Interior of the house on wheels called hotel prius

Interior of the house on wheels Hotel Prius

Interior of the house on wheels

27-year-old Chris Sawey organized in his car the interior of the house on wheels. He modified his car Toyota Prius and called it the Hotel Prius.

Interior of the house on wheels - автомобиль

A car equipped with everything you need, with an "attic" and a bicycle

After Chris graduated from college, in his life came a difficult period: his car was hacked and stole from there a video camera and a laptop with many important data, including his portfolio. And on top of that, a week later he got into an accident and broke the car. True, thanks to insurance, he was able to replace his Prius with a new one.

And then - temporary work and a shortage of money for rent for an apartment. In the end, he decided that he could not afford to rent an apartment.

"I remember this period of my life well. I call it survival mode, "says Chris. "If life has taught me something, it's to include creative thinking and find a way out of any situation."

Interior of the house on wheels Криса

The car fit everything you need

After experimenting, he turned the car into a dwelling: there was a soft bed, a wardrobe, a table, even curtains, a pantry, a bicycle rack at the top, solar panels, an attic and a balcony on the roof.

So all the necessary things were placed in the car: toiletries, a compartment for papers (mailbox), socks (snack books) and trivia (misc box).

Interior of the house on wheels: вместилось всё необходимое

Curtains, closet (closet with clothes), inflatable air pad, foam pad, battery operated fan, pantry, basement,

Interior of the house on wheels: за водительским сиденьем

What is behind the driver's seat

In the distance - between the closet (hanging closet) and the seat there is a bed and two boxes: one for dirty laundry, the second with jeans, trousers and shoes.

Interior of the house on wheels: кровать

And next to the bed - a box with a cup, sugar, coffee, a towel, and other similar things

Chris' work in a restaurant in the business center of Austin (USA) was a blessing. Here's what he says about this:

"Nearby there was free parking, with which a wonderful view of the city. All day, my solar panels "gained" energy, and the rain protected the roof. In addition, free water, food and restrooms at work. A shower could be a 5 minute walk from there. Under such conditions, it was very convenient to live in a car. I managed to save about 1000 dollars a week. "

Interior of the house on wheels с солнечными батареями

Roof Solar Panels

HotelPrius Chris shares the name of the Hotel Prius:

"After the first few days of work, I fell asleep at the top. When I was first asked where I live, I was confused, but did not want to lie, and said that I live in a hotel. The name also had to be voiced - Hotel Prius (Hotel Prius). And to the question of what kind of floor, I answered that at the topmost.

At first everything was a joke, because it was embarrassing for me to tell people that I was spending the night in my car. But after a while I realized that this should not be ashamed, but be proud. This decision was clever and resourceful. And it gave a direct idea of ​​what kind of person I am. "

This way of life allowed our hero to become free financially and emotionally. Later he traveled to Pennsylvania, Nashville and other places.

Interior of the house on wheels не только для жизни, но и для путешествий

Travel to other cities and places

Interior of the house on wheels для независимых

Fresh air and a full sense of independence

"HotelPrius is the starting point in my life to discover and learn new things, find new acquaintances, discover new cultures and sharpen my talents. This helped me write my story without being distracted by the payment of bills and debts. In the end I know that I will calm down, I will have a house, a wife and children.

But now I enjoy such a life as I can, because I know that I will not be able to live like this again. "