Top 30 best ideas for home from pinterest

Social network Pinterest exists a little more than 3 years. During this time, it registered more than 70 million people, 30 million visits the site regularly, and monthly Pinterest receives an average of 2.5 billion unique views. Naturally, such a powerful resource, which is the 35th most popular site in the world, attracts many designers and decorators who want to present their ideas for public viewing.

We suggest you get acquainted with the 30 best ideas for home that were published in Pinterest this week! Among them:

  • the original arrangement of photographs;
  • unusual ways of using old frames, wheel tires, door handles and other trash;
  • the creation of coziness and warmth with candles and New Year garlands;
  • autumn decor with the use of natural materials and much more.

Enjoy watching!

Ideas for decorating walls

Decor with photo frames

How to decorate the walls

Bright design of walls with photos

Photographs on the walls are good, how else can you use frames?

Decor ideas - a hanger for jewelry Ideas for the home - how to use old frames

Wall frames as decor Ideas for a house with a mirror

Decorative frames for walls

Has accumulated a lot of anything that is not used in any way, and throw it away? Look, maybe it should somehow apply this as a decoration?

Decor for the house from the old door Decor of old pens We make a convenient ottoman with our own hands Decor of bottles

Original wall decor

In autumn, as never before, you want comfort and warmth. We use garlands and candles as decor!

Decorating the house with garlands and candles Decor for home with a garland

Decorating a mirror with a garland Garlands as decor for walls Decoration of a bed garland Home Decor How to decorate a house with autumn leaves Comfort in the house with decorative candles

And finally, we offer you some more unique ideas for the house, which are easy to carry out with your own hands!

Beautiful vase with your own hands Turning baskets into wall decor An easy way to make a beautiful pillow Table decorations for home How interesting to put indoor plants