A small house on wheels with a luxurious bed and kitchen

A small house on wheels from Handcrafted Movement

A small house on wheels: a view from the inside

It is obvious that a small house on wheels can not become a full-fledged and permanent home, and there are many reasons for that. The most significant of them is legal, but in many countries this obstacle can already be overcome in connection with some indulgences in the legislation.

Meanwhile, small houses, both immovable and mobile, are becoming more beautiful and more convenient day by day. As proof we present to you the creation of the American company Handcrafted Movement, which specializes in the construction of such facilities. This cute hideaway is most impressive with its cozy and welcoming interior.

Anyone who is not too lazy to overcome a couple of steps and step over the threshold of the house-car described by us will find an incredibly comfortable living room - at least, it seems that way. In the room, perfectly illuminated thanks to the presence of three windows at once, opposite the built-in media center is a sofa bed.

Here is where to store things and where to rest. I would like, for example, to pay attention to a custom-made side table with a recess for the tea cup. It simultaneously serves as a pot for palm trees. Quite a good staircase leads to the mezzanine level, where a sleeping place is equipped. In the stairs are hidden boxes for storing things, and in a small cot under them the refrigerator is perfectly placed.

Interior of a small house on wheels Table in a small house on wheels Making a small house on wheels Folding sofa in a small house on wheels

The kitchen is formed by a cozy working area in the window opening, a wooden work surface, a four-plate cooker and a sink in a farmer's style.

Kitchen in a small house on wheels Sink in a small house on wheels Unusual door handle

On the way to a comfortable double bed with a copper fence consider carefully the compartments for storing clothes, hiding inside the steps. Between the sleeping bed and the ceiling there is a space of 120 cm high, and this is the merit of the originally designed roof, which is lined with very light, waterproof and eco-friendly tiles.

The walls are insulated with a special material made from recycled denim. The authors of the project actively used restored wood to create a variety of interior components and exterior finishes.

The system of storing clothes in a small house on wheels Bedroom under the ceiling in a small house on wheels

The design of the bathroom is dominated by the same white color, as well as wooden and copper parts.

Bathroom in a small house on wheels

This structure really looks like a full house, and quite comfortable! Currently, it is put up for sale at a price of $ 69950, along with furniture and decor.

Appearance of a small house on wheels

Such projects convince us that more does not always mean better, and small changes can play an important role in the near and distant future. It is true that tiny houses are not suitable for everyone, but nevertheless we should at least think about existing alternatives.

Do you have any ideas on this?