50 gaming room design ideas

Design of a game room

Own zone for games, reading and drawing allows each child to develop comprehensively. In this case, to carry out the original design of the game room is easy, following simple advice. First of all parents should choose the optimal theme and color scheme of design. They will determine the perception of the children of the environment, will promote active games or a more relaxing holiday. Necessarily in such room it is necessary to establish a bed or a sofa where the tired child can sleep or simply sit and read the book. The rest of the furniture, toys should be selected according to the wishes and needs of the baby. For storage of books a compact locker is suitable, neatly stored dolls or cars will help an open rack or rack with baskets. If desired, a separate part of the game can be allocated for the installation of sports equipment. They will allow the child to develop properly physically. Observance of such recommendations of experts will help to conduct a competent arrangement of game without special difficulties.

As bright inclusions for the premises, lamps with non-standard design, decor and painting on the walls will suit. Zoning for children Light green in the design of the nursery Orange and turquoise in the design of the game room  Children's room with a large window  Fabulous design of the game  Furniture with slide for children's playroom

To complement the chosen range will help colorful rugs and curtains on the windows. They can have saturated bright colors: blue, green, purple, yellow or orange. Subjects of registration can be any, but it must necessarily please the child. The most popular solutions include stylization under the jungle, desert, castles for knights and princesses.

Children's room on the second floor

The predominance of red, orange and bright yellow is best avoided. They will contribute to the child's excessive activity.

Table in the center of the game room Playing on the balcony Stripes in the design of the nursery White furniture in the children's room Bright colors in the design of the nursery White sofa with multi-colored pillows

Decoration Materials

When choosing the finishes for a gaming room, you need to consider the following requirements for materials: safety, practicality, durability. It is unacceptable to use budget wallpapers or paints that can give off dangerous couples. The best finishing options are:

  • For the ceiling. A usual whitewash, a light stretch ceiling with a matte or glossy surface level the ceiling. They refer to universal low-cost solutions. For an unusual design of the game it is recommended to choose a multi-level gypsum plasterboard ceiling. It can be painted in different colors, complementing the rest of the decoration and the very situation of the room. Another advantage of plasterboard structures is the ease of creating the correct lighting with LEDs or spotlights.
  • For the walls. Coloring or a full list are among the most practical options. Bright wall covering, drawings on them will help to easily stylize any room. Admissible additions will be vinyl wallpapers or wallpapers. Plastic panels, boarding in the game for children is better not to use.
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House of wood in the playroom Furniture from a natural tree for a nursery Green wallpaper in the nursery Pendant armchair in the games room Green ceiling in the nursery TV in the games room

Safe coatings

A lot of time, kids and children from 7 years and older spend, playing sitting right on the floor. Therefore, floor coverings parents should give maximum attention. The permissible types include:

  1. Natural wood + playing mat. Parquet or high-quality laminate will ensure the warmth of the floor. Children's play mat will complement the design and provide comfort to the child during the games.
  2. Marmoleum. This flooring material is a natural linoleum. He is going on the technique of "groove-spike" over the screed. Therefore, it can be easily laid with your own hands. The foam material keeps the heat well, practically does not deform with time. It is made in different colors.
  3. Cork floor (from "clean" unpressed cork). It increases sound insulation and maintains heat well. Ideal for babies who do not walk well yet: when they fall on such a cover, the child will not injure themselves.
  4. Bamboo carpet. Leading material on practicality and environmental friendliness. Soft floor covering of bamboo will provide both comfort and safety of games. Can immediately be laid on the screed or laid on a special substrate.

Sofa at the window in the children's room

Furniture and storage

For the correct arrangement of the game room, it is recommended to draw up a project at once. It should include zones for games (and if necessary sports activities), rest, reading. Organize space for drawing and communicating with peers, as in a private garden, will help install children's furniture. For example, it could be a set of table and chairs from Ikea. For children aged 1 year or slightly older, it is recommended to install an additional table with a sorter. Children from 3 years will be interested in playing with story-role sets. In this case, adults should separately install a toy school or an animal hospital, a shopping center (house) with toys.

Two red armchairs in the children's room Blinds in the interior of the nursery Minimalism in the interior of the game Stylish children's room Turquoise and pink in the design of the nursery Furniture for a playroom in an apartment

A small shelving or shelves with baskets will help the kid to maintain order in the room, neatly folding the toys. It will be useful also for a sofa where the child can read or relax at lunch time. A good option would be a bunk bed with a sleeping place at the top and a stylized tent house at the bottom.

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Stairs in the gaming

For a small gamer, you can separately install a table with a laptop. But it is recommended not to allow long games of the child, which can harm his vision and psychological state.

Gently pink shades in the design of the nursery for the little princess

A room for a boy

The little boy will definitely enjoy playing in the sea or pirate style. The image of the ship on the wall, cushions in the form of anchors and lifebuoys, as well as furniture in the sand and turquoise range perfectly complement the direction. Children who are keen on racing and cars, it is recommended to decorate the room in the style of Formula 1. For example, to establish an armchair in the form of a racing car, on the wall to paste wallpapers with types of tracks or driving on roads or off-road cars. Lovers of research can decorate the room with ropes stylized as vines. Walls can be painted under the jungle or used for decorating similar wallpaper.

Game room for the boy

A tall wooden house-hut, where a child can often play, will also be a good addition. Children who are addicted to Westerns will definitely enjoy playing with the desert depicted on the walls, cacti and cowboys. In this room you can install a small wigwam. The color scheme for such a premise should include sand, olive and dark green colors.

Playroom in the style of eco Game for the boy Designing a child with a play area The idea of ​​creating a game for a boy Large game room for two boys Gaming in blue tones

Room for a girl

To create a beautiful design and cozy atmosphere in the girl's play room will help to follow interesting topics for her. To children who like to watch animals and insects, it is recommended to decorate the room in light yellow or light-green color scheme. Furniture with images of bees, butterflies (or cats, dogs) will well complement the created design. A little lady, fond of fairies and princesses, is recommended to arrange a game in the appropriate subject. So, a royal tent or a rack with princesses, dolls will help her to play interesting. A doll house or a puppet restaurant can be installed separately. As a berth a bed with a canopy, stylized for a luxurious castle, is suitable.

Playroom for girls

An interesting design solution will be the design of the gaming in the French style. For this direction, paint the walls in a light pink or purple color. Wall paintings can include images of the Eiffel Tower, elegant streets, poodles and French beauties.

In the gaming, designed for a small lady, you can also install sports walls, hang a swing. Parents only need to choose products painted in white, pink or purple tones.

Registration of a game room in pink tones Game for a little girl Game room for a little princess Games for girls Playroom for baby  Pink in the design of the game room

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A room for two children

For two same-sex children, you can choose any of the above design themes. For heterosexual children it is recommended to conduct a neutral stylization. As the primary color of the decoration is suitable olive, light yellow. You can combine different bright colors, but stop at 3-4 colors. A greater number of colors will lead to a violation of the harmony of the interior. Conditionally, the entire game is recommended to be divided into separate zones for each child. The central part of the room can be left for general games. For example, in the center you can put a game mat and leave a couple of baskets with toys. It can be replaced by a plastic house with a veranda. True, this design will fit in a spacious room.

Games room for two children

In a small game you should limit yourself to a light tent or labyrinths. As a berth, a bunk bed is ideal: it will take a minimum of space and allow children to rest comfortably. On request, the top and bottom of the bed can be painted differently or stylized in different color or design with pillows and bedspreads.

Games room for two children разного пола Unusual gaming design for two children Playground in the nursery for two children Registration of the playground in the nursery Game room for two kids Playroom in green and blue tones


Following the helpful recommendations for choosing the color range, themes and arrangement, you can easily make a beautiful and comfortable game for one child or several children. We recommend special attention to the selection of finishing materials for walls and ceilings. Also, do not forget about the practicality and environmental friendliness of floor coverings: they should keep the heat well and at the same time be completely harmless. Furniture, selected for the game room, should be made of non-toxic plastic or natural wood. Painted products or models covered with varnish should be completely harmless. For a comfortable rest and an active time, you should zoning the room. Preliminary drawing up of a plan or drawing with the arrangement of different types of furniture and decor will help you easily and easily arrange a play in a spacious cottage or a small apartment. Created for the child room in a bright design with your favorite characters will be the best place for his correct physical and creative development.