Design of the fishing lodge: an unusual design on the stones

Design of a fishing lodge in Norway

Unique design of a fishing lodge

In the former fishing village on the Lofoten Islands in Norway, on the quay of the embankment an architectural studio presented an unusual design of a fishing lodge. The structure consists of three parts: a fishing house, a small warehouse and a sauna. The project mainly used wood.

Design of a fishing lodge on a prie

Unusual design on the pier

The building was built in the 1990s, so it is considered historically important: it still personifies the way people lived in the area in the distant past. And in 2007 the dock and wooden structure were listed on the List of Cultural Heritage of the Lofoten Islands.

Steps to the fishing lodge

"Steps" on the stones

All pieces of furniture and appliances are built into the walls, which unite the parts of the structure. The northern part of the building represents several "bridges" located on the stones and leading to the sauna and recreation area. Sauna - from the sea.

All the doors and small windows of the building are made of glass, and they have a beautiful view of the sea and the archipelago. Central wooden platforms, which are slightly higher than others, are benches and a barbecue table

Fisherman's cabin overlooking the ocean


Sauna в рыбацком домике

Design of sauna

Dining area at the fishing lodge

Benches and table