designers of Montainer were at the roots of a new trend.

It looks great, do you think?