Niche under the tv of plasterboard - 25 photos in the

Gypsum cardboard is one of the most popular finishing materials in today's market. It is very easy to work with, including cutting and bending. At the same time it is quite strong and can act even in the form of partitions and walls in the interior. But it is even more interesting to use it to create decorative structures, such as multi-level ceilings or niches in the walls. A niche under a TV set of plasterboard can become the main "highlight" of your living room. At the same time, its implementation will give you such additional advantages as:

  • Simplicity and relative cheapness in implementation;
  • The ability to hide all the wires in the wall.

Today you will see how stylish and creative it can look for a niche for a TV set of plasterboard in the design of the living room and familiar with the features of its manufacture.

Figured niche for a TV set of drywall - photo interior

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Niche under the TV of plasterboard: how to do

Gypsum cardboard niches can be arranged on walls from almost any material: concrete, brick, wood etc. Each niche under the TV is created on the basis of the wishes and tastes of the owner of the house or apartment, so the installation process is unique. For example, your niche can be horizontal or vertical, rectangular or round, with or without light, as well as with absolutely any size and trim. The sequence of actions always remains the same:

  1. Mount the frame;
  2. To cover the internal walls of the niches;
  3. Install the backlight if necessary;
  4. Suspend the TV and conduct communications (TV-wires, antenna, etc.);
  5. To trim the whole frame of the niche with plasterboard;
  6. Carry out finishing works.

Typically, for gipsokartonnoy niche under the TV is selected metal or wooden frame. Here's how it can look on the photo:

How to make a niche under a TV with your hands - photo How to make a niche in a wall of plasterboard with your own hands

Not very attractive, right? But gypsum board, lighting and various decorative coatings will easily turn this unsightly design into a candy. Let's see what an interesting niche for a TV set of plasterboard can be in the interior of the hall!

How can I make a niche for a TV in the hall

Let's consider the main features that the niche design in the living room offers, besides hiding the wires:

  • A vertical niche under the TV will create the illusion of a high ceiling and leave room for high lockers on the sides;

Beautiful niche in the wall of plasterboard for TV and decor

  • The horizontal niche of plasterboard, on the contrary, will visually extend the wall and in combination with low furniture will expand your living room;
  • A full-scale gypsum board construction with several niches on the wall is useful not only for TV, but also for storing various souvenirs, figurines, houseplants and other decor;
  • A gypsum boardboard niche with backlighting is an interesting way to add a romantic and mysterious atmosphere to the interior of the living room, and it is also advantageous to emphasize the decor on the niche shelves.

How to make a niche in plasterboard in the living room wall

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As for the finishing materials for niches, here the restriction can only be your sense of style and budget. Typically, the very construction of the niche is finished with plaster, paint or wallpaper for the walls, while the inner cavity can be decorated with stone, glass, wood or a contrasting hue of paint or wallpaper. The selection of the interior walls of a niche with color or texture visually deepens the surface and gives the room a more bold and bold look. In this case, experts recommend choosing for this purpose not too dark shades, otherwise the niche will look more like a hole in the wall than a stylish interior solution.

Plasterboard niches under the TV - photo in the interior

We will not torment you any more: enjoy photos of beautiful niches under the TV in the living room! And do not forget to keep the best ideas for yourself.

Beautiful niche from plasterboard under the TV in the interior - 20 photos:

Vertical niche under the TV set from gypsum cardboard - photo Niche under the TV and the decor in the living room A niche of plasterboard under the TV with their own hands in the design of the living room Niche from gypsum cardboard - photo in the hall Deep niche in the living room under the TV Niche in the hall with shelves for decoration Niches in the wall - a photo of a living room in a private house What can be a niche for a TV set of plasterboard

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