Marine style: application in the interior +55 photo

Anchor and helm above the bed

The sea style in the interior of the house makes the space airy, free, functional. Previously, the interior of the country house in the naval style was considered the highest aerobatics, today in this style, and form the city apartment.

The interior is done in blue, white and brown cool colors. The blue scale can have many tones: from blue to turquoise. White color is most often used in pure form, sometimes beige, milky, caramel shades are permissible.

Sea interior is built on contrasting colors. Pastel shades are combined with saturated blue, brown, dark green and purple.

The ship on the shelf behind the couch

Some designers use warm shades to design space in the underwater world. Elements are made in red, yellow, creamy tones. Interior in the marine style does not tolerate a complex, multi-color.

Water motifs should not overload the room. It must remain airy. A small room uses a minimum of details. For a standard room, use one basic color, which is complemented by a contrasting hue and a pair of bright details.

Optimum use in the design of the house materials and objects made of natural wood, cork, stone, etc. For children's rooms you can use hemp, canvas materials, sandstone.

Table, sofa and armchairs by the fireplace

Water motifs are recognizable due to their patterns. Rooms with this design are decorated with wallpaper in a strip or wallpaper with drawings of anchors, waves, clouds. Sometimes patterns combine with each other. For a small room it is better to choose one basic pattern.

Furniture for rooms is chosen from solid wood, seats of armchairs and sofas are covered with canvas, linen, cotton cloth or matting. The situation should be concise. To support the topic, use low furniture, reminiscent of ship.

Lifebuoys over the couch

Sometimes in the design you can find rattan furniture, which helps to recreate the atmosphere of southern resorts in the apartment.

Objects of this subject are often made by hand.

Table lamp with a rope leg

For which rooms is suitable

Any room can be decorated in a marine style, but the bathrooms or children's rooms look the best. Sometimes they make out bedrooms and living rooms.

To design the room you need to choose a special color scheme and the right furniture. The interior includes marine themes: seashells, anchors, sandstone. Curtains in the room should be translucent, and tulle - weightless. The window is set with blinds made of wood. They are decorated with seashells. On one of the walls are glued wallpaper with the image of ships, palms or the ocean. In the room, focus on the ceiling. It can be not just white and stretch, the designers offer ceilings of a monophonic blue or white with painted clouds.

Steering wheels over the couch

We advise you not to overload the interior, applying many colors and solutions simultaneously.

Bed in the form of a boat

Color combinations

To decorate the room should adhere to the blue-white palette, diluting it with natural materials from wood. At first glance, this design may seem simple, but it is not. There must be harmony in the room.

Interesting design of the bedroom

From year to year, the fashion for shades of blue varies. Recently, designers have stopped on light, blue shades. The sea interior is classic, which implies the mandatory use of a dark blue color called navy (sea). This shade is deep and fairly calm. Marine design involves using this color when decorating windows or as an upholstery headset. Sofa cushions, carpets look original in this color.

When decorating the walls combine several colors. For example, glue contrasting striped wallpaper. The glued wall is used as a color spot for accessories. The room for the child should be fun, so it is diluted with colored elements, shells. In this room, orange or red parts are introduced. You can create a decor by yourself.

Map on the bedroom wall

Some designers oppose the use of black shades when decorating a house. Black color destroys the air marine design.

Recently, the interior in the marine style is diluted with beige tones. Warm shades: milky, caramel, ecru enrich the interior, make it calm, warm and serene.

Anchor over the bed

In the living room

The apartment must be made in a single style. The rooms should not contradict each other in design. The living room should be decorated in a marine style, if the overall view of the apartment is close to the Mediterranean standards.

Map on the ceiling in the living room

When decorating a living room, it is advisable to consider which side the windows are facing. For marine stylistics, select rooms with a view to the south or west. In such rooms it is always light and sunny. The northern side is considered more gloomy, as a result of which the theme of the sea or the ocean does not look cheerful.

In the sunny rooms, the cold color scheme will sparkle with new colors, giving the room a feeling of airiness and coolness. The use of white and blue tones as basic, properly selected natural furniture and accessories will make the living room original. Decor helps to stylistically complete the image of the room.

The telescope at the sofa


We advise you to properly furnish the living room. The items of the arrangement must be strong, qualitative and natural, as on a ship. You need to consider the size of the living room In spacious premises set massive furniture, for example, oak or ash. To facilitate the appearance of the room, mirrors are hung in it, tables of glass are installed. In a small living room set rattan or bamboo furniture.

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Living room with a blue interior

For guests place low furniture. Also set up rocking chairs. Instead of chests put treasure chests of solid wood. To store books hang massive shelves with forged elements or install an elegant cabinet with glass doors. On the shelves are placed accessories in the form of shells, sandstone or vessels with pebbles.

We advise you to have a minimum of furniture. In this case, it must be natural. The floor covering of such a premise is better made of wide natural boards, reminiscent of the ship's floors.

White furniture in the living room

Wall decoration and lighting

The walls of the living room are lined with clapboard or trimmed with caramel-colored decorative plaster. Designers recommend making a bright ceiling in the living room. It can be suspended, stretched, made multilevel, but it should be light and low as in the ship's cabin. To support the theme of the sea, it is necessary to install a lamp in the same style. It can be made in the form of an anchored shell or helm.

Steering wheel over the fireplace

In the living room должно быть светло. В темное время суток комната должна хорошо освещаться с помощью большого количества светодиодных ламп или многоуровневого освещения. Кроме того, стены можно украсить с помощью бра или настенных светильников, декорированных искусственным жемчугом или натуральными ракушками. В зоне для чтения можно установить торшер в виде палубного фонаря.

The ship on the fireplace in the living room


In the living room можно поставить аквариум. На его дно кладут модель затонувшего корабля и пиратские сокровища. Вместо затонувшего корабля в аквариуме можно разместить декорацию рифа со множеством кораллов, разноцветных камешков и водорослей. В большой гостиной часто подвешивают под потолок модель настоящего корабля в уменьшенных размерах.

When decorating a living room, one of the walls is decorated with wallpaper with a picture of the sea. If desired, hang on the walls madder. Many decorate the walls with self-made panels made of natural shells, pebbles or macrame. Sea decor brings identity to the room.

Ship behind the seats

The design looks original, if you hang a wall clock, made in the form of a ship's steering wheel or a rescue ring. Those who like to travel should supplement the interior with a map of the world or a globe.

On the curbstone or shelves are placed provincial jugs braided with a vine or heavy vases made of clay. In the interior organically fit elements that have details of the rope. The living room can be decorated with a topiary. If desired, the interior is diluted with living plants such as ficus, lianas, yuccas, which are placed in pots directly on the floor.

Picture on the fireplace in the living room


Textile в гостиной должен быть легким и воздушным. Лучше отдать предпочтение белому или голубому цвету. Выгодно смотрятся ткани, имеющие в своем составе металлизированные нити. Они играют на солнце подобно переливам моря. Для оформления гостиной допустимо использование желтого цвета. Однако его нужно дозировать. Желтые диванной подушки смотрятся уместно и напоминают о цитрусовых. In the living room гармонично смотрится текстиль бирюзового цвета.

Interesting table near the sofa

The windows should be decorated with natural fabrics. Beautifully look heavy curtains made of flax, combined with a light veil of organza. With the help of properly selected curtains, you can create a real ship sail. Exotic looks the living room, decorated with a real fishing net.

Ship on the table

In the bedroom

Not everyone can afford a house by the sea. We suggest you make a bedroom in the marine theme so that you can dream of distant wanderings before going to sleep.

The bedroom should not be oversaturated with details. The color palette should promote rest and serenity. The bedroom design emphasizes color and patterns.

Mirror above the bed

The sea can be different. Some see it as a wide space and relaxed rest among white sand and tall palms. For others, the sea is associated with the search for treasure and pirates. The interior is chosen, starting from his vision.

The bedroom is decorated with an array of wood, natural stone, shells and textiles. On the floor put parquet board or carpet in blue. The first creates a feeling of walking along the ship's deck. In the second case, the bedroom "sinks" to the bottom of the sea.

Mirror in the form of a steering wheel above the bed


For the decoration of the walls choose white painted panels made of wood. You can plaster the walls, using accessories such as pebbles or shells. To decorate the walls you should hang pictures of painters-seascape painters or paste wallpaper.

White and blue bedroom interior

The classic solution for decorating walls is to use striped wallpaper. More often the blue-white stripes alternate with each other. Modern design is gradually moving away from the usual classics. Today glue wallpaper with an undulating pattern.

The interior of the bedroom must be supported by natural colors. To make it more alive, use bright spots. This must be done carefully, so as not to lose the room, since the bedroom is a resting place. For bright spots it is permissible to use juicy, sunny shades.

Curtains with ships on the windows


To decorate the bedroom, they choose the right furniture and decor. The bedroom should be kept in the same style. For the decor of the house using wooden or textile materials.

Ships over the bed

An excellent solution is aged furniture. Such additional elements as a map, clock-wheel, chest maintain stylistics. Mirror in the bedroom is decorated with their own hands by means of twine or rope. Table lamps in the form of lanterns, shells on the curbstone - all this brings a note of adventurism.

The windows of the bedroom are decorated with canvas, linen curtains, cotton curtains. They are beautifully tied into the sea knots. The bed is made of blue linen, striped or with anchors. Sometimes it is allowed to use the red bed set. The bedroom is the place where you can go too far with the elements. In design, you need to adhere to the rule - the simpler, the better.

Chest and rope ladder in the bedroom

In the kitchen

There is an opinion that the sea theme is good only for bathrooms and children's rooms. However, it is suitable for the design of kitchens. Kitchens in this style look original and fresh.

The kitchen can be stylized to:

  • wardroom;
  • Pantry;
  • Coast;
  • bottom;
  • sand beach;
  • a yacht or a schooner of a fisherman;
  • villa by the sea, etc.
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Steering wheel on chandelier

Decor комнаты необходимо создавать осторожно, так как перебор с деталями чреват желанием перемен и недовольством. Лучше использовать несколько деталей, которые будут яркими акцентами.

Interior design called "fisherman schooner" is based on the use of networks, rough dining room furniture, aged items, open wooden shelves, ropes. This interior can be transformed into a "villa by the sea", if you hide nets and ropes, but hang a light tulle, and on the windows arrange pots with indoor plants and interior items. A coarse table is covered with a beautiful tablecloth, cushions are thrown on the benches. Interchangeable interior never gets boring, but can change the kitchen beyond recognition without difficulty and repair.

Anchor on the fridge

Kitchen combined with living room

If the kitchen is combined with the living room, then there is more room for imagination. In any case, such rooms require the presence of braided chests and baskets, rattan furniture, armchairs with decorative pillows. In the kitchen combined with the living room, a massive table of dark wood looks original. The table is suitable as a rough bench, and chairs with high backs, on which blue covers are worn. Photo wallpapers in the kitchen

Walls совмещенных зон оформляют обоями и панелями из дерева так, чтобы все естественным образом сочеталось. Обои подходят для гостиной зоны, а на кухне устанавливают панели из дерева. На полу может лежать ковер с толстым ворсом.

Steering wheel on the wall

Decor rules

Small kitchens can be decorated without a problem in a marine style. It is only necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • the kitchen set must have simple shapes;
  • the kitchen should be in blue tones;
  • apron can be made or yellow with images of inhabitants of the underwater world or white with applications made of natural shells or pebbles;
  • the kitchen window is decorated with airy tulle;
  • on the table lay a light tablecloth with ruches;
  • install a small lamp;
  • kitchen shelves decorated with shells, shells, pebbles, corals;
  • in the kitchen they use bright dishes made of clay;
  • floor covering is made of granite of sand color;
  • the walls are decorated with panels of wood in combination with wallpaper.

Kitchen with a blue and white interior

Decor стандартной кухни

If the kitchen is medium in size, then the subject may be more pronounced. The ceiling in the kitchen makes white, but with a floor covering you can play. For example, it is allowed to make a wave of tiles of blue and yellow colors. In this case, the walls of the room are pasted with yellow wallpaper and adorn them with beautiful morels.

Lamps on the ropes in the kitchen

На такой кухне красиво смотрится глянцевый кухонный гарнитур. Если имеется много различных полок, то их декорируют посредством обвитых лозой бутылок. In the kitchen устанавливают стол из дерева прямоугольной формы. К нему подбирают стулья с тканевыми сиденьями. На подоконник ставят красивые кашпо с экзотическими цветами или невысокими пальмами. Потолочный светильник можно сделать своими руками в виде кованной люстры или штурвала.

Table in the form of a ship

A piece of the sea in the nursery

Children in the marine style does not lose relevance for a long period. In the nursery the child feels comfortable and comfortable. Thanks to the stylistics in the room, the summer mood is maintained throughout the year. To issue a child, does not require a lot of money. The main thing is to follow the advice of designers and rely on your imagination.

Steering wheel over sofa

At registration the sex of the child is considered, since the child's for the boy differs from the room for the girl. For the latter will suit the style of the villa on the beach, when the room is rattan furniture, and textiles are rich in ruces and lace. Shells and corals are used as decor. Children's clothes for the girl are made in pastel colors.

Male children prefer a seafaring topic. In children establish massive furniture, and as a decor choose rough decorations such as anchors, models of navigation devices, etc. When decorating walls stop on striped wallpaper. Very often parents buy a bed for a boy in the form of a ship.

Map on the bedroom wall


Floor cover in the nursery depends on the parent budget. Stylish looks child with a wooden or cork. It is possible to install a laminate or a parquet board. On the floor can lie a fluffy carpet of white or blue, which will be associated with the sea. The carpet looks more original in the form of a map of the world. It can be made to order. With a high budget, you can install bulk floors made in 3D design. Such floors mimic the underwater world.

Original design of a nursery

Ceilings can look different. Beautifully looked childrens with a ceiling in the form of a cloud or starry sky. This ceiling is universal and suitable for both the boy and the girl. To enhance the sensations of the sea, you can resort to photo prints or luminescent patterns that give their light in the dark. It is not necessary to make the ceiling color. Some stop on a white cover, decorating it with beautiful ceiling lights in the form of ship's steering wheels or lanterns.

Ship on boards in the roof


Walls в детской должны быть грамотно оформлены. Если бюджет небольшой, останавливаются на наклейках из винила с изображением подводных обитателей. Одну из стен можно оклеить посредством фотообоев или украсить ее с помощью большой навигационной карты. Некоторые родители предпочитают более классическое оформление детской, выбирая обои белого, бирюзового, карамельного цветов. Важно учитывать и возраст ребенка. Малышам понравятся образы мультипликационных героев. Для детей более старшего возраста лучше выбирать декор в виде штурвалов, пальм, пиратских сокровищ.

Maps on the walls in the nursery

Kids love bright colors, but the nautical theme does not mean the use of many bright colors. This does not mean that they are forbidden to use. Make children's living more colorful elements help decor. They should be used sparingly. Designers do not recommend entering into the children's black color. It will negatively affect the psyche of the child.

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Lifebuoys on the wall


Furniture в детской должна соответствовать тематике. Интересно смотрится двухъярусная кровать в виде корабля. На первом ярусе ребенок может играть, на втором ярусе располагается спальное место. Можно остановиться на обычной кровати, но подобрать для нее красивый спальный комплект с изображением якорей.

The Swedish staircase by the bed

Original looks hammock, suspended in the nursery. The wardrobe can be installed standard, replacing the accessories on the marine theme. Hands look nice in the form of underwater inhabitants. In the children's room also put chests. The desk is complemented by a table lamp in the shape of a fish. For older children, you can install a built-in niche aquarium.

A bed with a steering wheel


Curtains must support an underwater theme. In the room for the boy, rope curtains, fastened with sea knots, are spectacular. In the room for girls it is better to choose air curtains with ruches.

Steering wheel from the ship on the wall

Accessories for children can be created with their own hands. We offer to sew the flag of these pirates and decorate them with one of the walls or ceiling. Some decorate the marine attributes with cushions or bedspreads. So the children's room becomes stylish and cozy.

The staircase by the window in the nursery

In the bathroom

The interior of the bathroom, decorated in a marine style, can resemble:

  • sand beach;
  • pirate ship;
  • cabin;
  • undersea world.

Blue shower design

Морской стиль в ванной предполагает использование массива дерева и натурального камня. Для оформления ванной нужно правильно подбирать напольное покрытие. Необычно смотрятся наливные 3D полы, воссоздающие undersea world. Более классическим вариантом является керамогранит со вставками из натуральной гальки. Некоторые выбирают мозаичные покрытия синего цвета. При укладке пола можно сочетать различные фактурные покрытия, например, натуральный камень и влагостойкий ламинат.

3D floor in bathroom

Walls и потолки

Ванная комната может быть оформлена в синих и песочных оттенках. Walls выравнивают и окрашивают матовой однотонной краской или же облицовывают кафельной плиткой. Над ванной часто устанавливают панно-марены. Если бюджет позволяет, можно нанести на одну из стен рельеф и затонировать его крошкой из натурального камня.

Paintings on the wall in the bathroom

Bathroom does not always have large dimensions, so do not install a bulky ceiling in it. It is better to stay on the standard white color. In rare cases, the ceilings are painted with clouds or frescoes.

Landscape with the sea and ships in the bathroom

Furniture и декор

А вот с сантехникой можно поэкспериментировать. Например, установить ванну из дерева или создать под нее мозаичный подиум, оснащенный шторой в виде паруса. Furniture в ванной должна быть неброской. Оригинально смотрятся фасады с кракелюром.

Mirror in the form of a steering wheel over a sink

The design of the room involves the use of various decor in the form of shells and sea stars. The objects are laid out along the perimeter of the bath. For toothbrushes and soaps, marine accessories are purchased for the interior. So the bathroom will play with new colors.

Bathroom - small room. You need to place the accents correctly. If the walls are accentuated, then we advise you to choose the white plumbing. If the emphasis is on the plumbing, stop at the pastel decoration of the walls.

Seashells on the walls


Подводная тематика в обустройстве объединяет воздушность и свежесть. Decor в морском стиле нравится людям, живущим в крупных городах и мечтающим об отдыхе на побережье. Этот стиль является классическим, лаконичным, предполагающим много открытого пространства, поэтому для него важно подбирать правильное освещение.

Spotlight near the sofa

The interior assumes a lot of flowing light associated with the sun. Select the lighting you need, focusing on the specifics of the room itself. Very often designers use wall lamps in the form of anchors, ceiling lights, helmets, hangers in the form of ships, made by themselves. When recreating the seabed, the rooms are supplemented with lamps in the form of inhabitants of underwater depths. For this style, pearl or pearl sconces, as well as forged lights are suitable.

Fixtures should correspond to the style. When decorating rooms prefer blue or white colors, lighting devices with marine patterns and ornaments, ceiling lamps in the style of Christopher Columbus.

Seascape on the wall in the living room


Arrangement of housing in a marine style involves the selection of simple furniture. She should look as if she had just been made up from improvised material. In some cases, it is permissible to age furniture facades. The technique of craquelure is especially appreciated. It is inadmissible to use an elaborate decor, but rattan or bamboo furniture is appropriate. This light furniture allows you to relax and contribute to a romantic mood. In the rooms, stylized under the sea, you can find wooden or wicker chests, hammocks, armchairs in the form of barrels, beds in the form of ships or boats.

Pictures above the sofa

Комнаты не перегружают мебелью. Здесь действуют по принципу — чем проще, тем лучше. Если комнату обустраивают стандартной мебелью, то ей придают оттенок моря с помощью замены фурнитуры или посредством состаривания некоторых ее элементов. Вместо ручек крепят морские фигуры и веревочные элементы. Отдают предпочтение низкой мебели. Диваны закрывают холщовыми чехлами. Furniture должна быть выполнена из натурального дерева. В редких случаях можно использовать материалы, имитирующие его.

Wicker table in the living room

Decor и аксессуары

In the rooms decorated in marine style, use photo frames, decorated with shells, transparent vases with ropes, starfish and other objects. However, designers do not advise storing many items in the room simultaneously.

One of the walls is decorated with a real fishing net or a self-made pirate flag. Some designers create original pictures. For example, tying pirate knots, place them under the glass and framed. Such paintings can be used in the living room or the nursery.

Ship on the locker by the table

Do not ignore the textiles. With its help, beautifully stylized houses. On the sofas or beds throw the bedspreads in a white-blue or red-blue strip. They are also decorated with sofa cushions. The design allows the use of pillows of yellow or orange. The windows are decorated with light tulle, linen or canvas curtains. On the floor can lie a fluffy carpet of blue, white or, as an accent, red. For such an interior, rough materials like matting, linen, canvas are suitable.