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The living room always played the role of a rest area for friends, relatives and colleagues who visited the apartment. On holidays it is convenient to hold various events for a wide range of guests, especially if there is a child in the house.

Photo wall in the living room

Since in this room feasts are often organized, the creation of a unique interior, which can be well emphasized by wall-papers in the living room, will be one of the main tasks for the owner of the house.

A beautiful picture of wallpaper can fill the house with a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • Features of the design of the living room photo wallpaper
  • Universal solution
  • Photo examples - wall-papers in the interior of the living room

Features of the design of the living room photo wallpaper

Using photo wallpapers as a decoration for any room can be the most successful addition for any design solution. Photo wallpapers in the design of the living room are often chosen depending on the space that the owner of the house has. Let's consider some features of a choice of such plots.


The variant with abstraction often fits well into the interior in the event that there is no possibility of arranging furniture. An abstract image will be perceived holistically from anywhere in the living room.

Photo wallpapers in the living room

Floristic scenes, such as beautiful meadows or trees, are a universal way to fill your home with an atmosphere of freshness and comfort. When using light colors in the design of the living room you can get the maximum effect.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

To create the illusion of additional space in small living rooms, a certain type of wallpaper is used. The most popular in this category are the streets of old cities that go into the distance.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Among ethnic motifs geographically popular are images with oriental directions, or historical sights. Recently, the use of photo wallpapers on the basis of one's own story, which managed to create a holiday in one of the countries, is quite common.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

People who prefer constant movement on the career ladder, often prefer the image of a megacity in the night tones, well emphasizing their life position.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Do not choose a picture that can cast sadness or drowsiness.

This choice does not particularly please any of your guests. The image in cheerful colors, on the contrary - will be appreciated by any visitor of your house. To such a photo can be attributed bright landscapes or the active life of megacities.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

For those who like non-ordinary solutions, wall-papers on the wall in a living room with a snag fit for a while puzzle the guest.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

The image on the wallpaper of popular stars, heroes of your favorite cartoons and other famous characters is relevant for young people who want to emphasize their preferences in music or cinema.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Fans of classical interiors very often choose wall-paper with the image of a kind from a window, a wall list or a reproduction of pictures of known artists. This type of wallpaper is relevant for living rooms in French or Mediterranean styles. Such wallpaper in the interior of the living room can create the illusion of the presence of the missing element of luxury.

1Photo Walls_in_Guest

Country lovers prefer to see in their living room the image of horses, fields or other motifs in the rustic style.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Universal solution

Among the universal solutions in choosing photo wallpapers, popular with the options with nature. Such wallpaper depict meadows, forests, beautiful parks or mountain motifs. These photos in the living room photo that fit well into any interior, have the effect of increasing space.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

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Another option in choosing photo wallpapers are an image of flowers that can add a little bit of elegance to your living room, emphasize the minimalism of the master of the house or create an effect of nobility.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Fans of waterfalls are very lucky, as this image is one of the best options to create a unique atmosphere in each living room.

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Photo examples - wall-papers in the interior of the living room

Photo Walls_in_Guest

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Photo Walls_in_Guest

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Photo Walls_in_Guest

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Photo Walls_in_Guest

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Photo Walls_in_Guest

Photo Walls_in_Guest