Bedroom in a private house: design and interior

Bedroom design in a private house

The rooms in the private house have one strong advantage over the apartments - their limits you set yourself. The more spacious the room, the higher the probability of creating an ideal design that will embody the owner's preferences and create the right mood. The design of a bedroom in a private house is developed to the smallest detail, so that the owners do not experience a bit of discomfort in the room for rest. Repair and decoration can be done by one's own hands according to the budget plan or in accordance with the concepts of elite styles. Of course, the easiest way is to shift the task to the shoulders of a professional who will prepare the project and, together with a team of workers, will translate it into reality. However, even the venerable designers who "ate the dog" in their business, can not create the design exactly as the owners see it in their fantasies. That's why the process of creating a design is better to go by yourself from start to finish. Of course their ideas need to invest in a certain framework. About them and talk in more detail.


Zoning необходимо для выделения под каждую функциональную площадку индивидуальных уголков. Вопреки заблуждениям, к этому дизайнерскому ходу прибегают не только в просторных спальных комнатах. Даже в маленьких помещениях, которые умещают в себе несколько зон, их разделение жизненно необходимо для того, чтобы картинка была единой, но структурированной. Выполняют зонирование с помощью нескольких приемов:

  • Separation of partitions, arched vaults, screens, sliding doors. Constructions can be both monumental and mobile.
  • Delimitation of furniture. It is carried out, as a rule, with the help of end-to-end racks, pedestals, backs of sofas or beds.
  • Allocation of zones with the help of light, color, finishing materials of different textures. For example, one area is decorated with brickwork in the best traditions of a loft, and the walls of another corner are lined with wood. Textural differences, as they say "is obvious."
  • Separation of spaces is made by means of the equipment of a podium and the relief ceiling repeating outlines of this ledge. Quite a popular technique in modern interiors.
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Zoning спальни в частном ломе

The boundaries of the levels are further emphasized by point light sources. Do not recommend to complicate the relief of the ceiling in the attic bedrooms. In these cases, one podium will be enough.

Another simple option is the curtains. If necessary, they are tied up, and thus the conditional boundary is eliminated.

Work desk by the window

Choice of colors

From the color range depends on the psychological comfort of the person in the room. Of course, in the palette of colors you can add a couple of strokes made in your favorite colors of the owners. However, for the sleeping area, there are certain rules regarding tones. As a basis, background, it is better to choose soft, pastel colors: white, beige, gray, olive, lilac, pink, blue, pale yellow. If there is a lack of natural light in the room, then it is better not to overdo it with cold shades. Make a choice in favor of warm tones, and the room will begin to "glow" from the inside. The pastel scale is diluted with accent colors: blue, black, chocolate, green, orange. With bright colors, too, you should be careful in tight spaces, they can greatly reduce the room. In spacious living-bedrooms, professionals recommend combining two different color palettes to make zoning more obvious.

Bedroom in bright colors in a private house Sofa under the window  Suspended light in the bedroom  Cabinet made of natural wood in the interior  Soft panels in the headboard  Floor lamp next to the armchair

Choosing an interior style

The style of the interior of the bedroom in a private house should correspond to the aesthetic preferences of the owners. There are a lot of directions, however, from this motley mass it is necessary to choose only one, the most comfortable one. Popular in recent years, Provence combines the rustic coziness and mild charm of France. By the way, this style is suitable for economy-clearance. In the situation, the old "grandma's" furniture is used, which, with the help of paint and various decorating techniques, is transformed into elegant interior items. The most effective are the surfaces decorated with the help of decoupage techniques. The master class of this method of decoration can be found in free access in the World Wide Web. Modern style is laconic, bordering on minimalism. The colors of the bedroom are dominated by white and gray shades. Furniture is chosen on the basis of "less space, more functions". Scandinavian direction is suitable for owners with harsh, Nordic character traits. This "northern" style involves the installation of panoramic windows overlooking the house territory and local beauty. Also an important accent in the room will be a fireplace - a living, warm heart not only of the bedroom, but of the whole house. In the classical style, the bedrooms are designed by conservatives and adherents of traditions. In the interior necessarily use small decorative elements (mostly stucco) and floral ornaments. Fashionable style of the chalet descended to us from the slopes of the Alps and immediately won the hearts of fans of active recreation with their comfort. In this direction, use untreated wooden surfaces, animal skins on the floor and necessarily a fireplace. The country style imitates the situation of log cabins from rounded logs or beams. It, like the Provence, is suitable for economy class interiors, as it uses simple parts and rough surfaces.

Bedroom in the style of minimalism private house Ceiling fan  Workplace in the bay window  Bedroom in Art Nouveau style  Wardrobe in the interior  Modular picture above the bed

Finishing and repair

Repair and finishing works will be the first stage on the way to the design of the ideal bedroom. It does not matter what material the house is made of, any stylistic direction can be reconstructed inside. However, some nuances can be competently beat, while still saving. For example, in a loft one brick wall is left untreated. In country or rustic style, the surface of the tree is also not covered with decorative trim, since wood is an important part of the interior.

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Bedroom in a classic style in a private house Panels on the wall  Floorки и телевизор в нише  Mirror in the headboard  Windows under the ceiling  Mirror above the table


Walls отделывают следующими материалами:

  • The paint. A simple and cheap option, which is better combined with other surfaces.
  • Decorative plaster. The material, as a rule, has a relief surface and looks great in combination with smooth monophonic wallpaper.
  • Clapboard. An economical option, which is more associated with holiday interiors, rather than with country houses.
  • The wallpaper. The modern market offers a wide range of materials: from simple non-woven and to foil surfaces.
  • PVC panels. Plastic in the bedrooms do not use so often, because of concerns about its toxicity. In fact, high-quality PVC can be walled even in children's walls.
  • Artificial and natural stone or brick. These materials do not finish the entire room, giving preference to small accent areas. In the bedrooms in their roles are the walls at the head of the bed.

Bright walls in the bedroom in a private house

To create complex designs, drywall sheets are used, which are subsequently further decorated.

Chocolate color in the interior

In rooms where the heating leaves much to be desired, it is not recommended to use natural stone or brick in finishing the walls. From the material "pulls cold", so comfort in the room will be broken. However, for finishing the fireplace area, brick and stone are ideal, especially for classic options.

Bedroom in a marine style  Built-in wardrobe in the interior  The combination of turquoise walls and white furniture in the bedroom  Ceramic tiles on the floor  Beige curtains in pistachio interior


In traditional versions, the ceilings are plastered or painted. Previously, the owners were tortured, pasting them with wallpaper, but this option is a thing of the past, as impractical and time-consuming. In private houses, the ceiling height allows you to install a complex gypsum board structure that combines beauty and convenience. Decorate the surface can be PVC. Panel options can look rich and stylish, if you carefully choose the color and complement them with spotlights. Stretch ceilings, although "fly into a lot of money, but will more than pay for their practicality and durability. Glossy surface gloss will organically flow into almost any of the modern styles. In addition, by order it will be decorated with ornaments or patterns, which will be the highlight of the room.

Multi-level ceiling in the bedroom in a private house Sofa at the bedside  Wallpapers with birds on the walls  Tree in the interior  Floorосатые обои в спальне  Decorative fireplace opposite the bed


The floor covering is made in several variants:

  • Laminate. Practical and comfortable material that looks neat and noble.
  • Parquet board. A dense material that does not have a strong protective film. If you compare the laminate and the board, the first option is more durable.
  • Linoleum. The cover is easy to lay and also easy to replace as needed. Linoleum is represented by a variety of color variations, which reliably imitate the parquet board.
  • Bung. The original version, which is used in eco-style. The cork is very pleasant to the touch, so you can walk with pleasure before going to bed.
  • Carpet cover. An obsolete coating that collects dust and hardens from it.

Wooden floor in the bedroom in a private house

In expensive interiors use self-leveling floors. On strength they are not inferior to concrete: no mechanical damage to the coating is intrepid.

Lamps on tables near the bed  Brick wall in the interior  Beams on the ceiling  TV in front of the bed  Carpet on the floor


The standard furniture minimum of the bedroom includes a bed and bedside tables. Depending on the size of the room, this set is complemented by a chest of drawers, a wardrobe or dressing room, a ladies' boudoir and a reading corner with armchairs and a coffee table. Also one of the walls can be equipped with open shelves or a rack for storing books, souvenirs or decorative elements.

Light furniture in the bedroom in a private house Pink walls in the interior  Curtains and blinds on windows  Wall-papers on a ceiling  Lamps in the headboard  Wooden furniture in the interior

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Lighting спальни включает в себя центральное, локальное (рабочее) и декоративное. Потолочную люстру устанавливают в маленьких комнатах, в больших помещениях ее лучше заменить на несколько светильников в каждой из функциональных зон. Декоративное освещение представлено точечными светильниками по периметру спальни. Мягкий, рассеянный свет добавит комнате элегантности. Особенно красиво этот вариант смотрится на мансардах, где потолки имеют оригинальную форму. Локальное освещение представлено бра или напольными, настольными светильникам над кроватью, возле зеркал или в районе уголка для чтения.

Lighting в спальне в частном доме Workplace in the interior  Armchairs and table in the bedroom  Black chest of drawers near the bed  Mirror cabinet in the interior  A figurine on the floor

Window decoration and choice of textiles

Textiles are considered an important part of the interior decor. Depending on the texture of the fabric and its color, the room can be made cozy or vice versa, cold and unpleasant. The bedroom is welcomed by the abundance of natural light, so curtains are better to use from light fabrics. The only exception is the classical style, where heavy curtains with patterns are considered an integral element of the direction. In modern versions use panel curtains, which look stylish and neat. In the loft the windows are not curtained, giving preference to practical blinds. For romantic styles (especially Italian) use Roman curtains. Bedspreads, pillows, carpets on the floor and upholstery of furniture are selected in accordance with the basic design concept. In minimalism, for example, silk and cotton prevail. Elite classical styles can not do without soft velvet, velveteen and batiste. Flax with its coarse fibrous texture is ideal for rustic styles and eco-interiors.

Textiles in a bedroom in a private house Lockers on the side of the window  Clock Above the Table  White bed in the bedroom  Flower on the table by the window  Black walls in the interior

We place the accents

Without accent elements, the decor will look dull and fresh. In their roles are both simple jewelry, and parts that perform specific functions. The latter include canopies, pillows, mirrors, carpets, lamps. Simple decor includes figurines, souvenirs, photographs and paintings on shelves and walls, houseplants, vases, caskets, plates on stands, trunks. Accents, as a rule, are chosen taking into account the style of the interior and the color scheme. For example, in sea bedrooms, use decorative boats, starfish, seashells, steering wheels and gear. In the minimalism of ornaments are used a little. A couple of vases and panels on the wall with a picturesque landscape look organic.

Décor in the bedroom in a private house

In large rooms on the decor can not be trifled in the truest sense of the word. Ornaments on the sizes should correspond to a premise, that is to be large and volume. Otherwise, there will be a dissonance, and a spacious room will turn into a boundless and empty space, which will fragment numerous small elements.

Book shelves under the window  Bedroom with sitting area  Armchairs and a table in the bay window  The palm in the corner of the room  Wardrobe on the sides of a decorative fireplace

Bedroom in the attic

Bedroom in the attic, perhaps, the best option for a private house. If you equip the roof with windows, you can fall asleep under the open night sky or streams of rain drumming in the glass. Ceiling beams will become a stylish decorative element of decoration in the Provence, chalet and loft. The original architecture of the room is emphasized with light, which adds to the bedroom of originality. Effectively look options with a combination of finishing materials. For example, vertical walls are lined with wood, and sloping roof slopes are pasted with wallpaper with floral ornaments.

Bedroom in the attic Floodlights on the ceiling  Wallpapers with patterns in the interior  Bedroom in Art Nouveau style  Seats with drawers under the window  White furniture in a gray interior


The bedroom in a private house opens the way for the embodiment of any design ideas. It is enough not to restrain the imagination, and you will receive an exclusive room with the author's design of your own "cooking". The main thing, do not forget about the correct location away from the premises - noise generators (living room, children's room, kitchen). The rest corner should be calm and quiet, having a good night's sleep and a leisurely reading.