The original construction of houses from containers

Construction of houses from containers in the USA

Building houses from containers in Arizona

The construction of houses from containers looks exotic. New housing project from old containers in Arizona. Construction is in full swing on Grand Street in Phoenix. There is already a list of waiting apartments with one bedroom of 69 m2.

The investor of the project Kathleen Santin commented that most of the future tenants want for themselves something creative and innovative.

Construction of houses from containers in the USA. Фасад жилья

Facade of housing in the project

Santin noted that there is no housing shortage in the city center, but the prices there are not small. There was a situation when people who like the center appeal to the builder, but live on the periphery. The investor assumes that a shift has occurred in the minds of the current generation and many do not want to stay in the suburbs.

Construction of houses from containers in the USA. Проект дома

The project of houses on container street

There are some issues related to the security of container architecture. The metal modules are narrow, their floor was previously treated with insecticides. Their walls support the roof, so when the sections are cut out, you need to reinforce the remainder of the wall with the same amount of new steel, and since Phoenix hot and sunny walls and roof needs a large insulating layer. Still here, shading is required.

Construction of houses from containers in the USA. Будущий дом Construction of houses from containers in the USA. Дизайн интерьера

Interior design, while in computer form

Designers very successfully placed bathrooms and kitchens. Utility rooms successfully divide the containers into zones, this method allows you to look like the interior space is quite harmonious and facilitates the installation of postings.

Sea containers for decades were manufactured for freight, sometimes they were conducted with architectural experiments, but seriously no one thought to turn industrial modules into housing for people. The StarkJames company demonstrates that it is possible not only to build housing from containers, but also to enter a promising market niche. With the help of cutting and welding, a decent and comfortable space is obtained in which it will be convenient and comfortable to live, and some people will reconsider their housing standards.

This is really a new trend, do you agree?