Design a small bedroom 9 sq. m. m - 35 photos of the

A bed in a small bedroom

A bedroom is a special place in every apartment. From the atmosphere in her depends the quality of sleep and mood the whole next day. Bedroom design 9 sq.m. not the simplest task: the place is limited, and the room wants to be cozy, stylish, functional. The combination of a successful color solution, properly chosen layout and practical furniture can create real miracles with a small room.

Live and "clean" styles:

  • Classic. The furniture is made of natural wood, the interior is not overloaded, there are expensive high-quality materials.
  • Provence. Air French style, which is characterized by rounded forms, romantic mood, tender colors.
  • Country. Home, rustic style of decoration. The main goal is to create the most cozy and warm nest.
  • Minimalism. The number of elements is minimized, straight lines and simple forms predominate.

White walls will expand the space

Color Solutions

With the help of color, experienced designers manage to conduct a variety of manipulations with the room: create a mood, focus on the main elements, visually change the size or proportions. Before choosing a color solution for a bedroom, one should understand: this room is the personal space of the owners, a place of rest and rest, so instead of mindlessly follow fashion trends, above all, one should set own tastes and preferences.

Soft headboard

Bedroom design 9 sq. M. meters should be as light as possible: the use of dark tones visually reduce free space, negatively affect the ability to relax. The same rule applies to bright accents. Their number should be kept to a minimum.

Bedside sofa

Preferably use the following color scheme:

  • beige shades;
  • brown;
  • marine themes;
  • soft green tones;
  • a combination of gray with gentle shades of other colors;
  • soft pink and purple.

The combination of wallpaper in a small bedroom

To ensure that the type of illumination does not distort the perception of the chosen color, it is necessary to select it accordingly: in rooms with an excess of natural light, the cold scale is more suitable, and where the main source of lighting is a lamp, it is better to use warm colors.

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Bedroom in beige tones

How to trim each surface

At the same time, an economical and successful solution for a small space is the coloring of walls with one color. The ceiling is also painted in white, and a neutral pattern is placed on the floor.

The combination of wallpaper gray and wooden floor

Another common solution for the bedroom is to use wallpaper. Modern manufacturers offer a wide choice of any textures and colors. Unlike painting, this option does not require an even surface of the walls, any flaws and defects will be hidden with the help of a drawing. The bedroom design of 9 m2 is best created using a shallow pattern, so the walls will appear further.

Two-level ceiling

A good choice for a bedroom is a glossy Ivory ceiling. From multi-level designs it is worth noting, they make the ceiling heavier, and the room is smaller.

Narrow bedroom with a bed

Revive bedroom interior 9 sq.m. will help the floor. Depending on the preferences and material capabilities of the owners, as a floor covering use laminate, linoleum, parquet, cork or vinyl. Do not make the floor too dark, but according to the rules of design, it should be a few shades darker than the upper level of the room.

Unusual window

Elements of the interior of the bedroom

A bedroom is not a place for a lot of furniture. But what if there is no other place to store things?

The bedroom in the 9 sq. M. m can hardly accommodate many elements, but you can choose practical furniture, which, with its functionality, will not take up much free space.

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom can accommodate:

  • Bed;
  • Cupboard;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Bedside table;
  • Dressing table with mirror;
  • Desk;
  • Armchair;
  • TV.

All immediately fit in a small room does not work, so you must immediately determine your own priorities.

Bedroom with partitionBedroom with a partition from the living room

If you plan to combine the bedroom and the office, it will be profitable to immediately put a desk for the computer, organizing the workplace. Girls will probably have to taste a dressing table, where you can preen up right after awakening. If the apartment does not have a dressing room, then a bedroom of 9 sq. M design with a wardrobe is a great option.

Wallpaper green

Bedside tables will be used in any accommodation. They can be put on accessories, devices or glasses.

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Bedside table of the original form

Note! In order to save space, the chair can be replaced with a small stylish puff.

The idea of ​​lighting

Bed as the main element of the bedroom

Whatever set of furniture is not chosen, and the need for a bedroom bed is undeniable. It is the bed that is the center of the room, its main accent.

A bed in a small bedroom

The main parameter when choosing a bed is its convenience. If the bed is not comfortable to sleep, then the most advantageous design of a small bedroom will not help.

Small bedroom

A good option for a small room will be a bed with a folding mechanism. This will save in the daytime, almost all the free space of the room. This design has large boxes for storing things, which allows you to combine it with the cabinet.

The style of the bed must be in harmony with the overall design of the room. Otherwise, the bedroom will look weird and slovenly.

Blinds in the bedroom

The size of the bed is chosen according to the number of people who will sleep on it. But it should be remembered that in a small room a bed more than 2 meters wide will be an error if it is planned to place any other elements in the room.

Light bedroom

Lighting and decoration

The bedroom is, first of all, a place for rest, so setting here too bright lighting is absolutely not appropriate. If the bedroom is combined with an office or another room, then the best choice will be the ability to adjust the light level depending on the need.

Bedroom accessories

A good option would be spotlighting functional areas: a dressing table, a desk and an area near the reading chair. Be sure to install a night light or hang a small sconce near the bed itself.

Volumetric walls in the bedroom

The decor of the bedroom should add to her comfort. If it has a window, then it is necessary to hang beautiful air curtains on it. Heavy curtains are not the best option, which badly fits into the design of a small bedroom of 9 square meters: they will reduce the amount of natural light.

Bedroom in classic style

The most common decoration of the bedroom is a bed cover, designed in the style of the room. If you choose a bright material, it can be the main accent. As a decor, mirrors and mirror surfaces, decorated in a beautiful frame in the style of the room, can also be used.

Sliding wardrobe in the small bedroom

Important! Many are not comfortable constantly seeing their reflection, so it will be better if the mirror is not directed to the bed.

Round mirrors above the head of the bed

Design with balcony

Exit to the balcony from the bedroom - a big plus for a small room for two. There are several ways to use it:

  • Leave the balcony in a separate room.
  • Dismantle the window and the doorway, leaving part of the partition wall.
  • Fully connect the two rooms, dismantling the partition.
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Bedroom design project

The choice of a suitable option depends entirely on the wishes of the owners. If the apartment has few rooms, but several people live, then it will be more correct to leave the loggia as a separate room: the possibility of seclusion is more valuable than the square meters of the bedroom.

Design Ideas in Bedroom Design

The second option will help add a balcony area to the area of ​​the room, but it will save it as a separate zone. The arch, left from the top of the window opening, will look beautiful. The lower wall can be adapted as an additional shelf or arranged as a workplace. It will be necessary to organize an additional light source for the area of ​​the former balcony.

Functional storage of things

If you want to completely connect the balcony and bedroom, the wall between them will have to be completely destroyed in the early stages of repair: this is laborious and very dirty work. This will require permission from the housing and communal service.

Bedroom in a niche of wooden cabinets

Techniques for expanding space

If the room in the room is not possible to expand really, then you can do it visually. For this there are a few simple tricks:

  • Do not use a large pattern on wallpaper, curtains or any other surfaces. Great details seem closer, visually compressing and all the rest of the space.
  • It is better to look furniture with sliding doors than with swinging. This will make it possible to arrange other elements closer.

Workplace in the bedroom 9 sq. M

  • Mirror and glossy surfaces are a "wand-bum" of small spaces. For example, the mirror can be on the front of the cabinet.
  • Curtains and curtains are best placed on the cornice, which is attached to the ceiling itself. This will increase the height of the room.

Bedroom design project

  • The rays from the lamp should be directed to the walls or down, but not to the ceiling. This method corrects the proportions of the bedroom.
  • Do not use a lot of small accents. This will only smear a small room, make it sloppy.

Textiles in bedroom finishing

  • The larger the window, the more natural light will enter the bedroom, thereby increasing its size.
  • Light colors will make the room not only more, but also lighter. But you can not forget the rule, that the bottom should be darker, otherwise the ceiling will look heavy.