Russian furnaces in the modern interior of private houses

Russian furnaces in the modern interior

Some time ago Russian furnaces in the modern interior were replaced by fireplaces in most houses, but today the fashion for the Russian oven returned. This option of design of a cottage house allows creating a stylish, cozy interior, and reliable independent heating of the whole house at any time of the year.

Stove in a wooden houseFurnace in a rural wooden house

In Russia, the furnaces featured a special masonry. Until the 13th century, there were more frequent kurnai variants, in which there were no chimney pipes that went out into the street. In such cases, smoke escaped from the premises through drafts through the door, but at the same time the soot constantly settled on any surfaces, which caused a lot of inconvenience.

However, the usual option, appeared only in the 18th century. Then they were made of brick with refractory properties, they had chimneys. Then they put such structures exclusively in the corners of the huts, not far from the front door. It was permissible to leave a small space between the wall and the stove, where they organized the storage of a variety of kitchen utensils.

Artificial stone in furnish of the furnace

Russian stoves and modern interiors

A large number of folk beliefs are associated with the Russian oven, but then the 20th century came - it all went back in time. The development of technical progress has made its own adjustments to the arrangement of autonomous heating in any private homes. City houses people often began to equip with gas or electric heating. However, the classic type of Russian oven is economical and easy to use, so today in country houses returns to the fashion for its installation.

A small stove in the living room decorated with tilesA small stove in the living room decorated with tiles

Modern options are no longer used for direct cooking, because it is relevant to use electric, gas burners. However, it is still an effective way of organizing independent heating of the house, as well as an element of the decorative design of the modern interior, and quite original.

Stove in the house

Variation of options

During the existence of the Russian furnace, there are quite a lot of options for its design, which differ from each other in certain design features. The first most obvious element of the design that catches immediately into the eyes is the appearance of the couch - they come in different sizes or shapes:

  • with transverse shelves, located behind the mouth with the pipe. This is a typical option, in which two stays are provided;
  • with the longitudinal type of the couch, when it is located behind the furnace. So the couch becomes wider, and also there is an additional place for storage of various inventory.

The obvious differences can be different versions of the device inflow:

  • the classical tributary is located on one side;
  • the inflow with a fireplace allows you to combine the stove with a fireplace, while the fireplace can be taken out to another room.

A stove with expressions

Selection of the Russian furnace today

It is worthwhile to consider the various options for the device of the Russian oven in order to find the most suitable device. They differ in size and functionality, it is worth taking a closer look at each option.

The oven in the middle of the room


The variant "alya-rus" is created, rather, for design purposes, as it collects many classical objects of everyday life, ornaments, which are usually associated with Russia, the history of the Russian village. However, there are a number of features:

  • Do not overload the structure with decorative elements or patterns;
  • for decoration you can use a balalaika or bunches of dried berries and herbs;
  • on the walls there must be a place for embroidered towels or amulets.
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Such a stove will be a bright, noticeable spot, will never go unnoticed. For those who are close to traditional Russian superstition, an excellent version of the decoration will be hand-made figures of the house.

Stove made of bricks

Russian hut

In the Russian hut, the classic interior is usually decorated with wooden materials. The room at this perfectly fits the classic oven, made of brick or clay, decorated with decorative materials. It has a number of features:

  • You can use tiles for decoration, but it is unacceptable to use excessively bright colors;
  • preferably the use of blue, blue and white decorating tones, admixtures of golden shades;
  • for decoration use old Russian classical patterns, which perfectly harmonize with the wooden finishing materials.

The stove in the Russian house

Such a construction need not be functional. It can be used only as a decorative element, decorating the room, giving it a cozy appearance.

Russian tower

The rich decoration of the Russian theater most closely resembles typical illustrations for old Russian fairy tales. The oven, made in this style, is a very bright and unusual spot of modern interior, and it will perfectly combine with both classical wooden and any modern materials. The furnace of this type differs in some characteristic features:

  • it is admissible to decorate with a large number of tiles, giving a fabulous appearance;
  • the dimensions in this case are usually quite impressive, so it is worth choosing this option for large areas and rooms with massive large windows;
  • At registration bright and unusual shades are used, and motley tiles at all do not stir in this case to design ideas.

Stove in the form of a tower

If this option is not planned to use the heating function, then it is possible to make a decorative similarity of the oven to a wall made of wood materials, and the construction can be supplemented with an electric fireplace. In this case, the furnace becomes an exclusive decoration, giving the interior the motives of the rustic Russian style.

Where to install

In suburban homes, modern homeowners increasingly return the Russian stove to the interiors, as real fire and heat from a real stove will not really be replaced by kitchen appliances or various heaters. But when the question arises about the location of the furnace, there are a lot of nuances that should be taken into account when planning the installation of a Russian stove.

Fireplace under the stove in the modern living room

Installation in the living room

In this case, the furnace becomes the central element of the interior of the room. That is why for the living room most often very bright and beautiful versions of the design of the oven are chosen, and the oven itself is installed at a sufficiently large distance from the furniture elements of the room.

The oven in the living room

Very popular today, the living rooms, made in a rustic style, which are quite inexpensive, and at the same time look very impressive. To create such interiors used for the most part, wooden and metal materials, and furniture does not have any frills and excessively frilly details.

A couch above the oven in the living room

It is worth remembering about some of the nuances:

  • furniture is chosen with pastel tones in the design, as well as without extra decorative elements, so that they do not distract attention from the main element - the Russian oven;
  • lighting should be selected unobtrusively, using low-key fixtures or stylized for kerosene lamps;
  • on top of the stove you can equip a stove with handmade blankets and soft pillows embroidered with Russian patterns.
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A small bench over the stove

For modern furniture and interiors, decorated without wooden materials, stoves with a strict design, without extra decorative elements, in a minimalist style, are perfect. It is permissible to decorate the stove with an artificial decorative stone or with a finishing brick, and with such variants, expensive furniture options, including upholstered furniture with leather upholstery, perfectly harmonize.

Kitchen installation

Kitchen - a classic place to install a Russian stove. It should be said that this is the best place, but there are some nuances, since modern cuisine differs significantly from the old Russian cuisine of classic wooden houses. When installing, remember the following points:

  • It is unacceptable to install household appliances close to the stove - they should all be at a fairly impressive distance;
  • The dining area of ​​the room should not be in the immediate vicinity of the oven, so it would not be too hot;
  • do not overload the external sides of the Russian furnace with decorations and various small decorative elements.

Stove with tiles in the kitchen

For rustic cuisine will be actual minimalist style with the use of wooden materials. Stretch ceilings and wallpaper are best left for urban apartments - from high temperatures their surfaces quickly become unusable, and it is better to leave wooden finishing materials or paint and varnish compositions.

For the kitchen it's important to stay bright and cozy, because in the room make a fairly large windows, and install the appropriate lighting. Actual will be the bright design of the Russian stove in the kitchen with the use of noticeable stains and colors for the designer accent.

Furnace decorated with tiles and samovar

Furnace decoration

To decorate a Russian stove, different materials are used today. They are chosen depending on whether a new oven is used, or an old furnace needs repair, and also what the room looks like. In the case of the old stove, first, surface preparation work is carried out, including the removal of cracks and removal of old plaster, and the dismantling of old structures to replace them with new ones.

After all surfaces are shown in working order, they can be decorated using a lot of modern or classical materials, as well as various styles of decoration, depending on the general style in which the house is decorated.


Traditional ornaments for the Russian stove are tiles. They give the product a colorful and incredibly beautiful appearance, as well as reliable and high-quality, and are made of refractory clay. They are attached to the wall of the oven with the help of a tiller, and their front part is covered with glaze with ornamentation for maximum decorative effect.

Great Russian stove

Among the features of such decorative materials can be noted:

  • tiles are only allowed when decorating brickwork variants;
  • The facing is laid from the bottom up, constantly wetting the tiles with water;
  • for grouting joints use gypsum dough with a special composition.

Узоров из изразцов представлено огромное количество, а для их осуществления используются как рельефные, так и плоские изразцы с различным цветовым оформлением. tiles бывают однотонными или расписными, и могут быть выполнены также в нескольких цветах. Подбирать цвета изразцов следует с учетом общего стилевого оформления помещений частного дома, где устанавливают русскую печь.

Plaster and paint

The budget option for facing materials will be decorative plaster or modern types of decorative paint. This is the cheapest option, but no less beautiful. Actual option for modern interiors in a minimalist style, which do not have unnecessary decorative elements.

Decor Furnace Painted

Among the features of this decoration can be emphasized:

  • the need to heat the oven and moisten the walls with water before starting work;
  • Plaster is applied in at least two layers, and the second should be more dense;
  • after plastering, a layer of paint or decorative plaster is applied.
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The color of lining materials in this case is possible any, and should be selected exclusively in accordance with the style of decoration of the premises of a private house. If it is necessary to visually slightly reduce the dimensions of the structure, you should choose the options for a darker paint for the corresponding effect, so that the oven is darker than the other situation in the rooms.

Decorative tiles

Tile is a very original and beautiful option of design. To fix such finishing materials is possible on the glue mortar and on the nails to hold the edges of the tile. Among the very unusual materials, you can choose natural natural stone, like marble or granite, but this is quite expensive.

A special feature of tile decoration are:

  • the need to select a heat-resistant tile that will not burst from temperature;
  • importance to choose a quality durable mortar for fixing materials.

Visually, such materials have a cold effect, and therefore are more suitable for large living rooms or kitchens. For smaller living rooms, it is better to choose other options for finishing, in order to achieve a warmer visual effect for a Russian stove.

The oven is tiled

Household decorating

Replacing the cladding is a costly and serious matter, which will require a lot of effort and money for this. However, if the stove is old, and flaws are not too noticeable, then you can do with decorating with various household elements. Disadvantages can be hidden using a variety of things:

  • embroidered with traditional towel patterns;
  • Ceramic products and cast-iron pots in the old style;
  • bunches of dried berries or herbs;
  • wood stoves and a woodpile near the stove;
  • cushions, skins and rugs on the stove.

In addition, you can place various shelves for pots, dishes and other elements of kitchen utensils, which will allow not only to decorate the walls, but also to make them functional.

Features of the Russian oven

When installing a Russian stove, you first need to make sure that the foundation foundation of the building can withstand the extra hundreds of kilograms. Suitable are powerful foundation foundations, for the creation of which choose brick or concrete. With a pile foundation, additional reinforcement is required, and it is better to abandon either the idea of ​​installing a Russian stove, or of this type of foundation.

At the bottom of the structure is a base with an equipped chamber, which is usually used to store various additional functional elements, as well as fuel for kindling the Russian stove. The base allows to lift the furnace for its more comfortable operation.

The oven in the living room-столовой

On top of the base set a vault on which poured additional sand or clay, and on it to install the bottom of the furnace. At the same time, they make a special slight deviation to the wall, so that it is convenient to use the furnace of the Russian furnace and work with fuel. In addition, this is how the fuel will burn evenly.

The furnace consists of a cooking chamber and a crucible, and in front there is an aperture with metal flaps for filling fuel, as well as installing dishes with cooked dishes. If you do not plan to use this oven for cooking, then you should abandon this design element.

Russian stove in the interior

Modern types of Russian furnaces differ little from those that were installed everywhere in homes in Russia in the 18th century. Today they are used in summer kitchens, so that the kitchen is year-round.

It is unacceptable to trust clutch to inexperienced people - this will lead to problems in the process of operation. It is necessary to carefully plan the design of the village oven, to think over each of its elements, and also to select the most high-quality materials for the creation of a Russian oven.