How to use artificial stone in the interior

Artificial stone arose long ago. They can be called even the most common brick. However, here we are talking about an artificial stone for interior decoration. It can be used to create an interior of any style.

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Advantages of the material

Its first advantage over natural breeds is its price, which is much lower. A natural breed is an extremely expensive treat. And with it it is extremely difficult to work and very easy to spoil. One awkward movement - and now everything is spoiled. During processing a huge amount of marriage is formed. In addition, such a stone is very difficult to transport, it is heavy in weight and expensive in cost. Artificial material in many respects is not inferior to natural breed, and by a number of indicators even surpasses. Its strength is much higher than most natural ones. The main advantages of artificial material include:

  1. Decorative material can be made in any shape. From it you can create thin plates. This allows you to save the area of ​​the room during the finish.
  2. The material does not need to be processed. After all, you can always make a part according to your specific standards.
  3. The ability to make it yourself. This does not apply to all types of material. But some are quite capable of creating their own hands.
  4. No need to spend money on grinding.

Such material can be made by imitating any natural, at least simple rock, though artificial marble.

Artificial stone in the living room

Artificial stone is lighter than natural and does not overload the structure when decorating internal walls. The main thing in stone decoration is the choice of place and sense of proportion.

Successful option of finishing

A successful option of finishing the studio room with an artificial stone. A small area of ​​stone inserts enlivened the spacious room and gave it respectability.

Living room in chalet style

Living room in the style of the chalet is always finished with a stone of irregular shape of local origin.

Places of application

Decorative stone is suitable for almost any type of interior decoration. Often it is used for facing the facade. Natural breeds have a lot of weight, so before using them you have to strengthen the walls. Artificial stone for the facade solves this problem. There are varieties of stone that are made from extremely light materials. Artificial marble is often used for large-scale projects, when pomposity is needed, but there is no desire to inflate the construction budget to astronomical sums. Construction work in this case also go much easier and faster.

Attractive entrance hall

The ideal variant of finishing the walls of the hallway with decorative plaster of warm tones and artificial stone.

The artificial stone bath will also be a very good solution. This kind of material is great for placing a bathroom. Its structure perfectly withstand constant moisture. What is extremely important, such a surface is not located to the formation of mold. The only problem can be stitches. However, if properly processed, you can completely eliminate the possibility of the appearance of the fungus. You just need to properly care for the room and observe the basic rules of hygiene.

Artificial marble will perfectly fit into the interior of any bathroom. He will give her solidity. In addition, such repairs will be very durable and reliable, protecting, including from the consequences of municipal accidents.

Very often in various interiors use sills made of artificial stone. Even in wooden buildings such an element of design will look quite organic. The sills made of artificial stone are highly durable. This is extremely convenient if you need to stand on them for washing windows. Any interior is suitable for using in it sills made of artificial stone. They are easy to install. They are extremely easy to wash.

Most often, window sills are made of artificial marble. Looks such interior elements are simply luxurious, giving solidity to the whole home.

There are many options for using this type of material. Originally it looks like an artificial stone in the hallway. It gives solidity to the interior. But the hallway is the place that creates the first impression of the apartment. Artificial decorative stone is appropriate in almost any interior. So if you decide to decorate your home, then you can not doubt.

Respectability to a spacious hall gives the decoration of the fireplace with a decorative Caucasian stone.

Respectability to a spacious hall gives the decoration of the fireplace with a decorative Caucasian stone.

Types of material

When choosing a material for the interior can be difficult. In order to make the right choice, you need to know the main types of material and the features of its application. There are several types:

  1. Ceramic. Such a material is difficult to produce. It requires certain skills and techniques. In the manufacturing process, firing occurs at high temperatures. It is suitable for use in places where there are frequent temperature changes. It is used most often in bathrooms.
  2. Gypsum. It is made by means of forms. It is suitable only for interior decoration. He does not tolerate a temperature drop, especially does not tolerate cold weather.
  3. Concrete. It is made using molds, using cement and fine sand. At its cost is slightly more expensive than plaster. However, it is heavier and sturdier.
  4. Concrete reinforced. This is an extremely sturdy construction, which can be influenced by a lot of weight. Most often it is made on the spot.
  5. Polyester. This material is superior in its beauty to natural ones. However, it is extremely complex in production. Its congelation occurs when the temperature drops in a complete vacuum. And this means that it is impossible to create it at home. It is from this material that artificial marble is made.
  6. Cast acrylic. By the method of production resembles gypsum. However, it is much better. Well tolerates the temperature drop. To deform it, a temperature of over 175 degrees is needed.

Choosing the right kind of material, the task of installing an artificial stone in the interior is greatly simplified. Knowing under what environment this or that product is adapted, it is possible not to make mistakes in interior design.

Artificial stone wall

The wall is finished with an artificial stone under the old brickwork.

Types of decorative bricks

Types of decorative bricks for interior decoration of premises.

It does not matter for what purposes the material is used, whether it be sills made of artificial stone or the facing of a fireplace. Decorative stone is a material that can decorate the interior of any room. And all the work can be done independently, which is very important. Choosing the right material, which will be suitable for visual and technical characteristics, you can realize the boldest design ideas. Artificial stone in the interior - a very good choice, you can not doubt it. It will create the interior of your dreams, be reliable, beautiful. Products made of artificial stone are beautiful and very durable. This is an ideal option for those who do not like to repair and try to do it as rarely as possible. Using this material in your interior design, you can not update your home for years.

How to glue decorative, artificial stone on the walls. Video

Artificial stone with own hands. Video

Decorative artificial stone in the interior of the room