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Interior of a house made of lumber

As practice shows, people began to appreciate more and more naturalness, simplicity, limitation choosing the house of their dreams. The main aspiration is flight from city vanity, obsessive noise, multi-storey new buildings. Fashionable, and more relevant, the trend is the building of houses, as well as suburban housing from wood. Such structures are considered very high-quality, convenient, reliable, but many factors should be taken into account before making their choice in favor of this or that building.

Kitchen in a log house

Among them the most popular are:

  • Classic (differs plaster walls, expensive, exquisite furniture, similar to antiques, lacquered parquet, white ceiling);
  • Russian (rather a village style, it is most harmoniously, cleverly combined with the structure itself, the fireplace is like a stove, a drawing or woodcarving is his zest, and a roughly worked tree will only emphasize its specific personality, an incredible feature);
  • English (soft, flexible lines of the interior give him peace of mind, dimensionality, coziness, elegant details, paintings, massive fireplaces, find their fans and true connoisseurs);
  • chalet style (space is the most important thing, the presence of stone elements, the most simple furniture with possible abrasions, suspended beams, minimalism in choosing colors);
  • Scandinavian (simplicity, practicality, fullness with natural colors, wicker furniture and wooden tables emphasize minimalism).

Design kitchens в доме из бруса

Practicality of interior elements

Paying attention and leaning more towards modern design, do not forget about the functionality of all the pieces of decor, making it paramount turn convenient, not only pretty. All designs, beams, sockets should be appropriate. It is absolutely necessary to select the underpinnings in the house for furniture, mount them so that they do not catch the eye, spoiling the refinement.

Cabinet in a house of lumber It is desirable to install the heating system before the end of all finishing works, and if possible, zaderkorirovat.

The main components of the interior

The tree itself, untouched, with pictures, its texture, color is the main material that influences the atmosphere, comfort and uniqueness of the room. Each item can not be accidental or unintended. Thus, it is necessary to understand how the type of timber from which it is made will affect the arrangement of housing, it can be a round log, profiled, not profiled or glued beam.

Design kitchens в доме из круглого бруса

The fastest possible start is to finish the house with glued timber, without waiting for the time for shrinkage, the only drawback of which will be only its higher cost. Although it is considered monotonous, but designers are confident that naturalness and naturalness always remain relevant. A competitor at a price will not be a profiled beam, but the difference will be covered by the necessary finishing work, in its own cost.

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Kitchen-dining room

Design kitchens

Kitchen - one of the main parts of the common room, a favorite place for all residents of the house. It's the kitchen that always wants to make the most functional. Convenient storage cabinets for storing all products, the working surface should be comfortable, take into account the dimensions of the kitchen itself.

Kitchen with dining room Furniture should be selected from such materials to maximize their destination in this room, it does not have to be with wooden facades, modern plastic, stone, marble, granite and malachite should be used. Tables are usually rectangular or round.

Not a big kitchen in the house of a barA real working fireplace or stove is an interesting solution for a modern kitchen. Enormous window openings will give space, ensure the maximum flow of fresh air into the room. Lacy curtains, while remaining classics, will perfectly complement the space.

Dining room with fireplacePanno with mosaic, wooden cuckoo watch, any hand-maid will be an excellent option for decor. Antique trays, as well as painted saucers, suspended directly to the ceiling kitchen utensils perfectly fit into the kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen in a house made of lumber

Living Room Design

Quite often the living room is combined with the kitchen, but this does not deprive her of individuality, leaving the most representative room of the whole house. As a rule, it provides a massive fireplace, in order to make it more complete, add comfort.

Living room with fireplaceA real home with a chimney, wrought iron grill is an essential element for creating a family atmosphere. A small coffee table, a comfortable sofa or a rocking chair near the fireplace is a convenient, very correct solution.

Living room with fireplace

Natural lighting will penetrate into every corner thanks to high panoramic windows, mirror inserts on the walls. A carpet with a pattern or matt, natural colors, elegant sconces, will create a unique elegant setting.

Living room with mansard ceiling and second light

The guest room is also interesting with souvenirs, small memorabilia of household members, tells about memorable family stories. She is likely to be the visiting card of the whole house. An interesting aspect is the separation of its small areas by curtains of pastel tones, creating, for example, nooks for reading near the window or dining areas.

Living room with fireplace под винтовой лестницей

Bedroom interior

The design of the walls, especially in the bedrooms, wants to preserve the natural appearance, using the interior decoration with the help of natural materials. A large oak bed, soft mat on the floor on both sides will give a special atmosphere of warmth, immediate comfort.

Bedroom with panorama window

The choice of textiles plays a very important role. You should choose natural fabrics, for example, linen. Light bedding, calm shades can be diluted with lilac, blue and other preferred colors.

Bedroom on the mansard floorQualitatively selected furniture - a guarantor of safety, durability, durability. The style of the interior can be absolutely anything, like neoclassical, so provence and even country. It is better to choose your own, to create an atmosphere of peace, relaxation, relaxation. The sleeping area can be supplemented with a canopy with delicate tissues.

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Bedroom in a house made of lumberIt is worthwhile to separate it and the rest area, while not forgetting the harmony of all elements. A writing desk in the far corner of the room by the window or a chest of drawers with a mirror will become a practical, integral part of the bedroom.

Unusual ceiling in the bedroom

Design Cabinet

In any situation, even a country cottage, there is always a cozy corner, a small room, supposedly created for solitude. The most optimal solution will be to equip the office without using anything superfluous, only the most necessary things, practical, quality. First you should pay attention to the table and chair, made of strong natural materials, perhaps a tree of dark tones.

Design Cabinet

The best location for them will be the window area with a nice view, while ensuring a decent lighting right .. Wooden beams or columns will add mystery and simultaneous greatness to the room. Curtains fill the room with comfort. Chamber atmosphere of calmness, silence can dilute a collection of paintings, weapons on the wall or an aquarium with curious fish and other animals. For a more homely atmosphere, you should place a cover of a massive carpet on the floor. In case of poor lighting, a non-volumetric chandelier of minimalist type of dark colors will do.

Bright cabinet in the house of a bar

Scandinavian style

As you know, Scandinavia is a country where construction of houses made of wood is considered to be incredibly popular. Scandinavians are recognized as connoisseurs in their design, harmonious design. A rational combination, inexplicable in terms of functionality, is the union of the most extraordinary things-their skate.

Bedroom with mansard wooden ceilingDecoration of housing from a bar of Scandinavian design combines a rich number of bright colors, giving a lot of light, space, while absolutely restrained and relevant. The most popular decoration material, in this style is a tree, it is customary to cover it with natural fabrics made of flax or cotton. To save maximum space, you should arrange furniture ergonomic groups. Expensive design, pretentiousness is not inherent in the Scandinavian style, the main thing for him is simplicity and spaciousness. Windows should be large, as well as light.

Kitchen with island

The main finish color is white, perhaps even light wood. Additional materials for decoration in this style can be:

  • a rock;
  • metal;
  • natural fabrics.

Comfort and Tradition

Not a little important will be the preservation of comfort with minimalism, which dictates the construction of the beam. Thus, it is worth emphasizing their individuality, uniqueness. Very often, with the help of finishing materials hide a wooden base, making the situation in the house more modern.

Combined bathroom in the house of a bar

But in order to emphasize the specifics of such a house, you can perform only grinding the walls, coating them with varnish. In many cases, this is considered a rustic style, although it preserves traditions, envelops a special atmosphere. But if the interior is an original idea, then it becomes doubly pleasant to live in it. It is necessary to take into account all the subtleties, think over the decor to the smallest trifles, in order to make it very cozy, most comfortable for residents and for guests. Even without any decoration at all, the house made of timber will live its own life, pleasing the household. Each design is unique in its own way, it always finds its owner.

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Kitchen in country style

If all the technologies are observed during construction, finishing works, the wooden house can stand up to 60 years!

Fireplaces in the interior

The fireplace has always adorned any room, continues to be the highlight of a variety of home options. Nothing compares to the pleasure of sitting by the living fire. In spite of the complicated device, modern technologies create real miracles. Resistance to fire in homes with glued timber is excellent, do not be afraid of a fire, but you still need to adhere to certain requirements:

  • mandatory compliance with the principles of fire safety in the construction of the fireplace;
  • careful protection of the ceiling from heat;
  • floor covering should not have combustible materials in its composition;
  • the foundation must be reinforced.

Living room with stairs and fireplace

With constant use of the fireplace, it is necessary to clean the chimney with a chimney from the accumulation of soot, tar, provoking a fire!

By type of installation, fireplaces are divided into the following types:

  • Angular (located in the corner of the room to save space and usable space);
  • separate (does not touch the walls, installed in the middle of the room, if the territory allows);
  • Front (installed near the interior walls).

Space decoration

The most common elements of the decor are mostly the personal belongings of the owners or their collections: fabulous figures, souvenirs from abroad, vases, pictures of famous artists, gifts of relatives. Textile moments fill the room with the taste of the household, create a neatness, comfort of the room. Curtains, covers, pillows, carpets, tablecloths-all this has a special, simply necessary, certainly practical purpose.

Bedroom decor with textiles

Ancient candlesticks or lamps make their informative contribution, cause undeniable romantic emotions. Depending on the direction in the design, a source of inexhaustible comfort, a place for joy, family dinners, friendly parties or seclusion is formed. According to the author's sketches, housing can be issued as a dacha hut, or a modern cottage.

Upholstered furniture in the living room

However, you do not need to dwell on small details, it is first of all necessary to decide on the walls, leave them natural, cover with plasterboard or plaster, maybe decorate with wallpaper.

The value of the tree in the interior

The structure of the timber has an undeniable, remarkable quality - thermal insulation. Fire protection, protection from insects, parasites, fungus, mold, provides a special protective impregnation of logs.

Bedroom in a wooden house

Using natural high-quality materials during construction, this serves as a pledge of premises with an individual style. Even the most primitive, inexpensive furniture will not spoil the interior or exterior decoration of the building.

Terrace with a canopy in a house of glued beams

The tree always created a cosiness, filled the harmonies, warmed the whole house, gave greatness, extraordinary character, demonstrated and emphasized its original design.

A bathroom in the tree

Expressive decorative materials, simple decoration, beautifully designed façade with bars, Feathers - the most original solution for creating a style. Since wood can be processed, it is permissible to embody the boldest ideas:

  • to install both inside and outside the stairs with carved ornament;
  • do galleries, overlapping;
  • use multi-level design;
  • to install glass attics, balconies;
  • combine wood with metal, forging, stone;
  • decorate stoves or fireplaces with ceramic tiles, giving them a gem.

Large bathroom

Living in a wooden house, you feel a direct union with nature, all the surrounding world, you feel its peace and comfort.