Hall design in a private house with a staircase +75 photo

Hall design with stairs

A hall with a staircase in a private house must meet a number of requirements, so that the whole room looks like a single whole. It is necessary to tie together utility and usability. We must not forget that the first impression of acquaintance with the house of the guests is the most luxurious. So, what should be the design of the hallway with the stairs.

  • Dimensions of the ladder march. They should be sufficient so that you can move furniture from one floor to another if necessary. Otherwise, if there is no such possibility, a lift or a special rigging is used to lower and raise the furniture.
  • It is advisable to provide a place for storing things under the stairs.
  • Design and style of design. It depends on the location of the stairs in the hall and on the overall design decision.


The most common option is a straight ladder with a space between the spans. This option is not only the simplest, but also the most convenient. Between the flights of the stairs, intermediate platforms are set up, marches equipped with handrails. It looks like this staircase is very beautiful, it makes it possible to implement different design ideas, but it requires a large ceiling height.

Spiral staircase in the hall Light walls  Interior in dark colors  Stairway with illumination  Wide steps  Wooden staircase in the hallway

A compact solution for a small hall - a straight flight of stairs, devoid of intermediate platforms and turns. The cost of such a ladder is much lower, but the rise is quite steep. For families with the elderly and babies this option is hardly suitable.

For very small and narrow halls, the spiral staircase will be the salvation. Beautifully inscribed in a small space, decorated with forging, it looks very presentable. Unfortunately, it is absolutely safe to call such a descent. It is not always possible to equip the structure with handrails. For the disabled and the elderly, such a descent and ascent on a small ladder can turn into a difficult test.

Pop art in the interior Wooden ceiling in the hall  Interior of the villa  Railings made of wood  Stairs with carpet  French style

Kinds ограждений

The main purpose of fencing is security. One should not forget about the aesthetic component. Material for fencing is chosen in such a way that it is beautifully and practically combined with materials from which spans and steps are made. It is welcomed, if the motives used in the manufacture of fences, duplicate the geometric forms of the hallway. For example, for high-tech design or minimalism with strict line geometry, you need to withstand a staircase opening using linear elements. Conversely, smoothly curved railings are in harmony with arched designs and curved lines of the hall.

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Long corridor with stairs

One of the trends of today's fashion in architecture are glass constructions. Such railings perfectly harmonize with the glass frameless door structure. Glass in an elegant metal frame adds to the interior of luxury and sophistication.

Glass is certainly beautiful, but not always it can be used. If the family has small children, this can be dangerous. It is better to refrain from such a project.

Stairs made of natural wood


Location: лестницы в холле также может быть разным.


In this case, the hall accent is just a ladder design, so the design requirements are high. For finishing choose the most beautiful, prestigious and sound materials. For example, marble steps and forges made of wrought iron create a truly palace splendor. Maybe this option: the floor and steps are made of the same wood. If the ladder is narrow and devoid of turns and intermediate span, it is made of materials that serve as an interior accent.

Classic interior of the hall Wooden steps  Interior in white color  Country Style  Entrance hall in a private house  Hi-tech style


In this case, the role of the staircase in the interior is secondary. In this case, it is much more important to organize the hall space. Decoration is chosen so that it is in harmony with the style and materials of the entrance hall. Materials for finishing the staircase can be any: from classic marble to colored glass in shockproof performance.


Consider the possible options for using materials for the flight of stairs.

Luxurious hallway design Black staircase  Entrance hall in a country house  Stairs to the second floor  Bright decor of the hall  Entrance hall

A rock

This is one of the oldest building materials. Spans of concrete on metal fittings are decorated with a stone. It can be granite with anti-slip treatment or marble. Material for the implementation of railings and balusters can be a stone massif or forged metal. Such "palace" elements will undoubtedly decorate the interior. Especially appropriate is this finish, if the same stone was used for the decoration of the walls and the floor of the hallway. The cost of such finishing is very high, and it is only relevant in a large room. This hall and hall can be proud of.

Stylish staircase decoration Spiral staircase in the house  Classic interior  Shebbie-chic style  Wooden decor  Gothick style

Fake diamond

This is a more democratic alternative to natural stone. According to its durability, it is not inferior to natural material, and sometimes exceeds it. Externally, natural and artificial stone is practically indistinguishable. Composite material has another advantage: a variety of colors and textures.

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Natural wood

This is one of the most popular and favorite options. Strength of wood is high enough. The tree, in addition, has a centuries-old history of use in construction work.

Art Nouveau style High ceilings in the hallway  Design of the wall above the stairs  Fireplace under the steps  Hall with wide doors  The Forgotten Leprechaun

The most frequent option is coniferous. They are durable enough, look beautiful, create the impression of peace, coziness and prosperity. A more pathos and status option is the use of oak and mahogany wood for the construction of a staircase. These rocks are distinguished by a noble hue and an unusually beautiful texture. Railings, posts and balusters, as a rule, are made of wood. Oak steps look great with metal and glass fences.

Wood-fiber and wood-shaving materials

This is a cheap alternative to solid wood. They are finished with natural veneer. This design looks quite nice, but it is inferior to natural wood for durability.

Entrance hall с лестницей Contemporary decor of the hallway  Stairs made of metal  Design of a private villa  Decor of the handrail  Solid oak stairs


Главное преимущество этого материала – пластичность. Metalической лестнице можно придать любую форму, даже самую сложную. Прочность металла – тоже на высоте.

Оттеночных вариаций – множество. Metal хорошо смотрится и с другими материалами: камнем, деревом или стеклом (в этом случае, ему отведена каркасная роль). Гармонирует он и с оттенком стен, будь то штукатурка или кладка из кирпича. Важное преимущество металлического изделия – это компактность. Его можно разместить в самом ограниченном пространстве.

Classic interior в коттедже Interior in the style of minimalism  East style  Vacation home  Interior in American style  Chebby Chic in the décor of the hallway


This is an innovative approach to the design of staircases. In this case, not conventional but multi-layered and high-strength grades of glass are used. The design turns out soundly, beautiful and elegant to airiness, but some people descend and rise cause fear. Glass fences occur more often than steps.


Correct lighting of the staircase of the hall is one of the most important requirements. By definition, the hall should be lit brighter. This allows to make its space the main one in the interior. In the ceiling above the staircase, spot lights are built in for the entire length of the span. Beautifully look and wall lights, located along the staircase. It is desirable that the plafonds of the sconces are designed in the same style as the central chandelier of the hall.

Landscaping of the hallway Minimalism in the interior of the hallway  Original staircase decoration  Painting on the steps  Decorating walls with wood  Forged railing

The backlighting of the steps with LED light bulbs and ribbons creates a magical, dreamlike atmosphere in the house. In particular, this backlight is suitable for glass steps. If there is a window on the turntable, it gives natural light and makes the space visually wider. In this case, on the site, it is appropriate to have a beautiful home plant in a suitable style of pots.

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Space under the stairs

Often, the niches formed under the stairs occupy a considerable space, convenient for storing things or a temporary sleeping place.

  • If the hall is a classic repair, then for the decoration of the niche use the same materials as for the walls of the hallway and corridor (for example, plaster). There are other options: the use for decoration of wallpaper or ordinary wallpaper of a contrasting hue.

Scandinavian style

  • Design in the European style allows you to equip under the stairs a temporary place for sleep.
  • If the cottage is small in size, the problem of storing things is very acute. In the space under the staircase you can mount several boxes and cabinets for storing things. It is possible to equip and some kind of basement for home preparations.

Marble staircase


When decorating an entrance hall with a staircase, such variations of house styles are possible.

  • Classics and neoclassics. Characteristic features - the design of staircases marble or granite. To decorate the walls and the interplanetary platform, moldings are used. The same stucco is used for fencing. It fits into the concept of exquisitely-restrained classical style and a ladder with wooden steps.
  • For styles of hi-tech and minimalism, materials such as metal, glass or durable plastic are best suited. They also fit into the luxuriously bourgeois style of art deco.

Rustic interior Classic staircase design  White steps  Luxurious staircase in the mansion  Simple entrance hall  Norwegian style in the interior

  • Armature, concrete and unplastered brickwork - all these are signs of industrial loft style.
  • A spiral, bizarrely curved staircase perfectly suits the modernist style. Window frames, door cuffs and handrails are made from the same wood and decorated with an identical pattern.

Design Options

Such kinds of ensembles of foyer with a ladder look beautiful.

  • The lobby in the style of "classic" with a ladder of marble.
  • Art-deco style: snow-white interior and a ladder made of glass and metal.
  • Interior "modern" with smooth lines and functional niche under the stairs.
  • Laconic staircase accent color design fits into the canons of minimalism.
  • A wooden staircase to the second floor and an attic in combination with the finishing of the entrance hall of a country house with a lining - a rustic country style.
  • The private house's hall, decorated with stone, and a ladder made of wrought iron form a charming Mediterranean ensemble.

Steps to the second floor Simple interior  French style  Modern in decor  Wooden staircase in the house  Color wenge


You will use the stairs quite often. Therefore, for the safety of movement, it is advisable to make it carpeted (if the style allows). This will create an atmosphere of extra chic and minimizes the risk of injury. It is possible to equip the staircase with your own hands, but it is better to invite the master to work with modern materials.