Create a design for a tiny house: advice of professional

Design of a tiny house in Washington

Design a tiny house from D.C.

The design of the tiny house, developed by the specialists of the company D.C., was not in vain the winner of the Washington architectural award AIA. After all, this is a truly unique project, ideally suited for enterprising people who, for gaining their own space, are ready to build their own home from scratch, which will become their fortress and safe haven.

Outwardly it is a regular rectangle with a low gable roof without decorative excesses with a lining of dark slats made of cedar mass. The house is equipped with a special rainwater collection system, which, passing through the cleaning filters, can then be used for domestic purposes. On the roof there are solar batteries, which provide this building with the necessary energy.

The facade of a tiny house The facade of a tiny house - фото 2

The maximum open interior space is saved from bulky furniture and is designed in such a way that it accommodates all functional areas necessary for normal living. There is also a modest kitchenette, and a living room, if necessary turning into a bedroom, and a small but comfortable bathroom. And thanks to the windows located around the perimeter, a sufficient amount of natural light is inside.

Interior design of a tiny house

Especially it would be desirable to note the made-to-order furniture. These are easily transformed models of tables, beds, pedestals and sofas, which allow you to save a significant part of the area and at the same time look very aesthetically and attractively.

Interior design of a tiny house - фото 2 Interior design of a tiny house - фото 3 Interior design of a tiny house - фото 4 Interior design of a tiny house - фото 5 Interior design of a tiny house - фото 6

Bright decoration and natural materials make this house very comfortable and cozy. A small patio allows you to enjoy quiet evenings in the company of friends and feel like a real master of your own life.

Rest area at a tiny house

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