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Micro-house at the foot of the mountain

Recently, the number of people who want to live in a country house is increasing. And this is not surprising, because megacities are full of stress and anxiety.

Today we will consider incredible types of structures. These are micro-homes, made in stunning forms.

In the near future, they will be able to replace the huge cottages, as they require less financial costs for their maintenance. And to better make sure of this, read the presented genius structures.


Appearance of the micro-house in Germany

7.5 square meters were developed in June 2013 by the renowned architect Renzo Piano on the campus of Vitra in Weil am Rhein (Germany).

The name of the structure refers to the Greek philosopher Diogenes, who, according to ancient myths, lived in a barrel of the Athenian agora, not recognizing civilized conveniences.

In this small house, as in an airplane, every centimeter of space is involved. It also has an aluminum exterior with windows, as in air transport.

On the roof of the house there are solar panels and a volumetric tank that collects rainwater, which is further used in a biological toilet.

Appearance of the micro-house in Germany

The doors are located on two sides of a tiny building, for natural ventilation and filling with the light of the inner room.

Appearance of the micro-house in Germany

The interior is divided into two parts: wet and dry. The first is the bathroom and kitchen. Orange doors here work in two directions: in one position they close the room from the mini-kitchen, in the other - separate the spatial sections.

Interior of a micro-house in Germany

In a dry living room, the table is suspended near the front of the window. Below the attic is a red sofa, which, if necessary, turns into a bed.

Interior of a micro-house in Germany

Holes bring a lot of light, and the blinds keep cool in the hot time.


The appearance of a small cottage

This building, whose area is from 13 to 27 square meters, was developed by While Spain's Ábaton (architects: Camino Alonso, Carlos Alonso and Ignacio Lechón).

The uniqueness of the project is in an abstract appearance, thanks to which the building looks like a sealed box.

An average home can be collected on average from 4 to 6 weeks. And this mini-house is only for 1 day! In addition, the model easily fits on the truck's tablet.

Transportation of a small cottage

The building parameters can be changed at the request of the customer. For example, create an open plan living room with kitchen or combine a bedroom with a bathroom.

The appearance of a small cottage

In the image that is shown above, we see a beautiful living space. The bathroom is separated from the kitchenette by the wall.

Gray facade boards are contrasted with the internal wood coating, which is distinguished by a high level of sound insulation.

Interior of a small cottage

Если посмотреть в другую сторону, то можно увидеть дверь в спальню с собственным окном. Обратите внимание, что дизайн ÁPH80, в отличие от Diogenes, разбивается по середине огромным прозрачным проёмом, позволяя больше открыть интерьер.

Interior of a small cottage

The window in the bedroom, though small, but very important, because thanks to it fresh air circulates throughout the house. By the way, the same is done in the bathroom, above the toilet.

Bedroom of a small cottage

The Bunkie

The facade of a mini-cottage with glass walls

10 square meters of the multifunctional room was successfully designed by the team Evan Bare and Nathan Buhler, with Jim Moore and Jorge Torres in Canada.

Its main feature is the "bare" walls and compelling industrial design.

Note that the structure is equipped with a chimney, which emphasizes the connection of the structure of the building with its scheme.

The facade of a mini-cottage with glass walls

The interior space is very practical: a lot of open and closed storage places are made, and folding tables and chairs are even hung on the rack.

Interior of a mini-cottage with glass walls

On the opposite side is set Murphy-bed, which can be skilfully hidden.

Transformable furniture of a mini-cottage with glass walls

An attractive appearance with transparent walls gives the opportunity to its owners to become closer to nature. After all, in the modern world, this is what we all lack.

Bedroom mini-cottage with glass walls